Fiorucci Clothing + Oviesse + Love Therapy Elio Fiorucci and Italian retailer Oviesse have agreed a deal for two new clothing lines, one targeting teenagers and the other for women in their 20s to 30s.

“The possibility to design for a large retailer can be exciting for a creative person who sees his creations… distributed and everyone can take advantage of them. This is the future.” says Elio Fiorucci.

On a different topic — Elio Fiorucci no longer uses the brand Fiorucci, but his new brand LOVE THERAPY. This new project does not follow a traditional collection philosophy. Small colorful products and garments will be proposed to the market on an ongoing basis. Apparel and accessories will always offer functionality, fun and sweetness. The products are thought, planned and produced by a group of young and sensitive persons as a project of ethics and love, to transmit true “joie de vivre”.

For F/W 07/08 Love Therapy comes back with a proposal of lovely and romantic images. The collection is the expression of different concepts: On one side there is the warm atmosphere of the mountains, wool embroideries combined with soft and feminine fabrics, on the other side it highlights bright colours and draws inspiration from the 80’s. Both features are represented by fashionable tops, t-shirts and jackets. The denim collection suggests very fitted, sexy and ergonomic jeans enriched by precious and unique details. Elio Fiorucci continues to sign and design special editions of Coca Cola Light.