Earnest Sewn Jeans help the environment? Helios House, BP’s eco-friendly gas station in Los Angeles, have kitted their petrol pump attendants out with Earnest Sewn jeans. BP label Helios House as “a green experiment at the pump.” and is set to lead the way into a more environmentally responsible future.

Earnest Sewn have clearly discerned the importance of environmentally and ethically responsible fashion and this is an intelligent move on their part. Earnest Sewn is a denim brand that sets itself apart by updating the American heritage lifestyle and offering a uncompromising collection of denim and denim related products that reflect an unprecedented commitment to quality and workmanship. Designed and launched by Scott Morrison, the Earnest Sewn design principle is literally translated as ‘product sewn in earnest’. In staying true to this ageing value system, we incorporate ingenuity, integrity, detail and authenticity in every item we make. The production of each garment is typically overseen by three people, and they monitor the garment’s progress from start to finish, at every stage: design, sourcing, cutting, manufacturing, dry processing, wet processing, trim, inspection, packaging and ultimately, shipping.