Brinca T-Shirt + Mary Paper$ Sneakers Influenced by wild imaginations, cartoons, and fashion styles from Japan and Europe, assiduous designer Slim Mils and marketing guru Barry Sales started Brinca in 2001 quietly introducing the collection through the underground circuit of indie hipsters, artistic lower east side fanatics, and the sneaker obsessed everywhere—all whom have given the brand a firm nod of approval. Brinca currently houses a small collection of tees and hoodies for men and women that will make you laugh, think, and even create a little controversy.

Since its humble beginnings, Brinca has increased the number of their chill-inspired and standoffish designs, which include, “Bush”, “Osama”, and “BLING”, all vibrant and colorful, with the ability to visually “speak” or be simply comical. 

To harp on using fashion to communicate, Brinca has welcomed collaboration projects on the table. Mary Paper$, New York City’s most popular female sneaker collector, has teamed up with Brinca for the summer season to debut a special exclusive women’s t-shirt that will showcase Mary’s notorious “80’s-New York” street wear style with Brinca’s animated touch.

 Brinca is excited and motivated to make its mark on the fashion industry. Mils and Sales look to the past and present of the streetwear culture, affairs of the world, and their own personal experiences for inspiration when constructing designer concepts. Much like many of life’s events, they maintain the elements of shock and splendor in their products to give the line a dual feeling- you can grab a “Redrum” tee when feeling mellow or a “Bush” tee when you’re feeling outrageous. This ironically, mimics the personalities of the two owners: Barry Sales, the mellow and Slim Mils, the outrageous.  The duality will surely bring this brand success.