New Balance x Yoropiko Sneaker & Denim ProjectThe outrageous New Balance x Yoropiko “Hungry Dragon” Limited 574 Project had it’s launch at the Dragon-I in Hong Kong on the 5th. This is without doubt one of the major collaborations of the year, drawing on New Balance’s reputation and Martin Yatming’s unique artistry in denim design. Martin Yatming is famously known as Marin Ksohoh, the designer of RMC.

This is a true collector’s piece and is limited to 1 set for each of the following major Asian and Australian cities: HK, Tokyo, Korea, Shanshi, Taiwan, Singapore and Sydney (Australia). Each has 10 colour-ways and each set also has complimenting denim jackets and ridiculously lavish jeans! The price starts at a jaw-dropping US$2,300 and the highest bidder in each country gets the kudos of own this unique piece of fashion history-in-the-making! What’s more, no two cities will have the same colour-ways; every set is unique.

As a charitable gesture, Martin Yatming will be auctioning a few pieces from the collection of Ebay. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this one!

The story behind this amazing collaboration goes back to the 2006 Tokyo Design Week, when the famous HK Artist, Mr Eric Kot, introduced Martin Yatming to Mr Kubota of New Balance, Japan. The guys got talking and their mutual love of fashion and design quickly gave rise to the New Balance x Yoropiko Hungry Dragon 574 Project. The guys are strongly motivated by the concept of supporting charity through their work which established an even greater bond and desire to create the collaboration. Incredibly the teams enthusiasm led to the collection being created in 14 weeks, which is nothing short of amazing when you consider that to apply the embroidery to the jeans alone takes 16 hours!! This collection truly is Fashion-History-In-The-Making!
Yoropiko Jeans & Denim Project