Red MonkeyIt’s official — Red Monkey Company changes name to RMC Martin Ksohoh. To help prevent any confsuion all Red Monkey Company jeans are officially branded RMC Martin Ksohoh. Kitmeout has been reliably informed that any jeans branded RED MONKEY COMPANY after 2005 are fakes. Martin Koshoh only made limited runs of 300 per style of RED MONKEY COMPANY jeans in 2005 and since 2006 has branded all his denim and apparel RMC Martin Ksohoh and this is now the official brand name. So beware of any post 2005 jeans branded RED MONKEY COMPANY – They’re fakes!

Martin Ksohoh is one of the most innovative fashion designers to emerge from Hong Kong and his denim collections have been celebrated by a long list of high profile stars and fashionistas alike.

Red Monkey Jeans

RMC Martin Ksohoh