Nudie Jeans, Code of Conduct!With growing concern as to how fashion negatively impacts the environment, brands like Katherine Hamnett, Loomstate and Bono’s Edun are showing the way forward. Nudie jeans are following this new and important trend and even have a Code of Conduct which includes:

Nudie Jeans wants to contribute to long-term sustainable development and minimise the environmental impact of production. We demand that our suppliers and sub-suppliers follow applicable legislation and regulations regarding the environment.

Child labour
Nudie Jeans does not accept the economic exploitation of children. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, people are considered children until the day they turn 18. Nudie Jeans does not accept employees under age 15. If a supplier has employees aged 15–18, they must be treated with special consideration, with working hours and tasks adapted to their low age.

Hats off to Nudie Jeans!