Firetrap Jeans + Firetrap Clothing = Future RevolutionWelcome to the Future Revolution as the Firetrap direction shifts this season to embrace a new future vision of understated decadence…Outerwear is as directional as ever with a new slim to the body Tabular fit with added longer length silhouettes. The story of understated luxury continues into knitwear. The Firetrap female direction shifts this season; ergonomic seaming of performance sportswear compliment the high proportion and dramatic volume of couture, masculine androgyny is given a modernist twist with neon bindings and asymmetrical fastenings. Opposites attract from fabric to shapes, nipped in waists continue to give us a constant reminder of the importance of the female figure, while the exaggerated proportions give the collection a dramatic attitude. A cleaner dressed up approach to jeans wear means stripped and paired down, functional and tidy nothing is wasted the focus is on cut and fabric.