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January 2007

Liz Hurley, the face of Monsoon S/S 2007

Liz Hurley, the face of Monsoon S/S 2007Liz Hurley will be the face of the new Monsoon S/S 2007 campaign and will replace Sophie Ellis-Bextor at the end of the season. Liz Hurley follows Jodie Kidd and Sophie Dahl, with a series of photographs that are unashamedly sexy. The 41-year-old actress and model is reputedly set to earn a 6-fixure sum, which the media say will be cover the costs of her lavish wedding to fiancé Arun Nayar this Spring.

Monsoon was founded in 1973 by Peter Simon following a period of selling shaggy woollen coats on the Portobello Road and hand block printed clothes from Rajasthan to anyone who would buy them. The original focus was always clothes with an ethnic origin from faraway places, including unusual dresses from Afghanistan and countries en route.

Ed Hardy Clothing + Caps = star quality

Ed Hardy Clothing + Caps = star qualityEd Hardy continues to enjoy an incredible level of star attraction. Ed Hardy Clothing is worn by a growing list of celebrities, including Leonardo di Caprio David Beckham Mariah Carey Pam Anderson  Adrien Brody Madonna Tony Hawk Ewan McGregor Rick Fox Jack Black Nicolas Cage Paris Hilton Jessica Alba Jamiroquai Mickey Rourke Usher Brad Pitt Christina Aguilera and Jamie Foxx. Ed Hardy caps are apparently a big favourite with the glitzy bunch too.

Nicholas Deakins Shoes + Clothing, terrace culture!

Nicholas Deakins Shoes + Clothing, terrace culture!Nicholas Deakins is a vibrant, fashionable and accessible collection. Founded in Leeds, England back in 1991, Nicholas Deakins has grown into a global phenomenon. 1992 sees high profile clothing accounts gained in the North of England. 1993/94 saw the brand spread not only nationally but also to parts of USA, Italy, Japan & Australia. 1996 sees the opening of the 1st London show room and manufacturing expand to meet with design demands. 1998 Nicholas Deakins reaches the final of “brand of the year” 1999 the brand is split into 3 different collection to target specific areas of the men’s market. 2003 UK flagship store opened. A deal with Scandinavia distributor is signed. 2004 the brand has a network of manufacturers thoughout seven different countries. 2005 Nicholas Deakins launches 1st range of Retro sneakers. 2006 Nicholas Deakins launches clothing for SS 06.

Autumn winter 2007, see’s the expansion of our patented skeleton driver collection. Introducing new sole’s leather’s and brand detailing. The clothing takes a very relaxed approach to the winter season. Drawing inspiration from terrace culture the key piece to look out for are Parkas, cardigans and block colour prints.

LRG Clothes + LRG Jackets 2007!

LRG Clothes + LRG Jackets 2007!LRG was founded by two young gugy Jonas Bevacque and Robert Wright beginning 1999. They shared a common passion and vision for design, independence and meaning. It was their goal to give the customer not only form and function but also something they could believe in. LRG was the first company to bridge the gap between the skateboarding and the urban communities. It has brought an edge to the skate consumer and substance to the urban consumer. LRG creates through provocating, visually stimulating and soulfully elevating gear for today`s socially conscious individual.

LRG`s main concept is simple: underground effective, overground inventive. LRG offer a clothing line dedicated to setting the standard in construction, use of rugged materials and a phenomenal attention to detail. Each season`s line demonstrates LRG`s continual goal to strike for originality beyond expectations. Deeper roots, stronger branches!

Yoropiko Jeans

Yoropiko JeansYOROPIKO, Japanese word, means “teach me more, please!” A luxurious new label developed in 2007 by Martin Yat Ming, the designer of RMC Martin Ksohoh.

On YOROPIKO, the button is the distinct feature which is specially tailor-made in a very limited quantity. Jewels include ruby, sapphire, beryl, diamond, silver plus gold finishing. This unique and intelligent design puts an elegant and brilliant ornament on the casual but chic Yoropiko jeans.
In February, this breakthrough in denim will be released at the US magic show!

Acne Jeans + Acne Clothing = Individuality

Acne Jeans + Acne Clothing = IndividualityAcne Jeans, the forwarding-thinking brand from Sweden, continues to forge ahead with clean and innovative designs which encourage individuality!

Acne Jeans unites innovative jeans styles with a versatile wardrobe for men and women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts, to tailored jackets to luxurious accessories and shoes. While every collection forms a concept, each piece can be worn separately and effortlessly be mixed with other brands. By designing simple, functional clothes Acne Jeans aims to create a modern framework for individuality.

Greedy Genius Sneakers

Greedy Genius SneakersGreedy Genius Sneakers continue to take incredible strides. The Greedy Genius brand has gained an enviable reputation as their meteoric climb to fashion fame continues to astound the gridlocked sneaker industry.

Greedy Genius will be offering more crazy combo colorways and material including Carbon Fibre, Denim, Patent leather and of course 3M reflective. Keep your eyes peeled for these unique sneakers!

Red Monkey

Red MonkeyIt’s official — Red Monkey Company changes name to RMC Martin Ksohoh. To help prevent any confsuion all Red Monkey Company jeans are officially branded RMC Martin Ksohoh. Kitmeout has been reliably informed that any jeans branded RED MONKEY COMPANY after 2005 are fakes. Martin Koshoh only made limited runs of 300 per style of RED MONKEY COMPANY jeans in 2005 and since 2006 has branded all his denim and apparel RMC Martin Ksohoh and this is now the official brand name. So beware of any post 2005 jeans branded RED MONKEY COMPANY – They’re fakes!

Martin Ksohoh is one of the most innovative fashion designers to emerge from Hong Kong and his denim collections have been celebrated by a long list of high profile stars and fashionistas alike.

Red Monkey Jeans

RMC Martin Ksohoh

Henleys Clothing + Henleys Jeans = British Born!

Henleys Clothing + Henleys Shirt = British BornFrom its conception in 1997, Henleys has stamped it’s authority on the UK fashion market as one of the leading young fashion brands. The brand has become re-knowned for providing the industry with the most exciting and innovative product there is, with six short order collections and four forward order collections per year.

The Men’s and Ladies’ collections bring with it a complete lifestyle representation, which is packed with personality. The Men’s collection consists of bold palettes, which are explored with 80’s hip hop off beat colours with a twist of a surfer style graphics, some of which adopt a cheeky rock n roll attitude. Bold summer prints available in a range of washes with neon highlights running throughout the collection, accompanied with intrinsic detail and intensified with luxurious finishes. In addition, the ladies range also reflects glimpses of glamour with rhinestones and shimmer, applied to an exploration of shapes and drapey oversized tops. Strong colour often with vivid stripes and branded appliques are evident throughout the ladies core collection. For 2007 new areas of construction are underway, including a forward order collection of outwear and denims, all of which are complimented with a range of accessories for every conceivable trend.

Aquascutum Clothes + Women’s Collection

Aquascutum Clothes + Women's CollectionAquascutum to launch a women’s business-wear collection. Made from fine fabrics including jersey-knit and wool, the collection will offer women a wider variety of options for work. Shoppers will be able to choose from stylish tailored suit jackets, pencil skirts, fishtail skirts and coats.“

Aquascutum started in 1851 – with menswear,” said chief executive Kim Winser. “We quickly became renowned for our coats, trench coats and suits and in 1900 launched our first womenswear collection, which was a natural, logical progression – our women’s sales in coats and trench coats have been very strong for decades. This is a new luxury service required by our customer – the number of women in business is growing by the year and is potentially a huge market for us.” Winser is looking to boost turnover from £100 million to £250 million over the next three years. “The Aquascutum label is very attractive to businesswomen as it is synonymous with success and power, quality and luxury. They’ve seen us make men look sartorially elegant and they want to too.” The line will be available from September this year.

G-Star Jeans x G-Star Clothing = Stateside!

G-Star Jeans x G-Star Clothing = Stateside!G-Star heads Stateside! The forward-thinking brand will hold its first US fashion show in New York in February, focusing on women’s wear. In the Netherlands , the focus is more on men’s wear, for which the brand is better known in its home market. The highlight of the collection is its G-Star Raw line, made from raw denim. Available upon request, the hand-made jeans will retail from $1,000.

“If you want to be an international brand, you have to be strong in the US and Japan , which is what we are focusing on in 2007,” Deepak Gayadin, the company’s North American director, told WWD. He also explained why the brand is concentrating more on women’s wear in the US than in Europe . Originally, women’s wear represented 20 percent of the total collection, whereas it now accounts for 40 percent. “The women’s market is stronger in the US than it is in Europe , so for us, this is a big change. We’ve hired a women’s design team and realize the importance of the women’s collection, so the show in New York will be mostly women.”

Firetrap Jeans + Firetrap Clothing = Future Revolution

Firetrap Jeans + Firetrap Clothing = Future RevolutionWelcome to the Future Revolution as the Firetrap direction shifts this season to embrace a new future vision of understated decadence…Outerwear is as directional as ever with a new slim to the body Tabular fit with added longer length silhouettes. The story of understated luxury continues into knitwear. The Firetrap female direction shifts this season; ergonomic seaming of performance sportswear compliment the high proportion and dramatic volume of couture, masculine androgyny is given a modernist twist with neon bindings and asymmetrical fastenings. Opposites attract from fabric to shapes, nipped in waists continue to give us a constant reminder of the importance of the female figure, while the exaggerated proportions give the collection a dramatic attitude. A cleaner dressed up approach to jeans wear means stripped and paired down, functional and tidy nothing is wasted the focus is on cut and fabric.

Levi Jeans sue Iron Heart, Toyo, Studio D’Artisan, Oni and Samurai!

Levi Jeans sue Iron Heart, Toyo, Studio D'Artisan, Oni and Samurai!Levi’s Jeans are suing Iron Heart, Toyo, Studio D’Artisan, Oni and Samurai for Trademark infringement. Levi’s lawyers reputedly issued litigation to stores across the USA. Levi’s reputedly quote the following infringements of their TM:

1. Tabs attached between two pieces of fabric on the rear pockets are an infringement.
2. Back pocket cards by these brands are too similar to Levi’s back pocket cards.
3. Rear pockets are a copy of the famous Levi’s back pocket.
4. Rear leather patch which picture two moving objects (horses, motorcylcles, pigs, etc..) pulling a part a pair of jeans are a direct infringement.

Levi’s are reputedly suing the retailers, wholesalers and brands themselves. Looks like Levi’s are determined to make a very loud and clear point.

Sean John & Jay-Z’s Rocawear Clothing – NO!

Sean John & Jay-Z's Rocawear Clothing - NO!Jay-Z and Diddy’s design ranges of “faux fur” coats are actually made of dog fur. Tests carried out by the Humane Society of the United States have found that coats in Diddy’s Sean John label and jackets from Jay-Z’s Rocawear line are made from the fur of raccoon dogs.

CEO and president of the animal rights organization, Wayne Pacelle, said: “It is abhorrent that someone purchasing what they think is ‘faux fur’ is actually getting fur from a type of dog that may have been skinned alive.

“False advertising and labelling of raccoon dog fur is rampant in the fashion industry, and the amount of potential consumer deception is staggering.”

The Humane Society said it had informed Jay-Z and Rocawear about the problem over a week ago, but no corrective action was taken and the jackets were still featured on the fashion firm’s website, being sold for USD265.

But on Tuesday (16.01.07), a Rocawear spokesperson announced that as soon as Jay-Z was informed about the use of dog fur he had the jackets removed from his line.

The representative said: “We were not aware that our product included raccoon dog materials. We have immediately instructed all manufacturers and licensees that no product can be produced using this fur. In addition we have removed those items from our website.”

Raccoon dog fur was also found used in a fur-trimmed coat in Diddy’s Sean John clothing label, on sale at New York’s Macy’s department store, advertised as “imitation rabbit fur”.

These garments have also now been withdrawn from sale. Raccoon dogs are an endangered species from Asia which belong to the canine family and are being killed for their fur in China.

Source: LondonNet

Marni Clothing + Skinny Jeans + Leggings!!

Marni Clothing + Skinny Jeans + Leggings!!So you belly laugh at guys in super skinny jeans do you? Well get your guts ready for this one: leggings for guys? That’s right, Marni sent down the runway for her autumn 2007 menswear collection a bunch of geezers in leggings. “Unconventional but sophisticated,” smiled Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni’s Creative Director, backstage after the show. If this catches on there will also be a lot of guys rolling up a pair of socks to enhance their over-exposed manhood.

Fred Perry Shirt and Swear Shoes

Fred Perry Shirt and Swear ShoesThis coming season sees the arrival of the first collaboration between Fred Perry and Swear. Fred Perry is perhaps the quintessential English youth label, the laurel wreath may have developed into one of the best known and instantly recognisable logos in the fashion world, the pique polo shirts may have been worn by your father and grandfather since its launch in 1952 but what makes Fred Perry an unstoppable brand, 50 years on, is its unavoidable connection to many a subculture, from the birth of the teenager to the youth of today, through music.

Fred Perry and Swear Shoes Collaboration — British aesthetics and independent credibility have forged a brand which almost immediately linked it with some of the most discerning individuals in subcultures of the so called new wave of rock, but also noise, math-rock and emo kids. The signature ‘James Dean’ pointy-toe shoe went on to be the iconic shoe, the ‘fashion item’ of choice for this new breed of idiosyncratic, alternative-music enthusiast and fashion forward individual. This is the essence of the collaboration Fred Perry by S***R, driven by heritage, blending historical foundations with UK street culture.

This is another collaboration worth a serious butchers!

G-Star Jeans to G-Star Shoes

G-Star Jeans to G-Star ShoesFrom its conception in 1989, G-Star has been known for its innovative and cutting edge style in the world of denim. Now it takes this philosophy into a completely new footwear line developed by Global Footwear Licensee Overlandshoes. The collection will cover all key categories from Goodyear Welted to Sports. Definitely worth a butchers these are!

Armani Clothing + Skincare + Katie Holmes

Armani Clothing + Skincare + Katie HolmesGiorgio Armani’s couture week extravaganza in Paris will reputedly be graced with the presence of Cate Blanchett, Tina Turner, Katie Holmes, Rosamund Pike and Tinsley Mortimer as Armani presents his fifth couture collection. The event will include launches of skin care for men and women and Armani will present his new-look boutique on Avenue Montaigne which offers clothes and accessories.

Sugar Cane Denim x Union Star Jeans

Sugar Cane Denim x Union Star JeansThe newest addition to the Sugar Cane denim lineup is the Union Star Jean. In July of 1965 Toyo Enterprise, parent company of Sugar Cane, was commissioned to make a limited  run of jeans for the U.S. Military PX.  At that time Toyo Enterprise had been producing Aloha shirts for the PX but this order marked Toyo’s first entry into the the production of denim jeans. The pair of jeans pictured to the left are of an actual pair from that order along with a copy of the order sheet issued by the U.S. Military PX to Toyo Enterprise. In recognition of this event in Toyo’s history Sugar Cane has released the Union Star Jeans. The denim is that of 100% Double ring-spun Zimbabwe cotton and includes details such as iron-made buttons, deer leather patch, and redline selvage.14.25 ounce selvage denim made from the finest 100% double ring-spun Zimbabwe cotton.

Bongo Jeans drops Kristin Cavallari

Bongo Jeans drops Kristin CavallariBongo Jeans drops TV star Kristin Cavallari and replaces her with MTV Presenter Vanessa Minnillo.

The brand is known for attracting some of Hollywood’s top spokespeople. Nicole Richie from “The Simple Life”, Rachel Bilson of “The O.C.,” Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and cast members from “Laguna Beach” have all been featured in the brand’s hot advertising campaigns.

D&G Jeans get knifed by ASA

D&G Jeans get knifed by ASADolce & Gabbana, the world-renowned Italian super-brand synonymous with sexy advertising has been admonished by the ASA for its latest campaigns which reputedly glorify violence. Two of the campaigns have been banned from the UK. Reuters reported that an advertising watchdog criticised the company who in their latest ad show models brandishing knives. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the industry regulator, upheld more than 150 complaints from people concerned that the stylised pictures glorified and condoned violent crime, says Reuters.

Coolio + Mama Industry = Gang Star Clothing

Coolio + Mama Industry = Gang Star ClothingCoolio and Italian manufacturer Mama Industry are creating an apparel line for men and women.

“Women should be barefoot with short skirts on and their breasts should be about to pop out of the top. No, I’m joking,” joshed Artis Ivey Jr., aka Coolio, as he proudly promoted his new fashion label Gang Star. “I like a woman who takes pride in the way she looks. I like women who aren’t afraid to iron. People don’t iron anymore. Sometimes you gotta iron.”…

…Sounds like lyrics for a new track! ;o)

Greedy Genius Sneakers

Greedy Genius SneakersAfter a great 06 year for Greedy Genius, here is a sneak peek look at Greedy Genius 07 Spring shoes. 2 new phantom shoes will be dropping. Heli Blue and S.0.S. These shoes contain Patent leather and 3M material. More info to come soon. Quick Brand Bio

NAS wears Jhung Yuro in XXL Mag

NAS wear Jhung Yuro in XXL MagJHUNG YURO EXCLUSIVE LUXURY LIFESTYLE FOOTWEAR — Limited Edition as worn by US rapper NAS see XXL magazine jan 2007 issue 
This unique shoe is exclusively available from Split suede, leather sock and collar lining. Cup sole with deco stitch detailing. Full grain leather shoe box included. Contrast deco stitch on box exterior, magnetic buckle closure. Monogram interior box lining.

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones (born September 14, 1973), known simply as Nas, formerly Nasty Nas, is a prominent African American rapper and producer. The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas is best known for his 1994 debut album Illmatic, considered by some to be one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. This album established Nas as one of hip-hop’s most profound lyricists, introducing his signature poetic style. Raised in the notorious Queensbridge housing projects in New York City, he represents a continuation of a hip-hop tradition in Queensbridge that spanned through early hip-hop, including the Juice Crew, Marley Marl, and MC Shan. He is married to the R&B singer, Kelis.

Diesel Jeans and Global Warming!

Diesel Jeans and Global Warming! Diesel jeans advertising campaigns are best known for their overtly sexual content and innuendo, right? Apparently not in 2007. Diesel jeans are side stepping their well trodden tits and arse campaigns and are opting for some fashionable social commentary. Of course, the cries of cynicism reverberate across the galaxy as Diesel jeans starts preaching about the travesty of global warming!

“It isn’t that we want to make a social or political statement,” said Dan Barton, vice president of communications for Diesel USA. “We’re taking a serious issue and putting it into Diesel’s world, a surreal avant-garde world.”

Barton also said he believed the campaign’s concept would be more effective than simply preaching about the evils of climate change.

“The problem with the idea of global warming is that it’s usually lectured to people,” said Barton.

“We don’t want to make light of the subject,” said Barton. “We want to raise it in a way that people can digest.”

Next thing we know Diesel will be making jeans out of Sugar Cane — now there’s a novel idea!

Nudie Jeans, Code of Conduct!

Nudie Jeans, Code of Conduct!With growing concern as to how fashion negatively impacts the environment, brands like Katherine Hamnett, Loomstate and Bono’s Edun are showing the way forward. Nudie jeans are following this new and important trend and even have a Code of Conduct which includes:

Nudie Jeans wants to contribute to long-term sustainable development and minimise the environmental impact of production. We demand that our suppliers and sub-suppliers follow applicable legislation and regulations regarding the environment.

Child labour
Nudie Jeans does not accept the economic exploitation of children. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, people are considered children until the day they turn 18. Nudie Jeans does not accept employees under age 15. If a supplier has employees aged 15–18, they must be treated with special consideration, with working hours and tasks adapted to their low age.

Hats off to Nudie Jeans!

Twenty8Twelve Clothing + Jeans = Sienna Miller + Savannah

Twenty8Twelve Clothing + Jeans = Sienna Miller + SavannahSienna Miller will be launching a fashion label along with her sister Savannah, it was revealed today. It will be called Twenty8Twelve and it’s to be backed by Pepe Jeans owner Carlos Ortega. Twenty8Twelve will feature denim, knitwear, tailored jackets, dresses and outerware.

‘We wanted to created that London world that feels inaccessible,’ said Sienna, while highlighting her inspirations, which include the poetry of the Beat generation, Patti Smith and the dark and brooding London of Dickens.

“I’ve always loved fashion, and Savannah got a First in design at Saint Martins. We hadn’t thought to pursue it together, but this just happened organically. And setting up a label with your sister is a lot of fun — there haven’t been any fights yet.”

“I’m not about to become a brand,” Sienna explained. “Because of my job, people are willing to invest in the business, but my sister’s an incredible designer, and it’s a great opportunity for me to work with her.”

The name of the fashion label is made up from Sienna’s date of birth – the actress turned 25 on 28 December.

Wahoojin Jeans + Kimono Jeans + Samurais

Wahoojin Jeans + Kimono JeansA new brand of denim, Wahoojin creates cutting edge chic from combining centuries old art and contemporary fashion. Vintage kimono fabrics are used to make one of a kind accessories such as belts, and the jeans feature hand painted unique kimono designs. Japanese kimonos are traditionally made with beautifully rich colors and exotic patterns, and this tradition is fused into the jeans by master kimono artists. 

Wahoojin denim products are made in Japan from the highest quality denim and each pair has its own serial number to identify the master artist who hand painted the designs. You may custom design these exotic jeans by choosing from over 1,000 different kimono patterns.  Retail stores can create designs unique to their store or have their clients choose their own designs.  Never before has this high of quality and unique style been available to the public.

Impressive details in the jeans include antique Japanese lacquer coated buttons and triple stitching in the seams. Since these jeans are being introduced to the US market for the first time, the wearer will be one of the few. A demonstration of the hand painting by master artists along with a fashion show is in the works. These unique and stylish jeans and accessories are sure to be heavily sought for by trendsetters.Wahoojin Jewelry + Samurai Jeans

Gucci Clothing + Handbags on Fifth Avenue

Gucci Clothing + Handbags on Fifth AvenueGucci Group NV plans to move its flagship store to New York’s Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and expand on the world’s most expensive shopping street.

Gucci is the third-largest luxury goods maker and will lease 45,000 square feet and leave its store at 54th Street and Fifth Avenue, the company said today in a statement. When the new store opens in 2008, it will be Gucci’s largest in the world.

“Gucci has had a retail presence in New York City since 1953,” Chief Executive Officer Mark Lee said in the statement. “This exceptional new store location will provide us with an outstanding opportunity to relocate our Fifth Avenue business offering our customers the ultimate luxury shopping experience.”