Bellekat Clothing + Bellekat Jeans = ultra feminine!Kathleen Woodside and Izabel Duval the designers behind the contemporary women’s clothing line, bellekat inc. “We both have some of the most insane jeans,” says Woodside, “but we couldn’t find any fresh tops to wear with them.”

Kathleen and Izabel met while in Paris for Premiere Vision over 10 years ago. A friendship was quickly formed over Kir Royals at the Hotel Costes, as the two shared stories of their career and life experiences. Over the years their friendship remained strong, and with over 25 years of combined experience in the fashion industry, they decided to follow a shared dream. They combined their style, vision, talent and their names to form their own company. And so bellekat was born.

At bellekat, the two share equal design and creative responsibilities. Their focus is on fabrication first. The prints, applied to the most exquisite Japanese fabrics, are created from hand paintings instead of using computer generated images. Each garment is like a piece of art. The collection is saturated with a vintage taste; timeless… in a chic way. Made of ultra high count cotton yarn, the solid fabrics are treated with denim driven embellishments such as thick stitched embroidery and smocking.

Woodside and Duval chose to focus on soft swag silhouettes and sophisticated trapeze-like shapes. The flirty, flowy tops,dresses and skirts are ideal to wear with a pair of jeans.

The bellekat woman takes after both designers. “We are our target market. The bellekat woman is modern, chic, sophisticated and ultra feminine, and style is a part of who she is,” says Duval. She’s passionate about all elements of her life, from her friends & family, to her home. “She is sexy and soft while strong and original.” “This line is designed for women like us,” says Woodside, “The 25-45 year old who loves wearing denim, but looks for unique and well -made pieces to compliment her favorite jeans.”