Romeo and Hyde Jeans + Japanese DenimStuart Bamford, the Australian designer behind Romeo and Hyde is not your usual chalk fingered habitué of the catwalk; a successful rugby player and a trained teacher, his nomadic journey has been courageous. It involved pulling up all his roots and his family’s expectations to follow his need to create. He tried many things, music, writing, painting; none gave him a voice of his own, but fashion settled the argument.

Hence the name; Romeo for his romantic conviction that clothes can enhance and embody an love of the unique, the spontaneous, the passionate, and Hyde for the secret, disciplined and hidden alter ego, never wholly complete, always searching. The marriage makes for quality, balance and fun, always travelling. His launch range of jeans (made in the soft rare Japanese denim he sourced and secured) exemplify his sophisticated eye, but quietly. They make room for the individual wearing them, dressed up or down and then forgotten.