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November 2006

Griffin Clothing in Soho

Griffin Clothing in SohoThe new Griffin Store and Exhidition space opens this Wednesday 29th Novermber. The grand location is 69 Broadwick Street, London – just off Carnaby Street.

To celebrate the opening they are exhibiting some of Peter Kennard’s and Cat Picton Phillip’s finest works! Come and take a butchers…

RMC Jeans + LOVE from Hong Kong

RMC Jeans + LOVE from Hong KongThe Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC) joined the Tokyo Design Week and mounted a “LOVE from Hong Kong” Lifestyle Exhibition for the first time. It hosted a fabulous fashion party titled “LOVE from YD Alumni Club”.

The TDC has invited Eric Kot, a former DJ, now an actor, film director and designer, dabbling in fashion, interior design and music, a truly “monster producer” leading a multi-media career as the guest curator of the lifestyle exhibition. Eric collaborated with his fellow artist-designers including Douglas Young (founder of G.O.D.), Eric Fung (an interior designer from Tint Living Ltd), Ketchup (an independent musician and filmmaker), Martin Ksohoh (creator of a superb jeans brand, R.M.C.) and S K Lam (leader of a creative team, allrightsreserved) to capture the spirit of Hong Kong designs in the exhibition.

Superfine jeans + Skinny jeans = Cut Above

Suprefine jeans + Skinney jeans = Cut AboveLucy Pinter and Flora Evans met on a fashion shoot in 1999, introduced by mutual friend and style icon Judy Blame. At the time, Lucy was becoming known as one of London’s edgier stylists (iD, Black Book, Vogue Nippon), while Flora’s photographs & illustrations appeared in the Face, iT & Vogue magazine. Desperate for a jean they couldn’t find, they started designing their own. In the Autumn of 2003 they established Superfine wanting to make jeans with a real London attitude: simple, refined and especially skinny. They immediately started gathering a dedicated following, pioneering the skinny jean & sophisticated denim washes. Heavily inspired by rock & roll icons and influenced by Lucy & Flora’s fashion backgrounds, Superfine has always had a strong sense of identity. A bit punk, a bit purist, the label has led the way with clean looking denim, free from branding and embellishment. All the time embracing denim’s effortlessness, the focus for Superfine has always been fit & fabric whilst keeping the details hidden. Staying stylish in its simplicity while exploring innovative new denim treatments has been key to the labels evolution. While staying true to their signature skinny jean, collections have moved into new fresh silhouettes. Creative collaborations allow Superfine to stay original whilst high-fashion editorial keeps Superfine on the leading edge. Visual imagery is right at the heart of the label, inspiring and driving collections forward every season (see gallery). Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johansen, Eva Herzigova, Kate Bosworth, Cameron Diaz, Brittany Murphy & Juliette Lewis are all long time fans of Superfines chic rock & roll silhouettes. Superfine mens line will be available at selected stores at the end of 2006.

“Londons smart sophisticated Superfines are a cut above their hip hugging competition”. American Vogue

Warehouse jeans + Duck Digger Jeans

Warehouse jeans + Duck Digger JeansWarehouse jeans began in 1995. The brand was named after the image of a warehouse in the USA where vintage clothes are stocked. Duck Digger and The Blue & Grey are both part of the Warehouse denim collection. The name of Duck Digger originates from the men who were digging for gold in the Californian Gold-rush era . Duck alludes to the jeans they wore being made of canvas duck material. The Blue & Grey Collection is all about vintage clothes.

Warehouse makes that retain a vintage feel but benefit from contemporary production techniques which help ensure comfort. The Duck Digger denim collection is based on the design and details of jeans as they existed in the 19th century, which translates the story of the denim for all generations. The Blue & Grey collection creates jeans with a blend of vintage and new school techniques. They are inspired by classic American style!

Baracuta Harrington x Griffin Camo Jacket

Baracuta Harrington x Griffin Camo JacketIn keeping with its recent revival Baracuta is forming some breathtaking collaborations with the likes of the mighty Stussy, Billingham and Griffin. This Griffin army camo jacket is based on the original slimfit Baracuta G9. The Baracuta G9 was originally called “The Harrington Jacket” after it was worn by Ryan O’Neal who played Rodney Harrington in Peyton Place. Today the Baracuta Harrington is worn by a plethora of stars including Thierry Henry.

Studio d’Artisan Jeans + Studio d’Artisan Clothing

Studio d'Artisan Jeans + Studio d'Artisan ClothingStudio d’Artisan is a Japanese denim manufacturer, often featuring prints of pigs on their jeans and in their logo. Founded in 1979, Studio d’Artisan prides itself on producing denim using the most traditional methods to achieve a unique texture and color. This style is a very simple, slim-leg style in beautiful, quality denim. Debatable whether you could compare Studio d’Artisan jeans with the original and mighty Sugar Cane Jeans but they’re still worth a butchers.

Ksubi Jeans the new Tsubi Jeans!

Ksubi Jeans the new Tsubi Jeans in the USAFollowing a long drawn out name dispute, Tsubi have finally relented and changed their name to Ksubi in the USA. Tsubo, the well-known footwear brand had been making informal requests for sometime before finally starting legal proceedings against Tsubi in the Federal Court in New York. The guys at Tsubi decided not to fight the case and simply changed their name to Ksubi in America. Whether you call it Tsubi or Ksubi it doesn’t change the fact that the brand produces stylish and innovative denim and apparel!

BBC Clothing + Ice Cream Sneakers – Beware of the Bay!

BBC Clothing + Ice Cream Sneakers - Beware of the Bay!The official BBC brand advise consumers to stay away from eBay because they claim 95% of the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing is counterfiet! Persumably the same goes for Ice Cream sneakers. The Billionaire Boys Club brand also recommends only buying the brand from official outlets to avoid getting stung with some cheap and harmful fake – sound advice for sure!

Duck and Cover Clothing, Jackets & Shirts

Duck and Cover Clothing, Jackets & ShirtsLove it or hate it, Duck and Cover is a brand going from strength to strength. Although initially conceived as a brand which would grow organically by word of mouth, recently Duck and Cover has been conspicuous by its advertising which is clearly geared towards solidating its growing reputation.

Founded by Ashwin Shah in 1996, Duck and Cover (named after an ill-informed public information film) started as a small, design-focused clothing company that aimed to provide fashion aware individuals with an alternative to the ‘urban uniform’ style that prevailed at the time.

Duck and Cover quickly developed a loyal following, attracted by the subtle branding, attention to detail, finish and quality, in cosmopolitan cities such as Manchester and Leeds.

Yanuk Jeans, A vintage-inspired philosophy!

Yanuk Jeans, A vintage-inspired philosophy!Yanuk is a premium denim line that offers the best in denim fabrications with the authentic vintage wash techniques. Unique design and detail with a relentless attention to fit are what sets Yanuk apart competing contemporary denim brands on the market. Yanuk jeans are noted for their flattering fit that has a butt-lifting effect. Essentially, Yanuk’s mission is to make you love your butt! With Yanuk’s vintage-inspired philosophy and individuality, detailing is the key. Yanuk’s personal mantra is “don’t do what everyone else is doing!”.

Yanuk owner is one of the most respected and revered makers of denim, Mr. Paul Guez. Paul is known as the “denim godfather”. Guez started his brilliant career in the denim business in the 70’s with the founding of Sasson Jeans. Today, Paul is president of Blue Concept Inc., the parent company of Yanuk.

The Yanuk line was established by designer Yael Torbati and business partner Anouk Guez in February of 2003. Yael leads the design and creative part of the business, while Anouk is responsible for sales and relations. Completing the team are wet-processing master Alain Lafourcaide, design associate Erin McColl, the expert manager Gregory Abbou, and president Tadd Zarubica.

After the tremendous reception of the women’s line, a men’s line followed shortly after. Yanuk has recently expanded their assortment by introducing knits. Each pair of Yanuk jeans is proudly made and laundered in Los Angeles, California. Yanuk has been featured in Elle, Vogue, Lucky, Harper’s, and Vogue magazines, among many other popular publications. Yanuk’s celebrity following includes a number of A-list stars including Cameron Diaz, Beyonce Knowles, Charlize Theron, David Schwimmer, Winona Ryder, Josh Duhmel, Jennifer Anniston, and Michal Vartan.

Antik Denim jeans worn by Hilary Duff

Antik Denim jeans worn by Hilary DuffHilary Duff is the latest in a long line of Antik Denim Fans. Antik Denim Jeans have gone from cult brand to global phenomen virtually overnight. The brand is the vision of Philippe Naouri and Alexandre Caugant.

Designer Philippe Naouris 20-year commitment to vintage denim, measured by his obsessive knowledge of detailing and craftsmanship, earned him the title, “The King of Vintage, in the fashion industry. His passion for denim design was evident when he was only 15 years old. The year was 1985, and he was working at the only store in his hometown of Marseille, France, that carried authentic American denim. That store became the first vintage shop he would own. At barely 17, and with little capital, he roadtripped across America, uncovering rare vintage treasures for his store.

Alexandre Caugants reputation for innovation has made him one of the hottest fashion designers today, and is one reason Antik Denim has won the affection of some of the limelights hippest stars. Its a characteristic he shares with his co-designer Philippe Naourithe ability to invent designs that revive the past and connect with people. Of his designs, Caugant says, I bring out something different all the time. I like to surprise, and always keep it fresh.

Nike Trainers + Ronaldinho signature collection

Nike Trainers + Ronaldinho signature collectionNike unveiled the new Ronaldinho signature collection to celebrate one of the best and most inspiring football players of all time. This collection is the result of a long-term collaboration between Nike and Ronaldinho which honours the player on and off the football pitch. Working with Ronaldinho to gain insights into his life, personality and the way he plays his game, Nike developed products to the player’s specifications. The collection includes a new football boot – the Tiempo Ronaldinho, signature apparel for both on and off the pitch and new equipment. 

The Ronaldinho collection is the first signature collection designed with a football athlete by Nike. Ronaldinho joins legendary athletes Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and LeBron James to have his own signature product with Nike.

Joaquin Hidalgo, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing & Nike Football commented:  “We are very excited to launch the Ronaldinho signature collection today.  We created our first signature collection in football around him as he truly transcends the game of football and connects with consumers throughout the world through his unique style of play, his passion for the game and personality.”

To create the new Tiempo Ronaldinho football boot, Ronaldinho gave his personal insight from his futsal past and his current style of play.  This resulted in a boot which combines classic construction and craftsmanship using soft leathers, a high performance outsole and an increased area where the foot meet the ball.

Tom Minami, Nike footwear designer commented:  “We sat down with Ronaldinho and asked him what was most important to him.  These insights were crucial for the design creation.  His passion for family, for music and for joy is echoed graphically throughout the collection in three representative colours.  These colours surround the core gold ‘10’ – his number on the pitch and the stylized ‘R’ iconography.”

Blac Label Clothing + Blac Label Hoodies = Streetwear Style

Blac Label Clothing + Blac Label Hoodies = Streetwear StyleBlac Label Premium was developed to bring quality fabrics and applications together, bring attention to detail and a sense of style to Streetwear. Giving you designs inspired by Miami Nightlife and the need to stand out in the industry. The brand has a no-nonsense sharp edge and some people have even called it “the brand bape could have been”. Of course this is a tongue-in-cheek statement but Blac Label is a brand to watch.

RMC Jeans by Martin Ksohoh

RMC Jeans by Marin KsohohRMC by Martin Koshoh is an original local brand in Hong Kong, founded in 2002. Directed by Martin Lee Yat Ming, the product design is based on the concept of exquisite embroidery stitching technique on denim garments.

The name Red Monkey Company abbreviated “RMC” and branded RMC by Martin Ksohoh carries two connotative meanings. “Red” symbolizes the searing red sun as well as Oriental. Whereas, “Monkey” signifies evolution, of which apes evolved into human being. “Company” is the workshop consisted of creative persons, ideas and projects.

With its persistence on high quality and traditional artisanal spirits, the brand has created an exclusive collection of delicate and artistic denim.

Materials are mostly selected from Japan, America and Italy. And a special kind of textile, colored cotton, is grown naturally in ivory rather than pure white and thus reduces the use of dye in the dye bleaching process. This eco-friendly fabric was awarded the Golden Certificate from Textile Industry Association of France. Each individual RMC by Martin Ksohoh merchandise is constructed of the highest quality materials, supplement with elite fabrication and detailed embroidery technique. The brand has enhanced itself to the international superior level.

RMC by Martin Ksohoh endeavors to be innovative and fashion forward and break through the limits on denim production. The pre-wash technique had already anticipated skills and quality of other local producers and amazed the international ones in the early days. Later, many exquisite embroidery designs came under the spotlight on the world’s fashion runway. Their establishment has won recognition in the industry. Limited edition collections designed with a new dimension in the embroidery pattern, which are popular overseas in Japan, Europe, America, etc., are loved by fashionistas and are even hailed as pieces of “denim art” for appreciation.

In 2005, RMC by Martin Ksohoh has adopted “Flocking”, a high production cost stitching technique into their jeans design and successfully created a breakthrough effect. And the status of “Demin King” is once again reassured. BUY HERE

Greedy Genius Sneakers appear in Toyota commercial

Greedy Genius Sneakers appear in Toyota commercialGreedy Genius is known as a true underground fashion and sneaker brand but in this Toyota Avalon commercial Greedy Genius gets a big slap on the back from one of the world’s most prominent mainstream multi-nationals. Clearly Toyota see real mileage in the sneaker culture and they know that Greedy Genius is one of the best up-and-coming brands. The guys at Greedy Genius also deserve a big slap on the back from their compatriots on the street for taking the sneaker culture to the next level. Watch the commercial here

Armani Clothing + Armani Collezioni A/W 2006

Armani Clothing + Armani Collezioni A/W 2006The Armani Collezioni A/W 2006 Collection is more than ultimate fashion, it’s true poetry in cloth! Armani has a unique ability to appeal to a broad spectrum of style warriors from couture seeking fashionistas to street-based urban chic strutters. No one is able to credibly knock the Armani brand — it’s pure class however you look at it!

Romeo and Hyde Jeans + Japanese Denim

Romeo and Hyde Jeans + Japanese DenimStuart Bamford, the Australian designer behind Romeo and Hyde is not your usual chalk fingered habitué of the catwalk; a successful rugby player and a trained teacher, his nomadic journey has been courageous. It involved pulling up all his roots and his family’s expectations to follow his need to create. He tried many things, music, writing, painting; none gave him a voice of his own, but fashion settled the argument.

Hence the name; Romeo for his romantic conviction that clothes can enhance and embody an love of the unique, the spontaneous, the passionate, and Hyde for the secret, disciplined and hidden alter ego, never wholly complete, always searching. The marriage makes for quality, balance and fun, always travelling. His launch range of jeans (made in the soft rare Japanese denim he sourced and secured) exemplify his sophisticated eye, but quietly. They make room for the individual wearing them, dressed up or down and then forgotten.

Greedy Genius Shoes up to $6000

Greedy Genius Shoes up to $6000Introducing the much anticipated Diamond Eyelets by Greedy Genius. Attached photos show a sneak peak at what we have developed to take sneakers and jewelry to the next level “removable, interchangeable, diamond eyelets”. The sets of Diamond Eyelets are made with 14k yellow, white or rose gold VS to SI stones diamonds ranging from G-H color. A set consists of 28 individual eyelets that fit perfectly in your shoelace eyelet hole still allowing the lace to come thru. The current shapes are Stars, Circles and Hexagons. Retail price range is from $2800-$6000. Inquire at your local Greedy Genius retail outlet for more information.

Lucky Jeans = Vintage Denim Forever…yone!

Lucky Brand Jeans + Vintage Denim Forever...yone! “Rooted in rock ’n ’roll with a signature sense of humor, Lucky Brand Jeans stands for independent thinking, individual style and a feeling as authentic as love. Friends since youth, creators Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman shipped the first order of Lucky Brand Jeans in 1990, and have been renowned for their great-fitting, vintage-inspired jeans ever since.

Gene and Barry’s life long passions were blue jeans and rock ‘n’ roll. While experiencing the hippie-counterculture movement in the U.S. in the 1970’s, the then-21-year-old Gene teamed up with 17-year-old Barry and opened a jeans shop in Florida called Four Way Street. It was 1972 and they were officially in the jeans business, “During the evenings, we’d head out to the local Laundromat with our pockets full of coins and some bleach. A few hours later, we had a stack of great washed jeans — one of a kind and 100% authentic!”

Over the years Lucky Brand Jeans has garnered a strong celebrity following. Fans include Salma Hayek, Sandra Bernhard, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Jessica Simpson, Gwyneth Paltrow Meg Ryan, Kelly Preston, Molly Sims, Hilary Swank, Vince Vaughn, Ethan Hawke, Ben Affleck, Chris Noth, Thomas Haden Church, LL Cool J, Matt Damon, Will Smith, John Travolta, Elijah Wood and more. Lucky Brand Jeans works with the wardrobe departments of Hollywood movie studios and has been featured on numerous TV shows including Veronica Mars, The O.C., Lost, Will & Grace, Crossing Jordan and CSI.”

Aquascutum Clothing + Aquascutum Shirt = S/S 2007

Aquascutum Clothing + Aquascutum Shirt = S/S 2007“Launched four seasons ago, the Aquascutum Collection continues its modernist revision of the company’s 155 year-old heritage. Building on its reputation for exquisitely constructed clothes for both men and women coupled with a rigorous attention to detail, Spring/Summer 2007 sees heads of design, Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler, embrace a new mood of simplicity.

“We wanted to create a silhouette that was neither voluminous nor fitted, but much straighter,” says Herz of the collection’s new relaxed proportions that are inspired by the shape of a classic t-shirt. Elongated into a shimmering circular jacquard motif shift, this ubiquitous garment is given a refined makeover. Cropped and rendered in pewter-hued, cotton silk overprinted with foil, it morphs into a deluxe shell top. Counterbalancing the austerity of the clean silhouette, Herz and Fidler reveal a renewed focus on surface ornamentation. Influenced by photographer Sam Haskins’ use of natural light and Josef Alber’s collages, utilitarian vests become precious pieces when lined with a dappled-sunlit leaf print or hand-embroidered with an abstracted art deco motif. Similarly, sections of hand-smocking and pin-tucked seams provide textural interest to silk raincoats and cotton macs, random-pleat dirndl skirts and trench-inspired belts for men. While an elegant, moss green silk crepe column dress for evening is suspended from a decorative trompe l’oeil necklace of Swarovski crystals that frames the décolleté.

Each piece, exquisitely crafted out of the finest fabrics, displays a demi-couture level of luxury. All garments are handfinished and start life draped and folded on the mannequin. The duo also continues to celebrate home-grown craftsmanship. 75% of the textiles are developed exclusively for Aquascutum in native mills, including whisper-light shower-proof silks, deluxe linen voiles and cotton lumi blends. Graphic english rose and leafy tree jacquards come courtesy of Stephen Walters while hand-embroidered pieces are sewn by Hampton Court’s Royal School of Needlework. This season also sees Aquascutum’s first collaboration with Manolo Blahnik on the collection’s shoes. “We’re refining our ideas. It’s always an evolution,” says Fidler.

As with past seasons, the designers have delved into the archives, deconstructing vintage pieces and reconstructing them with a modern, irreverent twist. The binding of a vintage 1930s car coat inspires the graphic contrast detail on the inside of both men’s and women’s coats and jackets. An Aquascutum trench coat from the 1970s is re-proportioned to form a narrow ladies coat with a full skirt and dramatic, smocked panel at the back. Paying homage to Lord Raglan – who commissioned Aquascutum at the turn of the last century to produce a coat for his sword arm – most of this season’s outerwear features the low-cut sleeve which has borne his name ever since. Rooted in Aquascutum’s heritage, the designers illustrate how much a part of today’s fashion vocabulary this sleeve-shape has become.” BUY HERE

Supreme Clothing + Timberland Boot

Supreme Clothing + Timberland Boot“Timberland, the New Hampshire-based outdoor company, was founded in Boston in 1973. Timberland struck its claim in the footwear industry by introducing the technology of injection-molding and by creating one the first rugged waterproof boots with a sole seamlessly fused to its upper.

Embraced by the inner-city youth of the late 1980?s, Timberland became an irrefutable staple in the Hip-Hop landscape. Two Timberland models in particular, the Waterproof Six-Inch Basic Boot and the Field Boot, graced the feet of Hip-Hop?s icons and urban aficionados alike. Today, Timberland has maintained its integrity as a staple in both the urban and outdoor markets.

Their aim is to capture the authenticity of the classic Field Boot and inject it with a modern street sensibility true to our own style & aesthetic.

Available this December in 3 colorways at Supreme stores worldwide.”

Ed Hardy Cap + Ed Hardy Apparel = Star Appeal!

Ed Hardy Cap + Ed Hardy Apparel = Star Appeal!Ed Hardy apparel appears to attract praise and ridicule in equal measure. Ed Hardy has a simple concept which has seen the brand emerge as a contemporary fashion phenomenon. Part of brand building is getting “celebrities” to wear your gear and the machine behind Ed Hardy has no trouble in that regard, with mega-celebrities including David Beckham regularly seen donning a cap and tee… And as this montage proves even mad-Madge is getting in on the act. Here MADx2 is seen visiting the gym, shops and even a Kabbalah service wearing Ed Hardy gear. BUY HERE

APC Raw Denim – new collection!

APC Raw Denim - new collection!The APC Raw Denim new collection for guys, girls and “unisex” hits the web. APC are arguably the ultimate middle-of-the-road raw denim specialists and their collection of ultra tight raw denim is sure to get APC fans foaming.

Sugar Cane jeans in FRONT!

Sugar Cane jeans in FRONT!Sugar Cane jeans appear in the uncompromising FRONT magazine. FRONT highlight Sugar Cane as the denim brand of rich and famous guys who like a swig or two. Although Sugar Cane jeans are becoming more and more popular we shouldn’t forget their vintage and ethical roots established in true Japanese culture. BUY HERE

Jimmy Choo Shoes, Tamara at helm for 10 years

Jimmy Choo Shoes, Tamara at helm for 10 yearsSo ten years have passed since Tamara Mellon took control of the Jimmy Choo brand. Jimmy Choo, was the driving force behind the brand for many years and made his name designing shoes for people like Lady Di before passing the brand onto Tamara Mellon.

“To celebrate 10 years of creating glamorous shoes and accessories, Jimmy Choo is releasing ten of its most eye catching designs in ‘The Vintage Collection’. Tamara Mellon, Founder and President of Jimmy Choo, has gone back into the company’s extensive archives to select the designs that have mattered most whether it be the classic Swarovski crystal studded Oscar shoe, the lilac suede and feather sling back immortalised on Sex and the City, or the exotic sell-out tiger print stiletto boot. Each one of the ten made its mark on fashion history and yet still looks utterly contemporary today.

The ten vintage styles, all made in limited edition runs, feature a gold star motif on the inside soles and are packaged in a special box in signature lilac trimmed with the original Jimmy Choo colour – deep purple.” BUY HERE

JK for HUGO = Hugo Boss & Jamiroquai

JK for HUGO = Hugo Boss & JamiroquaiUltimate uber-brand Hugo Boss hits the high notes with pop legend “Cat in the Hat” Jay Kay. The classy collection smells of true quality and is destined to be a major hit with fashionistas across the globe.

“Together with HUGO Creative Director Volker Kaechele, Jay Kay – the front man of the British band Jamiroquai which has written world musical history with hits like “Return of the Space Cowboys” and “Cosmic Girl” – has added his exclusive “JK for HUGO” fashion collection to the HUGO brand.”

Burberry Scarf + Burberry Apparel = Booming!

Burberry Scarf + Burberry Apparel = Booming!According to figures recently released by Burberry, the brand is booming BIG TIME! Sales figures are the highest they have been in the history of brand with Burberry accessories are selling out before they even make it to the shop floor! It seems Burberry’s concerted effort to rid itself of the “chav-brand” stigma is proving to be a success and the brand is finally returning to its affluent roots. The recent decision to drop the Burberry baseball cap from their collection was a smart move. It appears Burberry’s unrivalled tradition and good name has finally defeated the “chav-attact’! BUY HERE

Joes Jeans + Basic Fits

Joes Jeans + Basic FitsThe Socialite [n: classic fit] Straight across the hip and crisper in the flair, this fit gives the illusion of a long, sexy silhouette. Whether you’re attending the latest art opening, or hosting a cocktail party, you’ll fuse sophisticated glamour with red hot fashion.

The Honey [n: boty fit] Curvy voluptuous and sexy are just a few ways to describe this silhouette’s show-stopping effect. Fitted at the waist and contoured for the ultra feminine physique. Voluptuous never had it so good.

The Rocker [n: skinny flare] Long lean and flared this silhouette’s devastatingly sexy appeal captures the essence of rock and roll glamour. So whether you’re a rock star or just dating one, this fit is fashion’s answer to authentic rock and roll style.

The Muse [n: sophisticated fit] It’s no wonder that Hollywood glamour has stood the test of time. Think Marlene Dietrich. This silhouette, with its wider leg and higher waist conjures up images of a woman with a certain sophisticated style.

The Lover [n: relaxed fit] A little looser a little lower on the hip. Apparently we’ve noticed you wearing your boyfriend’s pants. This fit is just like his but made especially for you. And it’s sure to be around long after you’ve traded Kyle for Kevin, but who’s counting? There’s a definite sexiness to it all.

The Twiggy [n: skinny fit] Just suppose you discovered the perfect, super slim fit for all you lucky, long limbed individuals. Think slim, sexy, supermodel perfect. Go ahead, make the rest of them envious.

The Provocateur [n: petite fit] Inspired by all those times when late nights and genuine attraction come together, this silhouette has a shorter inseam and a higher knee break to lengthen the leg. It’s no wonder then that a petite girl in a great fitting pair of jeans has all the sex appeal in the world.

The Starlet [n: sexy fit] Super fitted contoured and sexy. This silhouette’s so stylish you’ll swear they’re couture. Think quintessential party girl as our muse. This fit is denim gone luxe.


Guess Jeans + Claudia Schiffer = Guess?

Guess Jeans + Claudia Schiffer = Guess?GUESS? is perhaps best remember as the brand that made Claudia Schiffer, or some argue it was vice-versa. Today Guess? denim retains its stature despite being a firm mainstream favourite.

The spring/summer 2007 collection takes a virtual road trip across Argentina with inspiration from the 40’s . The era of actress Maria Felix is represented by skinny jeans teamed with satin lined vests. It is also a story about the 70’s with a focus on the elegance and style of Brigitte Bardot, while Betty Page is recalled in animalier prints and exotic colours. There is a constant development of the Jeans part of the collection line with denim as the base for details such as embroidered flowers, “plastisol” prints and vintage washes. BUY HERE