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October 2006

Ice Cream Clothing by Pharrell Williams

Ice Cream Clothing by Pharrell WilliamsTo compliment the growing demand for Ice Cream sneakers, Mr Cool, Pharrell Williams, will shortly be releasing an Ice Cream clothing collection. If the success of the Billionaire Boys Club collection is anything to go by, the Ice Cream Clothing collection is destined to be a hit. Keep them eyes peeled.

Harvey Nichols will have RMC Martin Ksohoh in-store!

Harvey Nichols will have RMC Martin Ksohoh in-store!With an ear to the ground that picks up even the faintest fashion rumblings, Harvey Nichols menswear is bringing some great new labels to town this Autumn, to add to its established fold that covers all bases from Kilgour to Kiminori Morishita.

Then of course, they would never let you miss out on that enfant terrible of British fashion, Alexander McQueen’s brand new diffusion collection, McQ. Look out for rebellious styles influenced by teenagers and biker gangs – plaid trenches and scorpion emblazoned knitwear. But undoubtedly the biggest scoop for the legendary Harvey Nics is the capture of RMC Martin Ksohoh. Yes, Harvey Nics will have the illusive Red Monkey jeans in-store this autumn!

Fullcircle Clothing + Fullcircle Jacket for s/s 2007

Fullcircle Clothing + Fullcircle Jacket for s/s 2007S/S07 MENSWEAR The collection focuses on defining a look for the brand with key influences taken from smart military-wear and utility-wear but re-worked into modern styles. There is a shift towards a smarter and cleaner look with an emphasis on fabric, fit and detail. This season colours are monochromatic, highlighted with pale lemon, mauve and blue. Prints stay monochrome and focus on modern florals that are refined with geometrics that appear retro yet modern. Key fabrics include metalised cottons and linens, super compact cottons, featherweight nylons and textured cottons for shirts.

S/S07 WOMENSWEAR Masculine androgyny continues though-out the collection with a sense of elegant frivolity; dinner jackets, champagne and cocktail parties. The range is a mix of smart and casual shapes which use textured fabrics for structure and masculine shapes. These contrast and compliment the delicate nature of cotton voile burn-outs, broidery anglaise and paper weight cottons. A neutral palette is brought alive with watery blues, sea greens and jewelled purple shades. Metallic encrustations, mineral finishes and subtle, iridescent lustre give precious qualities to raw linens and oaty melange wovens for a new rough sophistication. Large, bold, colourful florals prints are a contrast to miniature dainty prints with a oriental touch.

Camper Shoes + Camper Trainers = minimalist concept

Camper Shoes + Camper Trainers = minimalist conceptCamper celebrates the re-opening of one of the most mythical stores in the Japanese capital with an exclusive presentation for the Japanese media. A charming and fun event that counted on the presence of Javier Mariscal from the Mariscal Design Studio, responsible for the graphics of the store and friend and collaborator of the Majorcan firm.

For the new image of the store a minimalist concept was created based on the most primitive code of the Camper brand: Red, white and black colours. A combination that will not go unnoticed. At the same time and keeping the Japanese market in mind, a cultural statement about Japan-Occident was made using a newly invented language whose writing is based on ideograms, the Japanese kanjis. These symbols graphically represent an idea and are read vertically, from top to bottom. They can be found throughout the store, and even in the entrance door.

The store is located in the exclusive shopping area of Omotesando, where luxury and avant-garde combine to give an absolutely cosmopolitan air to the area. Discover the new Camper space:

Camper Omotesando
6-3-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,

In the Camper Shoes collection for autumn/winter 2006-2007 the subtlety of creased textures, washed, velvety, soft and warm, stand out above shrill statements, loud colours and boastful technical details. Cold countries bring us polar shades of colour, off-whites, soft filling, natural and cosy padding and fur. A constant reference is made to the classics, not only in colours and in prints and materials, but also the styles that give homage to the English classics; all are re-interpreted within the Camper aesthetic. Light weight soles and flexibility in the new constructions are a constant tonic throughout the collection.

Designer Jeans + Celebrity Jeans = Jeans 4 Genes

Designer Jeans + Celebrity Jeans = Jeans 4 GenesJeans for Genes Day 2006 will be held on Friday 6th October! This year Jeans for Genes would like to ask you to ‘dress to impress’ when you jump into your jeans and help us raise £4 million to support children with genetic disorders. Everyone loves dressing up in jeans and this year we all have the chance to go for a bit of glitz, glamour, bling and bravado!

Who does Jeans for Genes help?
Jeans for Genes, organised by four national charities, raises funds for research into serious and often life-threatening genetic disorders affecting thousands of children. Funds also provide laboratory equipment and facilities, as well as valuable advice and support for families.

Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006

Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006The Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006 Press Release:

“This collection skilfully displays Stone Island’s craft and expertise in the development of stylish design and technology. This collection draws inspiration from the sea, in particular the male fascination with the sea. Inspired by naval uniforms their durability and functionality are brought to every day life. 

The structure of garments is extremely detailed revealing the identifiable Stone Island character and the attention to detail that the brand is famous for; double hemming on the borders of garments or badges applied to the arm. The use of colour is balanced: charts of neutral colours and grey tones, with a dominant black, industrial red and a bright orange. 

Sheepskin blousons are white hand-painted, according to the Marine tradition. Sheepskin trims are also used on jumpers, sweatshirts, collars and hoods as an external shelter or as detachable inner lining.  Double layers resemble the volume and roundedness of sheepskin with single layer wools for parkas, blousons and Navy pea coats. Down jackets are super-light (at only 37 grams a metre) the only “heavy” detail is the canvas hood in printed and shiny-coated cotton with a wax effect.

Stone Island is continuously developing fabrics to increase strength. Ventile® is a fabric in 100% “all weather cotton”, transpiring wind/snow and waterproof.  David a new Japanese fabric is a heavy microfibre. It is compact and waterproof, treated with coagulant pressing and washing with a rubberised effect.

Knitwear is authentically Stone Island but with new compositions and detailing. Heavy knit sweaters are produced in wool, cotton, wool/cotton, double-worked or coupled.  Blouson knit sweaters are thick and heavy, coupled inside with a wind-proof net.  Light knit sweaters in chenille or combed wool.  Heavy sweatshirts are named “high altitude” due to their considerable warmth, in nylon-padded cotton with a great thermal capacity, a concept developed from the aeronautic underwear of the Second World War.

Characterised by the Stone Island trademark badge, the famous identification of the brand, trousers are produced in heavy cotton, in ground Ottoman with a velvet effect and in a wool/cotton mix.”

Greedy Genius Shoes = Greedy Genius Jeans = Pure Genius!

Greedy Genius Shoes = Greedy Genius Jeans = Pure Genius!The concept behind Greedy Genius is simple, to create the ultimate brand by designing and developing OUTSTANDING PRODUCT.  By drawing inspiration from the lifestyles and extensive travel experiences, the founders of the brand have managed to develop a sneaker that is uniquely relevant to their generation.  At its essence, Greedy Genius can best be described as a better then premium sneaker—one that has the right touch of color, the right combination of fabrics and is encased in a supremely deluxe package.

For the founders of Greedy Genius now is the time to take things to the next level with regards to designing and developing product that is a part of a whole lifestyle oriented experience. Sneakers are no longer regarded as simply athletic footwear, but instead have elevated to the status of a bonafide pop culture phenomenon. Today sneaker savvy enthusiasts all over the world are buying, collecting, trading, and blogging about  their footwear at a remarkable rate. Despite this reality, the partners behind Greedy Genius still felt that the sneaker market was missing a rebellious independent brand that was solely motivated by fearless, creative and innovative ideas and so they created Greedy Genius to fill that void.

Interestingly, the four young partners behind Greedy Genius are respectively from Asia, US, Europe and Africa, Each of them have also had extensive experience working in both the sportswear and footwear industries.  After working with so many prominent brands, the next logical step was for them to unite and bring their talents together to develop one monumental brand. In their own words they say, “ Honestly, we really just wanted a chance to create everything we love and have passion for: sneakers, denim, toys, eyewear, watches, jewelry, everything.  Why not?  Here is our twist on things, let us know what you think?” Greedy Genius.  The root of all evil….Don’t be misled.

Greedy Genius Shoes = Greedy Genius Jeans = Pure Genius!

Versace Clothing + Prince = Versace Fashion Show

Versace Clothing + Prince = Versace Fashion ShowThe Prince of purpleness performed to a private audience after Versace unveiled its spring summer catwalk collection on Friday. Donatella Versace, invited the glitterati of Milan and the fashion world to the performance and Prince reputedly even wrote an original track for the catwalk show! There’s a wow!

With a total of three changes, Prince pranced around in Versace in only the way he can. Donatella did not make an appearance, but Prince thanked her for the privilege of performing at her world-renowned gig.

Lindeberg Clothing + J Lindeberg Jeans = Diffusion!

Lindeberg Clothing + J Lindeberg Jeans = Diffusion!J Lindeberg is set to launch a diffusion collection in autumn/winter 2007. The collection will be priced 30 per cent lower than the mainline and will mainly be denim and casualwear. The company is planning on delivering four collections per year with the first due in store from October.

J Lindeberg has appointed Michael Benjamin as head of UK sales. He will join from Sand where he was country manager, and will oversee sales across its mainline, diffusion and JL lines. Benjamin will report to commercial director Ginni Georgiades, who joined the company in March.

Commercial director Ginni Georgiades confirmed: “We really want to push the brand in the UK and the diffusion line will sit around the same level as D&G and Diesel. We’re aiming to grow to between 50 and 70 stockists over the next three to four years. We are also looking for a location for a London flagship store to open in spring 2008.” J Lindeberg has about 20 UK stockists for its mainline, which is sold in Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges as well as in upmarket independents.

Ethical Fashion at the 3rd Ehtical Fashion Show

Ethical Fashion at the Ehtical Fashion ShowThe 3rd edition of Ethical Fashion Show will take place on October 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th at the Tapis Rouge, 67 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin 75010 PARIS. The trade days are reserved for professionals. Sunday October 15th will be open to the general public.

Runway shows, Round Tables, Exhibitions and Showrooms will take place over the 4 days. Over 60 desigers from all over the world: Mongolia, Thailand, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, The Philippines, Chili, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, United States, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Cambodia, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland…will present fashion that respects people and environnement. Over 20 nationalites and cultures will be represented. 

Fake Jeans, should they carry a Health Warning?

Fake Jeans, should they carry a Health Warning?Fake jeans can seriously damage your health! Many in the fashion industry are claiming counterfeit jeans should now carry a health warning! According to many in the industry fake jeans made in the backstreets of China are washed and dyed using “dirty water” which is contaminated with toxins, pollutants and heavy metals. These contaminants then remain in the counterfeit jeans when the denim is dried and can reputedly cause severe skin irritation and some have even suggested this can potentially cause cancer. The other concerning is when these counterfeit jeans are washed the contamination will be present in the steam which will be inhaled and cause further health problems to the owner. Counterfeit jeans washed in this “dirty water” also have a stagnant and rotten smell which can never be removed.

The Chinese government have cracked down on all official factories and made sure they use clean water which is not contaminated but the Chinese government has no control over the counterfeiters who continue to use cheap “dirty water” to wash and dye their denim. Everyone looking to buy cheap fake jeans should seriously consider this issue and remember too that counterfeits fund terrorism as Kitmeout recently reported.

Henri Lloyd Clothing + Henri Lloyd Jacket = Nautical Chic

Henri Lloyd Clothing + Henri Lloyd Jacket = Nautical ChicHenri-Lloyd is a unique brand spanning the diverse worlds of international fashion and performance yachting. For 40 years, Henri-Lloyd has been at the forefront of technical clothing innovations. From early collaborations with pioneers such as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Henri-Lloyd has built a worldwide reputation for quality which means their sailing clothing has become the choice for many crews competing in the greatest sailing events. Henri Lloyd has also celebrated 20 years of being involved in international fashion. The Milan Scooter Society, the Panninari, adopted the Consort Original, designed in 1965 as part of their uniform. Today these values can be found in a fashion offering which includes Men’s & Women’s clothing, footwear and accessories.

SS07 is inspired by Henri-Lloyd’s partnership with BMW Oracle for the America’s Cup and its host city, Valencia. Encapsulating the glamour of the Mediterranean in the 60’s, the collection takes a nostalgic look at the allure of this era.

Based around two interchangeable perspectives – from the shore & from the sea – neutral tones and natural fabrics that reference the relaxed way of life by the sea are combined with pieces that epitomise summers on board the spectator yachts. With the America’s Cup reaching its pinnacle during the summer of 2007, the collection combines the romance of the Med with the thrill of the America’s Cup.

RMC Jeans, how to spot the real from the fake!

Because of their status as one of the most desired jeans on the market today, RMC jeans are heavily counterfeited throughout the world. To help protect buyers from counterfeitors, Martin Yatming, aka Martin Ksohoh, founder of RMC jeans, has provided Kitmeout with the following information:

RMC Jeans1. All seams should be stitched in double yarn and not single yarn. Poorly finished button holes and sewing. Pocket lining should not be white, it is ivory and made of thicker fabric. The photo above is how fake RMC jeans look.

RMC by Martin ksohoh2. The real RMC jeans embroidery on the “Toyo Story” Collection always finishes in the side seams regardless of the waist size and fakes have a gap and do not go into the seams. The photo above is how fake RMC jeans look.

Red Monkey jeans by Martin ksohoh3. The RMC Jeans red tab should be red outside and inside, unlike the fakes which are red outside but white inside. Fake red tabs will aslo shrink after washing whilst the genuine does not.

Red Monkey Company4. Real RMC has a leather waistband patch and not imitated PVC. The patch is also single stitched with double yarn all the way round and not partly double stitched like the photo above.

RMC japanese denim5. RMC embroidery should be continuous and no denim space should be seen. On the fakes above the embroidery is out of line and does not match.

RMC fake jeans6. On these fake RMC Jeans the inside white yarn is unbalanced and poorly finished.

RMC denim7. Fake RMC Jeans are poorly stitched. Real RMC jeans are stitched by master craftsmen. The photo above is how fake RMC jeans look.

Fake RMC Jeans8. Real RMC jeans use selvedge denim produced on a 28inch loom. Fake RMC jeans are produced on a cheap machine. Fakes use poorly made denim with coloured overlocking and in some cases they “edge” the coloured denim and sew to the edge of the seams to make it look like selvedge. Fake RMC jeans also have a poor quality hem and the colour of the thread is usually too dark.

Fake RMC Jeans9. Fake RMC Jeans have a thin space of denim showing and the embroidery doesn’t line up. Also the colour of the blue embroidery changes drastically instead of fading gradually. Real RMC jeans do not show denim spacing, it is fully embroidered to the edge of the fabric and this is then turned into the side seam. The real “Toyo Story” Collection has 800,000 stitches and is more like a tapestry. The real RMC “Toyo Story” Collection has 1002 stamped on the leather patch and not 1001.

Denim of Virtue Jeans, Chinese Calligraphy & Sexy Fit

Denim of Virtue Jeans, Chinese Calligraphy & Sexy FitWhat makes a pair of jeans iconic? As in worthy of you wanting to wear them day-in, day-out? California-based Denim of Virtue, the latest jeanswear company to come out of L.A., is poised to have the answer. Denim of Virtue has instinctively fused together the fundamental elements of what defines a great jean: modern in silhouette and aesthetic, authentic in craftsmanship, and most importantly a design that enhances figure and fit.

The collection, which debuts this autumn/winter, marks a new direction in denimwear. Using their signature finishing techniques, the styling of a Virtue Jean has softer contours, not unlike the brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy. The result produces a subtle zen-like sensibility and features a smoother, more modern curve that caresses the body. Bias-cutting, curvature and stitch detailing add to give it a sexy fit, rounding where necessary, though never too low a waist.

Each Denim of Virtue jean has its own character: a clean line with a double contrast or decorative stitch; a soft, zen-curved pocket, a flattering detail. Managing to create a balance between minimal styling and overt detailing, Denim of Virtue stripped the jean back to its basic form while avoiding the boring jeans look or applying over-the-top, frivolous design. To Virtue, there will always be new innovations, silhouettes to refine, or applications to experiment with. Denim lovers be thankful: it means you’ll always have a pair of jeans that exude enough distinction and attitude to make someone want to look twice.