Fullcircle Clothing + Fullcircle Jacket for s/s 2007S/S07 MENSWEAR The collection focuses on defining a look for the brand with key influences taken from smart military-wear and utility-wear but re-worked into modern styles. There is a shift towards a smarter and cleaner look with an emphasis on fabric, fit and detail. This season colours are monochromatic, highlighted with pale lemon, mauve and blue. Prints stay monochrome and focus on modern florals that are refined with geometrics that appear retro yet modern. Key fabrics include metalised cottons and linens, super compact cottons, featherweight nylons and textured cottons for shirts.

S/S07 WOMENSWEAR Masculine androgyny continues though-out the collection with a sense of elegant frivolity; dinner jackets, champagne and cocktail parties. The range is a mix of smart and casual shapes which use textured fabrics for structure and masculine shapes. These contrast and compliment the delicate nature of cotton voile burn-outs, broidery anglaise and paper weight cottons. A neutral palette is brought alive with watery blues, sea greens and jewelled purple shades. Metallic encrustations, mineral finishes and subtle, iridescent lustre give precious qualities to raw linens and oaty melange wovens for a new rough sophistication. Large, bold, colourful florals prints are a contrast to miniature dainty prints with a oriental touch.