Fake Jeans, should they carry a Health Warning?Fake jeans can seriously damage your health! Many in the fashion industry are claiming counterfeit jeans should now carry a health warning! According to many in the industry fake jeans made in the backstreets of China are washed and dyed using “dirty water” which is contaminated with toxins, pollutants and heavy metals. These contaminants then remain in the counterfeit jeans when the denim is dried and can reputedly cause severe skin irritation and some have even suggested this can potentially cause cancer. The other concerning is when these counterfeit jeans are washed the contamination will be present in the steam which will be inhaled and cause further health problems to the owner. Counterfeit jeans washed in this “dirty water” also have a stagnant and rotten smell which can never be removed.

The Chinese government have cracked down on all official factories and made sure they use clean water which is not contaminated but the Chinese government has no control over the counterfeiters who continue to use cheap “dirty water” to wash and dye their denim. Everyone looking to buy cheap fake jeans should seriously consider this issue and remember too that counterfeits fund terrorism as Kitmeout recently reported.