Denim of Virtue Jeans, Chinese Calligraphy & Sexy FitWhat makes a pair of jeans iconic? As in worthy of you wanting to wear them day-in, day-out? California-based Denim of Virtue, the latest jeanswear company to come out of L.A., is poised to have the answer. Denim of Virtue has instinctively fused together the fundamental elements of what defines a great jean: modern in silhouette and aesthetic, authentic in craftsmanship, and most importantly a design that enhances figure and fit.

The collection, which debuts this autumn/winter, marks a new direction in denimwear. Using their signature finishing techniques, the styling of a Virtue Jean has softer contours, not unlike the brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy. The result produces a subtle zen-like sensibility and features a smoother, more modern curve that caresses the body. Bias-cutting, curvature and stitch detailing add to give it a sexy fit, rounding where necessary, though never too low a waist.

Each Denim of Virtue jean has its own character: a clean line with a double contrast or decorative stitch; a soft, zen-curved pocket, a flattering detail. Managing to create a balance between minimal styling and overt detailing, Denim of Virtue stripped the jean back to its basic form while avoiding the boring jeans look or applying over-the-top, frivolous design. To Virtue, there will always be new innovations, silhouettes to refine, or applications to experiment with. Denim lovers be thankful: it means you’ll always have a pair of jeans that exude enough distinction and attitude to make someone want to look twice.