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September 2006

Fred Perry Polo Shirt + Paul Weller Shirts

Fred Perry Polo Shirt + Paul Weller ShirtsFred Perry and Paul Weller Limited Edition Polo Shirt. The Paul Weller Limited Edition Tartan Green/Ice/Maroon Fred Perry Polo Shirt is now sold out. Over 10,000 fans pre-registered for the limited 1,000 Polo Shirts available. Fred Perry and Paul Weller have agreed to produce further Limited Edition products to satisfy demand.

Proportionofblu Jeans + Japanese Denim + AG Jeans

Proportionofblu Jeans + Japanese Denim + AG Jeans“Thanks to the Dan Brown bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, most everyone on the planet is now familiar with formerly recondite concepts like the Golden Ratio – a mathematical relationship between three lines, where the longest line is 1.618 times longer than the length of the penultimate length line, which, in turn, is 1.618 times the length of the shortest line. This ratio has shown up everywhere from the pyramids in Egypt, to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. And now, it’s coming to a pair of blue jeans near you.

San Francisco-based Proportionofblu will soon be launching their line of chi chi premium denim, which uses the celebrated ratio to determine pocket- & rivet-placement on the body. “We think that our customers will understand the uniqueness,” Richard Derr of Kapsule, Proportionofblu’s Los Angeles-based showroom, told WWD. “However, the beauty and workmanship of the product will also grab the attention of buyers and be a strong selling point.”

While the Golden Ratio aspect of Proportionofblu does indeed make these jeans stand apart from the growing cacaphony of denim glutting the market, what will probably sell this particular line is the fact that they’re manufactured in Italy from ritzy Japanese denim, come in two dark & clean washes in the new skinny-legged silhouette, and feature glitzy 18k gold hardware & rivets. (via WWD).”

The duo are collaborating with Adriano Goldschmied to develop their washes. The fall collection’s look will mostly be dark and clean on Japanese denim. Italian-made 18-karat gold rivets and other fancy hardware top it all off.

Wholesale is $95-115 for their four women’s styles and two men’s styles. Current distribution includes American Rag (LA), Fred Segal (LA), Villains (San Francisco), Barneys New York, and Atrium (NYC).

Darren Bent wearing Red Monkey Jeans by Martin Yat Ming

Darren Bent wearing Red Monkey Jeans by Martin Yat MingEngland star striker, Darren Bent, is seen here wearing an authentic pair of Red Monkey Jeans. Red Monkey jeans are the creation of Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh founder of the Red Monkey Company. Red Monkey jeans are renowned for their amazing quality and mind-blowing detail. Just seeing a pair of Red Monkey jeans is a privilege — owning a pair is a dream!

Victoria Beckham aka HRH of Rock & Republic

Victoria Beckham aka HRH of Rock & RepublicVictoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, aka HRH of Rock & Republic, is to star in a new fashion reality show.

“It will be more serious than a reality show, but will still be very entertaining because Victoria is so funny,” said former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, who negotiated Victoria’s deal, according to The Sun.

“She has found her niche,” said Fuller. “She can walk into any room in the fashion world, and she knows as much – if not more – than anyone.”

Victoria Beckham is known for wearing only expensive designer labels like D&G and has designed her own brand of jeans for the popular Rock ‘n’ Republic line. She’s also been featured in an ad campaign for Rocawear, Jay-Z’s clothing line.