Gap Jeans + Skinny Jeans + Audrey Hepburn PantsShouts of indignation are echoing across the fashion and style world as Gap attempt to use style icon Audrey Hepburn to promote their black skinny jeans. Whether you agree or disagree with Gap’s strategy, the fact is Audrey Hepburn epitomizes a certain style and Gap as a fashion business is simply making a sound marketing move. To quote the company:

“Every woman knows that a perfect pair of black pants is a quintessential wardrobe staple. More than a decade ago Gap became known for a fabulous pair of black pants that flew off shelves and helped millions of women across the country dress with sophistication and style. This season Gap is back with “the Audrey Hepburnâ„¢ pant” — a perfect fitting pair of skinny black pants that will remind women of the perfect Gap black pants they owned years ago. Named after Audrey Hepburnâ„¢ — a timeless fashion icon known for her classic, feminine style — Gap’s “Audrey Hepburnâ„¢ pant” is sleek and simple with modern details that make them undeniably cool.”