Fiorucci jeans + Fiorucci Clothing = 40 Years in 07!1967-2007 Happy Birthday FIORUCCI! 2007 is a very special year for our Brand.  Born in 1967, Fiorucci is 40 years old. But certainly does not look its age.

Fiorucci celebrates its birthday with a LOVE STORY translated in collectable fun and basic pieces, where the Fiorucci vintage iconography will take aficionados down to memory lane!

“Hello sailor” it is going to be a real “ Hot Summer” for the little Angels and the cutest Mermaid, of the shimmiring tail. A perennial Summer and Spring classic, the Marine theme is interpreted by Fiorucci with the abitual tongue- in -cheek way; with linen becoming the perfect Jeanswear companion.

Fiorucci is also incurably romantic at heart. Delicate flowers buds, cheerful poppies fields with butterflies and bees and adorable maidens find their place in the sun, in a range of patterns suitable for delicate summer dresses, fresh and fantasy tees, the cutest jeans and feminine pants.
As a tribute to the brand’s past and present creative attitude, students of the Marangoni school of fashion in Milan have applied their extrovert and free-spirited talent to interpret the up-dated Fiorucci jeanswear iconic style: the BUFFALO!