Radcliffe Jeans + Skinny Jeans = adjustable lengthRadcliffe jeans are causing something of a stir amongst the fair sex. Each pair of Radcliffe jeans has a myriad of minute, exquisite details to be appreciated by the wearer – including fortune cookie messages embroidered on the inside waistband with words of urban wisdom. In terms of finishing, every ‘niggle’ a woman has with her jeans has been solved: bulky front pockets and rivets have been removed to give a cleaner silhouette and the stitching is dyed to match the denim wash. But the icing on the cake is the adjustable length. Appreciating that not all women are the same height, each pair of Radcliffe Denim jeans is sold with a tiny pair of solid silver cufflinks, which can be inserted into concealed holes inside the leg seams allowing the owner to adjust the length on a whim. This simple, practical idea makes Radcliffe Denim jeans the most versatile design available, enabling the owner to wear them cropped with sneakers or pumps, at ankle length with kitten heels and at the full 34.5” length over killer heels.