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September 2006

RMC by Martin Ksohoh, RMC Jeans reach a new level of excellence!

RMC by Martin Ksohoh, RMC Jeans reach a new level of excellence!RMC Martin Ksohoh or, to be more precise, RMC by Martin Ksohoh is the brain-child of Martin Yatming, the design genius and fashion guru behind the Red Monkey Company of 2005. Martin is renowned throughout the world as a denim master whose attention to detail is unrivalled. If you thought Red Monkey 2005 was good you’ve seen nothing yet! Keep your eyes peeled for RMC by Martin Ksohoh – this brand will blow your mind! Thanks to England Star, Darren Bent, for modelling these 2005 Red Monkey Jeans.

Firetrap Clothing + Firetrap Jeans will be more discrett in S/S 07

Firetrap Clothing + Firetrap Jeans will be more discrett in S/S 07For S/S 07 Firetrap will pursue a less cluttered approach to jeans wear. Big brash logo graphics will give way to discreet clever branding and over designed items will give way to more clever designs. 40’s and 50’s will be the inspirational references, vintage without nostalgia, contemporary and not retro. Looks will be a mix of hard and soft, masculine and feminine, the silhouettes will follow the same contrasting attitudes, narrow bottoms with loose tops or loose oxford bags with tight fitting tops.

Fiorucci jeans + Fiorucci Clothing = 40 Years in 07!

Fiorucci jeans + Fiorucci Clothing = 40 Years in 07!1967-2007 Happy Birthday FIORUCCI! 2007 is a very special year for our Brand.  Born in 1967, Fiorucci is 40 years old. But certainly does not look its age.

Fiorucci celebrates its birthday with a LOVE STORY translated in collectable fun and basic pieces, where the Fiorucci vintage iconography will take aficionados down to memory lane!

“Hello sailor” it is going to be a real “ Hot Summer” for the little Angels and the cutest Mermaid, of the shimmiring tail. A perennial Summer and Spring classic, the Marine theme is interpreted by Fiorucci with the abitual tongue- in -cheek way; with linen becoming the perfect Jeanswear companion.

Fiorucci is also incurably romantic at heart. Delicate flowers buds, cheerful poppies fields with butterflies and bees and adorable maidens find their place in the sun, in a range of patterns suitable for delicate summer dresses, fresh and fantasy tees, the cutest jeans and feminine pants.
As a tribute to the brand’s past and present creative attitude, students of the Marangoni school of fashion in Milan have applied their extrovert and free-spirited talent to interpret the up-dated Fiorucci jeanswear iconic style: the BUFFALO!

PPQ Jeans + PPQ Clothes = Brand on the up!

PPQ Jeans + PPQ Clothes = Brand on the up!PPQ designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker began their label in 1999. They design both a women’s and men’s collection plus a lingerie range and jeans collection which are produced in their own factory now re-located to London from Nottingham.

This year Icelandic retail giant Baugur have invested in the company and their first dedicated shop in Conduit Street, London W1 will open in September.

PPQ skinny jeans are a curb and boutique hit. Jade Jagger, Sharleen Spiteri, Pete Doherty and The Paddingtons are fans.

Del Forte Denim + Del Forte Jeans = Eco-Chic!

Del Forte Denim + Del Forte Jeans = Eco-Chic!Del Forte Denim is designed for the eco-chic woman who is transforming the face of fashion. Made in the USA with 100 percent organic cotton, Del Forte’s premium denim apparel is part of a growing trend which interprets luxury as a combination of distinctive design and ethical production.

The garments are sewn and finished in Los Angeles, a fashion-forward city that is a leader in anti-sweatshop legislation and enforcement, as well as being home to the most cutting-edge wash development facilities in the country.

Del Forte Denim has partnered with The Sustainable Cotton Project, which has been building bridges between farmers, manufacturers and consumers to pioneer markets for certified organically grown and sustainable cotton since 1994. A portion of Del Forte Denim’s proceeds will go to support The SCP.

Joe’s Jeans = Sexy, Scintillating & Procative Denim!

Joe's Jeans = Sexy, Scintillating & Procative Denim!Joe’s Jeans are gaining a reputation for being the sexiest ladies denim on the market today. As the old cliché says: “these are not for your average Joes!” Joe’s jeans are designed and cut to scintillate, titillate and provoke and their marketing is direct and uncompromising. Joe’s Jeans are for those Joes who dare!

Giorgio Armani + Beyonce = Anorexic Unfashionable!

Giorgio Armani + Beyonce = Anorexic Unfashionable!“Giorgio Armani, the world’s most famous designer, on Thursday blamed stylists and the media for the fashion industry’s obsession with ultra-thin women. In London to host a music and fashion extravaganza with stars Beyonce, 50 Cent and Bono, Armani said no girl needed to be anorexic in order to be fashionable.

“I have never wanted to use girls that are too skinny. I prefer girls that show off my clothes in the best way,” Armani told Reuters Television. “Unfortunately though, the stylists and also the media have interfered and they now want models that are incredibly thin.”

A debate about models’ weight has shaken the fashion world in recent days since Madrid banned excessively thin women from its catwalks after accusations their appearance may cause eating disorders in young women. Armani, whose client list spans Hollywood to high finance, is a bellwether for the industry and the most powerful fashion insider yet to speak out on the weight debate.

“No one thinks that for a girl to be fashionable she needs to be anorexic, that she must not eat. I will only take on healthy girls,” he said.

Armani made the comments on the red carpet of one of the most anticipated events of the fashion calendar and the hottest ticket of this week’s London Fashion Week.”

Armani Clothes + Emporio Armani = Philanthropy?

Armani Clothes + Emporio Armani = Philanthropy?Armani in London had even Beyonce in a sweat: “Thank you for having me, Mr Armani!”, she said after her perfomance to 1600 guests. Giorgio Armani showcased his SS07 Emporio Armani collection in London and acknowledged his involvement with the Red Charity and the opening of Armani/Casa on Bond Street earlier in the day. The event attracted stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono and 50 cent.

Armani, according to the Independent, is the most powerful man in fashion, and so it should be no surprise that he, and his charitable cause, are able to persuade Beyoncé, Razorlight, Bryan Ferry and Andrea Bocelli to provide the soundtrack to his catwalk show. There were plenty of clothes for the guests to look at though, many flown in from Italy .

Highlighting the charitable intentions of the evening, there were splashes of red in his otherwise grey and black spring Emporio Armani collection, as was the case with the tomato-coloured patent belts worn with a black-and-white striped cocktail frock keeping in tune with the 1980s trend hitting London catwalks earlier this week or strawberry-red taffeta dresses. RED clothing refers to the charity’s stated intention to fight Aids in Africa .

Gap Jeans + Skinny Jeans + Audrey Hepburn Pants

Gap Jeans + Skinny Jeans + Audrey Hepburn PantsShouts of indignation are echoing across the fashion and style world as Gap attempt to use style icon Audrey Hepburn to promote their black skinny jeans. Whether you agree or disagree with Gap’s strategy, the fact is Audrey Hepburn epitomizes a certain style and Gap as a fashion business is simply making a sound marketing move. To quote the company:

“Every woman knows that a perfect pair of black pants is a quintessential wardrobe staple. More than a decade ago Gap became known for a fabulous pair of black pants that flew off shelves and helped millions of women across the country dress with sophistication and style. This season Gap is back with “the Audrey Hepburnâ„¢ pant” — a perfect fitting pair of skinny black pants that will remind women of the perfect Gap black pants they owned years ago. Named after Audrey Hepburnâ„¢ — a timeless fashion icon known for her classic, feminine style — Gap’s “Audrey Hepburnâ„¢ pant” is sleek and simple with modern details that make them undeniably cool.”

Sonneti Jeans + Sonneti Clothing = Sporty Twist

Sonneti Jeans + Sonneti Clothing = Sporty TwistSS07 Sonneti Mens offers two spirits: Smart Casual and Denim Casual. Smart Casual reflects a Maritime and British Vintage influence with a cleaner look. Our Denim Casual focus remains strong with references to the best of 80s Californian summer, and utility combat detailing. Original work wear with a clean sporty twist is the essence of Sonneti Females Range. A whitened sun bleached palate brings a soft femininity to the look echoed by doily lace prints and playful botanical graphics. Relaxed, laundered pieces that encapsulate the freshness of Spring Summer 2007

LA Air Line T-Shirt = Sophisticated Punk

LA Air Line T-Shirt = Sophisticated Punk LA Air Line, the quality brand from, you guessed it, Los Angeles, gives us a preview of their forth-coming collection. LA Air Line garments are individually hand-painting and are produced with high quality materials. The style is sophisticated punk with an uncompromising twist. This is definitely one to watch.

BBC T-shirt + Billionaire Boys Club Clothing

BBC T-shirt + Billionaire Boys Club ClothingBillionaire Boys Club offers an exciting array of tongue-in-cheek t-shirts. This little number sports a “grenade” on the front, although you could be forgiven for thinking it’s some kind of dodgy looking pineapple but then that’s half the appeal with the BBC brand; you never know what to make of it!

Rock & Republic Jeans gets Sexy for S/S 2007

Rock & Republic Jeans gets Sexy for S/S 2007Rock & Republic Jeans, the brand dubbed Miss Sixty for the mature women and partially owned by Queen Victoria of Beckinghamshire, get’s sexy for Spring/Summer 2007. Next season’s garb leaves little to the imagination and goes for the raunchy denim look for the ladies and the hello-sailor look for the fellas. Overall, the collection looks a short-term commercial winner.

Supreme Clothing + Supreme T-Shirt = 12 years of success!

Supreme Clothing + Supreme T-Shirt = 12 years of success!Supreme Opening Party at Harajuku, Tokyo!! From April 1994 to September 2006 — Supreme Clothing has come a long way and has attracted worldwide attention and a significant and growing fan base. From Skaters, Punks and Hip-hop heads, the brand has always appealed to the fringe element whilst at the same time receiving nods of approval from the mainstream. What can they do in the next 12 years!

Sugarcane Jeans + Selvage Denim

Sugarcane Jeans + Selvage DenimSugar Cane Jeans are constructed of fibres derived from the plant that gave rise to the brand name SUGAR CANE. Sugar is made from sugar cane, which seems simple enough, but not everyone knows that sugar cane and its byproducts contain essential amino acids and enzymes necessary to fuel and rejuvenate our bodies. Likewise, byproducts from sugar cane are used to fuel automobiles in Brazil in order to have a less harmful impact on the environment rather than found in burned fuels of a purely fossil origin. Following these facts in a rather philosophical approach, the textile specialists at Sugar Cane were the first in the world to produce a selvage denim fabric made from woven cotton yarns and sugar cane fibres.

1921 Denim + Japanese Denim = Ring Spun Jeans

1921 Denim + Japanese Denim = Ring Spun Jeans1921 produced in Winnipeg, Canada by Western Glove Works. Steeped in denim heritage the company has been manufacturing denim since 1921, when the Silver family started the company to produce denim work wear. Western Glove Works is one of the few remaining denim manufacturers that houses its own sewing, laundry and sandblasting facilities.

The innovators at 1921 have perfected techniques for constructing denim and infuse the collection with everything that a jean should be. The brand uses Kaihara, an authentic ring spun denim from Japan. Fully handcrafted, each jean is handcut. All abrasion detail is done using special hand tools – making each 1921 jean distinctly different from the next. No detail is spared, down to the hammered buttons and rivets in a patina finish and the busted seams with a salvedge edge look.

Nike Trainers + APC Clothing = Classic Collaboration!

Nike Trainers + APC Clothing = Classic Collaboration!A collaboration between ultra trendy brand APC and sportswear giant Nike is attracting nods of approval across the fashion world. These classic, almost retro, trainers include some tasty little touches that tend to drive fashionistas wild with excitiement. Clock the guitar and tennis racket indent.

Pepe Jeans + Sienna Miller + Michaelangelo Antonionis

Pepe Jeans + Sienna Miller + Michaelangelo AntonionisPEPE JEANS LONDON – AUTUMN WINTER 06:

“British actress Sienna Miller – Advertising Campaign 2, Autumn Winter 06.

A striking series of black and white images by photographer Mikael Jansson reflect the initial concept of the ad campaign – Michaelangelo Antonionis 1966 movie ´Blow Up´.

One of the films most memorable scenes is the suspenseful, obsessive sequence of the photographer processing and blowing up several pictures from his park visit, and magnifying them larger and larger to poster size. As tension heightens, he pins the pictures on the walls of his living room – in sequence – giving them life as if they were individual frames in a motion picture. Ultimately they reveal a riveting possibility of a foiled murder plot.

Antonionis first movie in English, it quickly became one of the most important films of it´s decade, and a milestone in liberalised attitudes toward film, nudity, and expressions of sexuality. The film was nominated for two academy awards, Best Original Screenplay and  Best Director, surprisingly the movie won neither.”

Deneer Jeans or [deener] jeans, scientific style!

Deneer Jeans or [deener] jeans, scientific style!Deneer, or to be precise [deener], is a premium denim brand designed and created by Ya-el Torbati who was the co-founder on Yanuk Denim. Deener is the denim lover’s denim brand with a serious approach to making you feel sexy yet comfortable in your jeans. The inspiration for the [deener] collection rangess from a nerdy love of science to an appreciation for modern taste and style.

Marc Jacobs Apparel + Marc Jacobs Nude = Save the Skin!

Marc Jacobs Apparel + Marc Jacobs Nude = Save the Skin!“We don’t put ourselves in the sex-symbol category”, insists Robert Duffy, longer-term partner of Marc Jacobs.

That’s Robert’s opinion, now you decide. A giant nude photograph of Duffy and Marc Jacobs with full packages on display adorns a 6 foot print shot by Brian Bowen Smith. Joining the pair are Julianna Moore, Brandon Boyd, Selma Blair, Rufus Wainwright and a host of other celebrities. The poster is to be auctioned off to raise money for the New York University School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Melonoma Cooperative Group — a case of expose the skin for charity not misguided vanity.

Samurai Jeans + Japanese Denim = Denim History

Samurai Jeans + Japanese Denim = Denim HistorySamurai Jeans are a proud Japanese denim brand with a strong history. The brand uses the leather patch on each jean to tell story. Samurai jeans shares the following view concerning the leather patch: The leather jeans patch was originally attached in order to polish the knife of working woodsman and trappers throughout the West. Today it is a denim marketing tool and branding instrument which is a long way from the origins proposed by Samurai Jeans.

Claude Maus Jeans + Skinny Jeans = Dark Denim!

Claude Maus Jeans + Skinny Jeans = Dark Denim!Like sophisticated Cheap Mondays, Claude Maus designer Rob Mianiscalco is compelled to incorporate the macabre into his work. Rob Mianiscalco’s gothic and medieval influences are evident throughout the collection. Claude Maus jeans are no exception accentuating tight and dark silhouettes. If you’re a skinny jeans fan these are well worth a gander.

Invisible Inc Jeans + Japanese Red Selvedge denim

Invisible Inc Jeans + Japanese Red Selvedge denimAn exciting British based, British designed Premium denim label.  Pieces in the collection include Japanese Red Selvedge denim, organic cotton T-shirts and Scottish Cashmere sweaters.

You will know Invisible Inc from its distinctive logo, which is the signature of the designer Punky (translated from Sanskrit to English his name Pankaj means Lotus Flower).

Invisible Inc is a premium clothing label for the enlightened as we believe fashion goes beyond looks, but affects us on many levels.

Check out our collection of Skinny and Straight fit raw Japanese Selvedge denim, and Organic Cotton T-shirts launching into Selfridges Oxford Street in November 2006.

Y3 Sneakers + Adidas Trainers = Yohji Yamamoto Harmony

Y3 Sneakers + Adidas Trainers = Yohji Yamamoto HarmonyHerzogenaurach, Germany- Sporting goods manufacturer Adidas announced Wednesday that it was extending its collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto until 2010. Yamamoto developed the sport and fashion brand Y-3 for Adidas in 2002. Since then it has grown to a chain of 500 outlets worldwide, with new shops planned in Europe, the United States and Asia, the company said.

The new Y-3 men’s and women’s collection for the spring and summer of 2007 is due to be presented on September 13 during the New York Fashion Week.

The Adidas Group is one of the global leaders in the sporting goods industry, enjoying annual sales of around 9.5 billion euros (12 billion dollars) and employing a workforce of 25,000.

© 2006 DPA – Deutsche Presse-Agenteur

Radcliffe Jeans + Skinny Jeans = adjustable length

Radcliffe Jeans + Skinny Jeans = adjustable lengthRadcliffe jeans are causing something of a stir amongst the fair sex. Each pair of Radcliffe jeans has a myriad of minute, exquisite details to be appreciated by the wearer – including fortune cookie messages embroidered on the inside waistband with words of urban wisdom. In terms of finishing, every ‘niggle’ a woman has with her jeans has been solved: bulky front pockets and rivets have been removed to give a cleaner silhouette and the stitching is dyed to match the denim wash. But the icing on the cake is the adjustable length. Appreciating that not all women are the same height, each pair of Radcliffe Denim jeans is sold with a tiny pair of solid silver cufflinks, which can be inserted into concealed holes inside the leg seams allowing the owner to adjust the length on a whim. This simple, practical idea makes Radcliffe Denim jeans the most versatile design available, enabling the owner to wear them cropped with sneakers or pumps, at ankle length with kitten heels and at the full 34.5” length over killer heels.

Chip & Pepper + Radcliffe Jeans = Barneys London?

Chip & Pepper + Radcliffe Jeans = Barneys London?Barneys New York is coming to London! New York’s uppercut designer outlet is set to compete with the Likes of Browns, Selfridges and Harvey Nicholls. The store is destined to be located in the new White City shopping centre and is bound to be a hot destination for fashionistas. Barneys New York offers top brands including Marc by Marc Jacobs, 7 for All Mankind, Acne Jeans, Chip & Pepper, Citizens of Humanity, Earnest Sewn, Goldsign, Habitual, Imitation Jeans, James Jeans, Radcliffe Jeans, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Jil Sander and Splendid.

Marc Jacobs Jeans + Marc Jacobs Selvedge Denim

Marc Jacobs Jeans + Marc Jacobs Selvedge DenimMarc Jacobs is undeniably one of the world’s top “true” fashion designers! The man now offers a collection of selvedge denim jeans which are destined to compete with the Japanese giants. Produced solely in Japan, selvedge denim is made on old style shuttle looms which haven’t been made for 40 years. These antique looms make the cross stitch go back and forth during the weaving process unlike modern looms which shoot each cross thread across individually causing fraying. For the cleanest edge on a jean, selvedge is the way to go. This looks like being a magic combination.

Billionaire Boys Club Shirt + BBC Jeans + Pillows!

Billionaire Boys Club Shirt + BBC Jeans + Pillows!The Pharrell Williams Billionaire Boys Club Collection continues to expand and the brand’s starting to become more accessible as the range increases and the initial hysteria starts to subside. The BBC Flamingo and Pineapple Short Sleeve Shirt features this Flamingo and Pineapple “all over ” print and is 100% cotton and retails for US$220. The collection also includes jeans, tees, jackets, shorts and caps — not to forget obscure accessories like pillows. Come on geezers, drop the pillows!