The Year Of JeansThe Year Of… has finally landed:

“Your journey begins with your introduction to the world. The year you are born is your moment in time. The beginning of the time line. A world of nature and its elements are before you. As you grow The year of becomes the years of. The years gone by. Memories, emotional, timeless… The senses engage in a constant state of awareness. The stars dance in the everlasting night, twinkling with the energy of a forgotten sun. So it is in the beginning and so it will be till the time when there is no more. If ever that time shall come. We will
always remember The Year Of…

The Year Of Jeans & Clothing has finally landedThe contents of this garment are of the highest standard. Each garment is hand crafted to insure uniqueness and quality above and beyond that of traditional consumer values. Our brand concept represents a contract between you and The Year Of… We embody value. Our materials imbue qualities which remain long after a purchase has been made and a product has been consumed. Authenticity, and a commitment to tailoring excellence is guaranteed. Enjoy for as long as you can, then pass it on or pass it down. It will be over stood with
time and appreciated by future generations…

Creations of time, truth and beauty. Love of life. Passion of the soul. Vision beyond sight. Somewhere out there exist the destination. The path we walk is the journey, the experience. Knowledge grows and wisdom follows so it is and so it will be…”

Mr. Magnetic