Siwy Jeans + Siwy Apparel = Sexy Style!Siwy is a label that was launched in the Spring of 2005 in downtown NYC. The concept behind the line is merging the traditional ideas of classic American denim with the styling of familiar shapes. With this idea in mind, we push slightly further to create a carefully crafted and sculpted silhouette. The combination of a tailored fit, expert construction and superb wash detail highlights the curves without denying what is underneath. Individual taste and style are satisfied through the array of fine washes and silhouettes developed at America’s best wash and sewing facilities, where each pair is treated as a work of art. All hold a vintage aesthetic, whether it is a clean wash of color or capturing the subtleties of authentically aged styles. Together, these elements combine to bring to life a fresh new style that can be appreciated by the most discerning collector.