Blue Blood Jeans + Blue Blood Clothing = Concept StoreDutch denim brand Blue Blood enjoyed the limelight last Saturday with the opening of its first concept store in Amsterdam and a catwalk show later the same day. Anyone who mattered was there to see the show, which took place during the fifth edition of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.. On the catwalk the audience was given an impression of what was available in the store. The style was quintessential Blue Blood. The models roamed the catwalk in pairs holding Blue Blood shopping bags. A short film was project onto the wall of the models shopping on the chique PC Hooftstraat, where the Blue Blood store is located. Skinny jeans were all the rage for women, while the men enjoyed a more loose fit. The slim silhouette is once again on the cards for her next summer, if Blue Blood has anything to say about it, although a solitary female model wore baggy boyfriend jean. For men, the focus is on different washes and cuts, paired with bespoke blazers and casual T-shirts with print for a laid-back, yet worldly look. After the show, the brand’s co-founder Steve te Pas explained that the collection was a reflection of what he and co-founder Jason Denham and their friends like to wear. “We enjoy clothes that are comfortable and we want to offer a mix of affordable and quality wear,” he said. “A T-shirt should not have to cost a small fortune. That’s simply ridiculous. We’re more willing to pay more for a well-cut pair of jeans or bespoke jacket.” The duo is critical about what stores they distribute to. “In Los Angeles we sell to Fred Segal, which offers a great mix of affordable and higher prices items. That is the mix we are looking for.”