Gucci Apparel + Gucci jeans = Paul Weller Mr MOD!“Gucci’s models lost about 10 pounds and several years in one season, as Giannini dumped the moody guys favored by her predecessor John Ray. Instead we got dudes who could have played in The Who or The Jam.

Brave Giannini completely changed the silhouette for the Gucci man. Under Ray, he indulged in lace collars and lots of room in riding pants and voluminous jackets, whereas she sent out the skinniest pants we have seen on any runway of late. The micro men’s jacket also starred in her line-up of Chelsea boots and tousled hair, recalling Paul Weller or mid-Sixties        Mick Jagger, though Frida did give the look an Italian twist with posh ties and lots of silk scarves.”

Godfrey Deeny