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July 2006

Paul Smith Shoes + Clothing + Deckchair?

Paul Smith Shoes + Clothing + Deckchair?“Paul Smith designs a deckchair for the Royal Parks Foundation. This summer the Royal Parks will feature hundreds of colourful designer deckchairs amongst the more traditional, green candy striped seats.

Deckchairs Dreams celebrates the arrival of summer in London through the creative vision of twenty five artists including Paul Smith, Mario Testino and Alexander McQueen who have designed individual works of art for the canvases of the deckchairs.

One of each design will be auctioned off to raise funds for The Royal Parks Foundation and further reproductions will be distributed around the five central Royal Parks (Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’ Park and Regent’s Park) for everyone to sit on and enjoy between July and October 2006.”

Jordache Jeans x Jordache Vintage = Liz Hurley

Jordache Jeans x Jordache Vintage = Liz HurleyAfter winning their manmouth battle with Ralph Lauren to use their “horseman” trademark, Jordache are now looking to resurrect the original Jordache jeans that became a 1970’s fashion icon, Jordache Vintage is a new premium jeanswear line for men and women. Employing the same trademark horse head logo, embroidered back pocket stitching and sexy fit, the new Jordache jeans incorporate the best elements of the classic, but feature updated finishes and silhouettes using premium denims from Japan and Italy.

Jordache Vintage is being worn by A-list celebrities, including Rebecca Romijn, Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, Kate Beckinsale and Lindsay Lohan. The company is also creating customized limited edition jeans for each of the Best Actress nominees at the 2005 Oscar Awards. Reflecting its premium pricing, Jordache Vintage is available at select upscale retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman.

Jordache have also added what they hope will be a trump card by appointing Liz Hurley as their new model. Time will tell whether this old time classic has a place in the denim new age.

American Vintage Clothing + Jeans = Franco-Americana

American Vintage Clothing + Jeans = Franco-AmericanaSince its birth in 2005, the French brand American Vintage manufactures in Europe and represents a style inspired by the true American vintage trend. It is a collection of tops for women, with a sand wash jeans image communicating simplicity, novelty, femininity, comfort in a vintage but modern style. The complete line is designed in many layers, so the wearer can combine each style however she feels and wants to wear American Vintage.

Dada Clothing + Dada Sneakers = Hip-Hop Highlife!

Dada Clothing + Dada Sneakers = Hip-Hop Highlife!Since 1995 Dada has risen to become one of the most outstanding urban brands. For the last ten years combining individual designs with classic hip-hop lifestyle has made Dada successful in every perspective. As a leading brand being competitive with high quality, great designs and good prices is Dada´s ultimate priority. Blazing the trail, the brand emphasizes its remarkable potential to lead the urban streetwear market and offers unique products in times where young men and women are craving for individuality and classic style.

Dada comes up with an impressive collection that proves its sense of innovation without neglecting the brand´s roots. There is a wide range of products, featuring styles from classic urban streetwear (including leather and denim) to functionable and stylish athletic sportswear and an extensive footwear line, reaching from extravagant, stylish sneakers to high end performance basketball shoes.

Reebok Sneakers + Scarlett Johansson = Scarlett “Hearts” Rbk

Reebok Sneakers + Scarlett Johansson = Scarlett “Hearts” RbkReebok has signed a multi-year partnership with one of Hollywood’s most captivating young actresses, Scarlett Johansson.  The 21 year-old beauty has partnered with the brand to co-create Scarlett “Hearts” Rbk, a fashion-forward, athletic-inspired footwear and apparel signature collection debuting in spring 2007 at high-end department stores and boutiques around the world.  The line will be grounded in sport and will feature head-to-toe looks designed to take today’s multi-dimensional woman from the studio to the street in style.  In addition, the star of acclaimed films including “Match Point” and “Lost In Translation” will be featured in Reebok’s new global women’s advertising campaign breaking in spring 2007.

“Reebok is thrilled to partner with Scarlett because she is a world renowned style icon and truly an inspiration for today’s young women,” said Reebok’s President and CEO Paul Harrington.  “Scarlett embodies the pulse points of our brand – individuality, authenticity and a life lived to the fullest in perpetual motion.  These characteristics make her the perfect fit for our new women’s footwear and apparel collection and also for our exciting new women’s campaign.”

Jimi Hendrix Clothing & Bags = Collection or Experience?

Jimi Hendrix Clothing & Bags = Collection or Experience?Music legend, Jimi Hendrix, is to be resurrected in the form of a fashion collection. Some puriest will undoubtedly find this concept nothing short of sacreligious. The face and name of Jimi Hendrix will be splashed across a collection of high-end jackets and handbags. The collection is co-designed by Jimi Hendrix’s sister, Janie Hendrix, who serves as the president/CEO of Experience Hendrix. She says fans have been asking for a fashion line for years.

James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix (November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, innovator, and cultural icon. Lauded by music fans and critics alike, Hendrix is considered by many to be the most influential and talented electric guitarist in rock music history. He achieved worldwide fame in 1967 playing at the Monterey Pop Festival, then headlined the iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival before his sudden death in 1970, at the age of 27.

A self-taught musician, the left-handed Hendrix played a right-handed Fender Stratocaster guitar turned upside down and re-strung to suit him. As a rock guitarist, Hendrix exploited and integrated the sonic tools of feedback and distortion into his music to an extent that previous pioneers (such as The Kinks’ Dave Davies, The Yardbirds’ Jeff Beck and The Who’s Pete Townshend) never achieved. He built upon the innovations and influences of blues stylists such as B.B. King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, T-Bone Walker, and Muddy Waters. Hendrix’s musical style was also derived from rhythm and blues and soul guitarists such as Curtis Mayfield, and the traditions of jazz. Hendrix was also inspired by rock pioneer Little Richard, having toured in his back-up band “The Upsetters” before forming Hendrix’s own group in 1966.

LA Air Line T-Shirts, hand painted & decorated in LA

LA Air Line T-Shirts hand printed in Los AngelesLA Air Line, the new and highly coveted, urban chic designer brand, is being received with a great deal of respect and enthusiasm by a growing list of fashionistas, street-beat high rollers and fashion critics. The brand produces arguably the finest T-Shirt on the planet, each garment being hand painted and decorated in LA. The collection also currently extends to sweats, hoodies, caps and bags. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Japan Rags Jeans and Le Temps des Cerises Jeans

Japan Rags Jeans and Le Temps des Cerises JeansJapan Rags Jeans and Le Temps des Cerises Jeans was founded in 1998 by born and raised denimologists Gil and Lilian Richardiere. Many people consider Japan Rags Jeans and Le Temps des Cerises Jeans some of the best value for money denim available in France. It won’t be long before the brand has a major impact on the rest of Europe, The Far East and the USA!

Neighborhood Jeans x Stussy Jeans = Denim Collaboration

Neighborhood Jeans x Stussy Jeans = Denim CollaborationRumour has is the mighty Stussy is in the process of doing a collaboration with new boys Neighborhood Denim. Stussy recently produced an outstanding denim collaboration with Levis but this denim collaboration is rumoured to be a sick synergy of right and wrong and is destined to attracted suitors the world over. This is one to watch!

Gucci Apparel + Gucci Bags = 85 this year!

Gucci Apparel + Gucci Bags = 85 this year!The Gucci brand hits 85 this year with a number of celebrations scheduled around the globe. Gucci Group is one of the world’s leading multi-brand luxury goods companies. Through its brands Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron, Roger & Gallet, Bottega Veneta, Bédat & Co., Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga, the Group designs, produces and distributes high-quality personal luxury goods, including ready-to-wear, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, shoes, timepieces, jewelry, ties and scarves, eyewear, perfume, cosmetics and skincare products.

Born in 1881, craftsman’s son Guccio Gucci founded the House of Gucci as a saddlery shop in Florence in 1906. Guccio’s first talent was his craftsmanship in leather goods. He started out selling leather bags to horsemen in the 1920’s and progressed to luxury luggage as his clients graduated from equine transportation to horseless carriages. In 1938 Guccio Gucci opened their first retail shop on the Via Condotti in Rome. In the 21st century Gucci is synonymous with extreme class and style.

Sugar Cane Jeans + Selvage Denim = Ultimate Denim Jeans

Sugar Cane Jeans + Selvage Denim = Ultimate Denim JeansSugar Cane original vintage denim jeans were developed from the accumulated results of more than 20 years of research and experience of vintage jeans reproduction. The features of Sugar Cane jeans are that they do not resemble any other pair of other manufacturer’s jeans.  The jeans Sugar cane make are based on “5 Pocket Denim pants with rivets” that the great forerunners made but are not just a copy of their external appearance.

Sugar Cane Jeans are cut from original and truly outstanding Japanese selvage denim. Japanese selvage denim is arguably the finest in the world and is made on old style shuttle looms rather than modern projectile looms. In simple terms this means that the cross thread goes back and forth during the weaving process. Modern looms, shoot each cross thread through individually, hence the edge of the cloth is frayed rather than clean. No shuttle looms have been made for over 40 years as they can only make cloth about 30 inches wide whereas projectile looms can make cloth 60 inches or even wider for much less money.

BOSS Orange Apparel, Shoes & Accessories

BOSS Orange Apparel, Shoes & AccessoriesA new BOSS Orange Concept Store in Berlin. The notion of a “Concept Store” can appear pretentious to even the least cynical amongst us; what exactly is a Concept Store? Accordingly to our friends at Boss it’s the unexpected and willingness to be open to experiment. The store itself is located in a historic building, which has been painstakingly restored to its full glory. The store carries the complete BOSS Orange menswear collection – in addition to womenswear collections of shoes and accessories. Most clothes within the store can be tailored to order and to round off the whole shopping experience there’s an in-store bar serving snacks and drinks.

Miu Miu Apparel by Miuccia, edgy trash-traditional concepts

Miu Miu Apparel by Miuccia, edgy trash-traditional conceptsMiuccia, grand-daughter of the celebrated designer Mario Prada and raison d’etre for the Miu Miu brand, recently proved she’s still a Queen B. When Miuccia says jump a whole host of B-list celebrates start to bounce, which is best exemplified her recently traveling exhibition which attracted a bunch of B’s, including Lindsay Lohan – Paris Hilton – Mary-Kate Olsen – Courtney Love – Lyle Lovett – LL Cool J and many more.

Miu Miu has always attracted the unorthodox Prada-esque customer, with it’s edgy trash-traditional concepts. Long live Queen B!

Mavi Jeans to Edun Jeans – Green is the New Black

Mavi Jeans to Edun Jeans - Green is the New BlackA growing number of top brands have added eco-subdivisions to their corporate structure. Leading brands like Edun – Mavi – Serfontaine – Loomstate – Levis – Armani – American Apparel – Nike – Camper and, of course, the pioneering Katherine Hamnett, have all taken the laudable step of introducing an element of compassion into their fashion.

The main thrust of this revolution is anything from fair-trade to environmentalism, from global-concern to disarmament. Fashion designers are beginning to realise their influence on the world’s youth can be used in a positive way for the betterment of humankind and the wider environment. Let us all hope this is not a passing fashion fade but a deeply entrenched re-evaluation of the onus on influential fashion brands to put as much emphasis on global and moral responsibility as on financial desire.

Love and respect goes to Edun – Mavi – Serfontaine – Loomstate – Levis – Armani – American Apparel – Nike – Camper and, above all, Katherine Hamnett!

Gap Jeans + Gap Clothing = make-or-break moment!

Gap Jeans + Gap Clothing = make-or-break moment!“Gap, the largest US speciality clothing retailer, will on Monday launch an eight-week US television advertising campaign for its more than 3,000 Gap brand stores, as part of a comprehensive drive to turn around almost two years of falling sales. The TV ads are tied to the launch of the brand’s autumn clothing, and mark what some industry analysts see as a make-or-break moment for Paul Pressler, chief executive since 2002.

Cynthia Harriss, president of the Gap brand, has been working over the past year to re-establish its reputation for selling stylish casual basics, after unsuccessful forays into dressier clothing, epitomised by its use of Sarah Jessica Parker, star of the Sex and the City TV series, in its marketing two years ago.

“We’ve been re-establishing the essence of our brand and developing a clear point of view about what we stand for,” Ms Harriss told investors last month.

Gap is now returning to TV ads after a year’s break, with a range of artists that Ms Harriss describes as “individual style makers”, including Jeremy Piven, the actor, and Natasha Bedingfield, the singer.”

Financial Times

Cotton T-Shirt + Powerful Creativity = MissMess

Cotton T-Shirt + Powerful Creativity = MissMessThe MissMess brand, is the brain-child of celebrated artist, Marijana Zebeljan. To paraphrase the artist’s brand philosophy: “If you’re a painter you’re usually in a glorious “Mess”. Historically speaking all greater artists are destitute, almost starving, since the masses don’t pay attention to artists until they’re long dead and buried. Artists live to buy canvas and tools to create their art and colour. To combine a love of art and a means to survive, Marijana Zebeljan puts art onto T-Shirts, Skirts and Bags; art not on canvas but accessible art on cotton – a mobile gallery exposed to the street and not hidden in a stuffy and pretentious gallery. MissMess is genuine art; colourful and powerful creativity inspired by true people and a genuine love of art. Missmess

Samsonite Suitcase + Alexander McQueen = Black Label

Samsonite Suitcase + Alexander McQueen = Black LabelAlexander McQueen has teamed with Samsonite to create the ultimate luggage accessories. The new collection, to be named “Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen,” debuts this fall and will be available in stores by early 2007. It includes a series of suitcases crafted in the Samsonite tradition of durability and strength. McQueen’s fashion flare plainly knows no limits!

Pharrell Williams + Louis Vuitton = too much sausage!

Pharrell Williams + Louis Vuitton = too much sausage!Word on the fashion grapevine is Pharrell Williams has lost the Louis Vuitton campaign after an “incident” at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week?

The singer was geared-up to be the face of Vuitton’s autumn advertising campaign. However this is now in question because Pharrell’s bouncers reputedly rough-up a gang of gay fashionistas (including David Furnish and Burberry designer Christopher Bailey), telling them there was “too much sausage” in the room.

It looks like this apparant homophobic incident will cost Pharrel big time!

Canterbury of New Zealand Apparel + Rugby Top

Canterbury of New Zealand Apparel + Rugby TopNo other apparel company in the world has the same singular focus on rugby as Canterbury of New Zealand.  Canterbury of New Zealand built its foundations in club rugby, the grass roots of the game, and while it outfits high profile international sides such as Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Fiji and Japan it has never lost sight of its beginnings.

It was a chance request by a friend of one of the company’s founders that led the company into manufacturing rugby jerseys. The avid rugby player wanted to see if the company could produce a playing jersey that would not only be tough enough to withstand the rigours of the game, but would also be comfortable and stylish.

In fact, Canterbury of New Zealand made its jerseys so well that word soon leaked out to other rugby playing nations. Canterbury of New Zealand jerseys found their way all over the world including North America where they became just as desirable off the field as on.

Odyn Jeans + Scandinavian Denim = Nordic mythology

Odyn Jeans + Scandinavian Denim = Nordic mythologyThe inevitable consequence of the Scandinavian denim invasion is that some bright spark would synergise, some might suggest exploit, Nordic Mythology. So how’s this for starters, a denim brand called Odyn! The designer is Emmy Lauridsen, a Danish designer who’s modeled the line after Nordic mythological characters, “Odyn” being the god of wisdom and poetry. Each jean style name comes from a character from Nordic mythology which is further described on the silk printed hand tags.

Burberry Clothing not a “Chav’ Brand?

Burberry Clothing not a Angela Ahrendts, the new boss of Burberry, is planning ‘men only’ stores in a move to reach a wider audience. The American, who last week replaced Rose Marie Bravo as chief executive of Burberry, downplayed the company’s reputation as the brand of choice for ‘chavs’. ‘This is a very British notion,’ she said, adding that Burberry is perceived as a ‘modern classic brand’ globally and that different formats, including dedicated accessory stores, will be looked at.

New ranges for men will be modelled by singer Bryan Ferry’s sons Otis and Isaac, as well as members of the band Kasabian. Kate Moss and Stella Tennant will be among the models promoting Burberry’s creations when it launches an autumn advertising campaign. Ahrendts, former vicepresident of Liz Claiborne in the US, added that she was keen to expand Burberry’s presence in North America.

Levi’s 503 jeans + Mad Barbarians = Mad & Pop!

Levi's 503 jeans + Mad Barbarians = Mad & Pop!Levi’s 503 + Mad Barbarians. The Crazy Concept is based on Mad & Pop! Whatever that is!

MAD is apparently indicative of blood splattered anarchy which is combined with print and embroidery of the character POP, which we’re informed is a crazy, ironic and idiosyncratically Eastern mix. The jeans have a coin case, specially made bag, can batch, sticker and post card. Levi’s 503 + Mad Barbarians jeans are limited to an amazing 250 pairs! Worst of all they’re only available in Taiwan!

Katharine Hamnett + The Big Issue, Fighting for the Future!

Katharine Hamnett + The Big Issue, Fighting for the Future!The Big Issue has teamed up with fashion designer and campaigner Katharine Hamnett to produce an Alternative Energy Review lambasting the government’s road to nuclear energy and highlighting the NEW ENERGY REVOLUTION, the synergy of renewables, energy efficiency and green transport.

The Big Issue Alternative Energy Review – including contributions from a wide range of scientists, politicians and opinion formers – is a coruscating critique of nuclear energy, the whole world of possibilities that alternative energy supplies offers, and puts in the hands of the people the information they need to decide what their future will look like.

“I have been campaigning on many environmental issues for the last 20 years, including for a worldwide nuclear ban. Suddenly, the British Government wants to build a new generation of nuclear power stations, despite advice against doing so for economic and environmental reasons. The results of this would affect Britain for the next million years. The government is lying, nuclear is not carbon free, it will not help stop climate change. It will be more expensive than they are letting on. I want to give people the facts and tell them what they can do to stop it.”

– Katharine Hamnett
“Katharine is a fiery inventor, creator, thinker: a volcano of ideas and energy. That’s why I chose her to guest edit this issue.”

William Rast Clothing & Jeans by Justin Timberlake!

William Rast Clothing & Jeans by Justin Timberlake!Justin Timberlake, America’s Pop Prince and Music Genius, was apparently the main male model for his new clothing line, William Rast. We’re all thinking the same thought: where on earth did that name come from — William Rast, William Who? — perhaps that’s the name of Justin Timberlake’s alter-ego! Whatever the story behind the name, the brand has received rave reviews and looks destined to be a big hit! The collection for both sexes, includes: Jeans, jackets & Tees, which are all reasonably priced and available through Kitmeout

Porsche Clothing x Porsche Shoes = deconstructed formal style!

Porsche Clothing x Porsche Shoes = deconstructed formal style!Porsche Design presents its first men’s fashion range. Stuttgart/Milan. On June 26, 2006, during the Milan Fashion Week, Porsche Design presents their first men’s collection for spring/summer 2007. Exclusive licenced partnerships include renowned companies such as: Belfe for fashion sportswear and outerwear, Ferragamo for shoes and leather goods, Mantero for ties and silk accessories and Müller & Meirer for ‘Soft Luggage’.

The Porsche Design Collection blends a unique, sophisticated deconstructed formal style with casual chic utilizing precious materials, innovative technological finishing and exquisite workmanship. The essence of Porsche Design crosses over all components of the collection from clothing to accessories with functional details, materials and micro-patterns inspired by the world of high-tech. These distinctive design motifs are found on ultra-soft leather for sport jackets as well as accessories and details on garments made with precious fabrics. Moreover these micro-patterns are translated into fine silk for ties, linings for jackets, pants and accessories.

The combination of natural fibres and innovative technical surfaces such as metallic finished linings, create a functional yet modern impression. Rubber coated fabrics and heat-sealed, fused finishing for jackets create a waterproof effect combined with an ergonomic fit. Rubber is also present as a distinctive element on minimal logo tags and printed designs on t-shirts and sweaters.

Gold Hawk Clothing + Gold Hawk Camisole = Joie de Vivre

Gold Hawk Clothing + Gold Hawk Camisole = Joie de VivreMichele Dahan, originally from Montreal, began reverently flipping through the glossy pages of fashion Magazine with the unwavering knowledge of her vocation, at the ripe old age of nine. Today, to watch her at her work, flushed, passionate, and utterly engrossed, it becomes clear of what Gold Hawk, named after an exquisite black horse, means to her. To observe her break down and tumble into a love affair with a certain fabric…Her colliding infatuation with a color…her collision with a certain style or movement with the way a slip dress traverses…Her patience to discover the sublime button, the culminating lace, the crowning trim…is to witness a women utterly enamored and besotted, a woman wretchedly in love with the world of fashion.

Ms. Dahan’s final compilation reflects the capricious “Joie de Vivre” of California, while simultaneously embracing old Hollywood style. The combination of sensuality and edgy elegance is what has made this truly compelling collection stand alone in its uniqueness. The crowning jewel of the Gold Hawk look, the return of the camisole. Ms. Dahan has turned this almost forgotten classic into the new wardrobe essential.

“The camisole is the new tank top”, claims Ms. Dahan. “Each season acquiring a new Gold Hawk camisole has become a must for the women whose closet is filled with Prada, Gucci, and Chloe. Under a blazer or worn with a short cashmere sweater for an evening out…. they are just divine. Even concealed under a jacket, a women feels delicious, has a secret feeling of the power of her sensuality knowing what lies hidden.”

Sergeant Pepper Jeans on Carnaby Street, London?

Sergeant Pepper Jeans on Carnaby Street, London?Sergeant Pepper was established in 2006 to take denim to a refreshing new direction. When you enter the world of Sergeant Pepper, what you feel right away is the rock and roll attitude of the 70’s and you are set back in time on Carnaby Street in London.

The Los Angeles premium denim brand holds true to its quest for intense attention to details. Sergeant Pepper “New Basics” are designed with a mix of pure vintage denim and couture details. Though the label is known for its fit, these jeans are hand-vintaged and include colored bull denim pants, skirts, shorts, jackets and blazers. Brand designer, Charles Amzallag created the line with the “do it yourself” spirit of the 70’s. They are comfortable, look authentic and intricately detailed to create unique works of art that are customized to one’s own personal style.

Elton John + New York Fashion Week = Fashion Rocks!

Elton John + New York Fashion Week = Fashion Rocks!Elton John, the world’s favourite homosexual humpty-dumpty, will perform at the third Fashion Rocks concert at New York Fashion Week in September. The concert will be held Sept. 7 at Radio City Music Hall. A two-hour special will air the following evening on CBS (9 p.m. EDT).

Performers will also include Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Kanye West, Bon Jovi, the Black Eyed Peas, Jamie Foxx, Nelly Furtado, Daddy Yankee, the Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna and Scissor Sisters.

“Fashion and music have always been inextricably linked,” said Richard D. Beckman, president of Conde Nast Media Group and an executive producer of the show, in a statement Thursday. “People will never forget the day the Beatles walked off the plane; David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, John Travolta strutting in `Saturday Night Fever,’ or Madonna as the `Material Girl.'”

“Today, the worlds of fashion and music are merging faster than ever, with multiple artists including Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z capitalizing on this synergy by launching fashion lines of their own,” he said.

Imperial jeans + shuttle loomed denim = Imperial Denim

Imperial jeans + shuttle loomed denim = Imperial DenimWhen most fashionistas think of Australian denim they immediately think of the famous, or infamous, Tsubi. That, however, is doing an immense disservice to an authentic Ozzy denim fashion house — Imperial Jeans, is nothing short of an innovative and visionary brand from the land down-under and like all “true” greats they don’t feel the need to shout or engage gimmicks and hype to promote their brand; a quiet confidence and unrivalled ability speaks volumes!

“Superior Strength & Style is more than a clever piece of alliteration, it is the basis of Imperial. A traditional aesthetic, one based on the best ways to do things rather than the quickest or easiest.

Imperial jeans are a great example of this idea. As can be seen in the pictures, the attention to detail in the construction of the jeans is second to none. In fact, we are more proud of the interior finish of our jeans than the exterior. If you take the time to look at the craftsmanship on a pair of Imperial’s you’ll recognise the effort we have put in to create every single pair.”