RMC Jeans x Evisu Jeans = The Carnivorous Clown!People could fairly be mistaken for a new collaboration between denim giants Evisu and denim new boys RMC; on one back pocket there’s the unmistakable RMC embroidery and on the other back pocket there’s a logo that could easily be mistaken for Evisu’s gold gullwing. This is no divine denim collaboration though, this has to be the weirdest fashion venture of 2006 since the big gold gullwing is in fact a big gold Macdonald’s “M”, the world-famous carnivorous clown.

Apparently Ronald MacDonald commissioned RMC and Eric Kot to design a new uniform for their staff. In response this unlikely team designed a basic pair of jeans using the 1001 model with the RMC signature Tsunami pattern on the right back pocket, and added MacDonald’s big golden “M” on the left. It’s almost impossible to believe that RMC would jeopardise it’s credibility by accepting this commission but then seeing is believing!