Meltin Pot Jeans x Meltin' Pot Clothing = Cross-Cultural Kudos!Meltin’ Pot is based in Matino, in the south of Italy, and is the main connection for the peripheral offices around the globe. The no-nonsense mission that sets and keeps the engine in motion is making the best jeans in the market. Thirty years of family experience in clothing manufacturing contribute to develop a product of the highest standard. Innovative washes, scrupulous studies into the diverse fits, value for money and a reliable delivery system, make Meltin’Pot stand out in an over-saturated jeans market.

The S/S 06 Color collection is a back to basics sunny foray into comfortable elegance. Stuck halfway between the city and the seaside, the collection has a refined ease. The purity of the lines stems from the desire to bring sportswear back to the classic, classy roots where it belongs. The collection is made of thought-through pieces that are superior in both quality and design, adaptable and modern. These are real basics: authentic, subtle, and above all highly multipurpose.

The collection revolves around two main themes built upon iconic items of clothing. Chinos, with their perfect balance of casual and formal, are there to ignite that truly American vibe. Complimented by multi-striped polo shirts in vivid Crayola brights, blousons and clean separates. The refined, Sea Wolf theme in a strict palette of blue and white, Stripy tops, t-shirts, fine knits, skirts, denim peacoats and white chinos are the core of the proposals in luxurious materials such as linen and natural indigo dyes. This Marina spirit also features in the denim jeans section of the collection, with sailor inspired pants and light weight denim.