LAMB Sneakers + Royal Elastics Shoes = L.A.M.B.Gwen Stefani partnered with shoemaker Royal Elastics to design L.A.M.B. sneakers. The current styles are named after the words in Stefani’s album title, “Love Angel Music Baby”

1) The “Love” sneakers, which feature a hand-stitched “L” on the side and 24-carat gold-plated hardware.

2) The jogger-style “Angel” sneaker which has the L.A.M.B. logo is hand-stitched on the white pair, while a 24-carat gold-foil-stamped logo appears on the black.

3) Two versions of the “Music” sneakers are currently available.

4) The “Baby” sneakers have cashmere lining and elastic closures.