Franklin & Marshall Clothing + Franklin & Marshall TeeThe difference between Franklin & Marshall and all other brands lies in the ability to take creative risks, risks that are based on the simple fact that style must be unique and innovative. The concept of style is taken from the true college lifestyle, a marketing mix that has continuously proven successful. The union of various elements determines not only product but also a specific point of reference to a specific lifestyle. These elements are thriving as a result of a marketing mix based on true vintage, college, and American culture with references to the 1950’s and 1970’s. Trendy active wear suitable for any place or time creating a lifestyle suitable for everyone.Franklin & Marshall’s name is distinctive and goes back to the founding of Franklin & Marshall college in 1787 in Lancaster.

The 2007 Spring-Summer Franklin and Marshall collection distinguishes itself from previous collections because it is characterized by an important presence of new designs even if the College theme and vintage style continue to be the soul of the collection. The previous Franklin and Marshall style was in this way re-evaluated, adapting and often reviving the original graphic designs brough back on t- shirts and sweatshirts that American College students wore in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.