Eblood Clothing + Eblood Jeans = Ethical Fashion!EBLOOD Clothing was born in July 1999 when Fabio, a vegan straight edge kid, decided to give voice to his dream of creating a very strong conceptual streetwear brand like none had done before him that would combine style, quality and ethics.EBLOOD pushes critical thinking on issues related to human, animal and earth liberation. Since day one EBLOOD Clothing has tried to support bands, artists and individuals from different walks of life who would share the same core beliefs of the company like Earth Crisis, Walls of jericho, Most precious blood and many many others.

Next Spring 2007 EBLOOD collection is divided into 3 main lines. The Logo Line is a more urban collection with detailed cuts, relaxed fits, contrast stiching and colored patterns combined with basic applications, embroideries and high density printing built around the company’s main logo. The Core Line is deeply rooted in the history of the brand so it is much more radical, dark colored with slimmer fits, simple cuts with way more aggressive designs. The Queen line is dedicated to girls only. Feminine and girly cuts are combined with more aggressive details and not so dominant graphics which make the collection radical though very sweet.

The whole collection is based upon the concept of “UPRISING” as a tribute to Bob Marley, Sean Muttaqui, the founder of the hardline movement and Barry Horne, whose determination led him to death in jail, in the name of freedom for all living creatures.Our designs are inspired by their persistence to pursue truth and wage all out war on human stupidity.To them goes our deepest respect and appreciation.