Supreme Clothing + Supreme Jacket = Homage to KU!Anyone who knows the history of Japanese fashion will tell you KU was the original global Japanese fashion brand. KU was the first brand to be carried in all three Tokyo fashion houses at the same time (beams, ships and united arrows). This is unheard of, to this day. KU was a true originator and innovator! This is perhaps best illustrated by the long list of Japanese brands or Japaneseque brands which copy the KU template and understand it’s importance. Bape is one of the most high-profile Japanese brands to pay homage to KU by following their design and focus template. Some fashion commentators have even suggested Nigo was directly inspired by KU and pays homage to the brand through his business model. One thing’s for sure, whether a brand is Japanese or Japaneseque if it knows its history it will pay homage to KU!