Red Monkey Caps + RMC Denim Hats = Warning!Red Monkey Jeans have been something of a fashion phenomenon this past year. The real RMC jeans are ultimate denimwear but, as we all know, are almost impossible to find. A lot of buyers are resorting to buying poor replicas since these, unlike the real thing, are in plentiful supply. If you’re into buying replicas then that’s fine but let’s face it we all wish these merchants would stop trying to BS us by telling us their replicas are authentic — it’s not only reprehensible, it’s disrespectful!

Kitmeout has recently learnt that some bogus merchants are trying to sell “replicas” of the very rare Red Monkey Cap collection. They are offering the RMC Caps in sizes 7 5/8, 7 1/4 and 7 1/2. Kitmeout has been reliably informed that RMC never made caps in sizes all authentic RMC caps are adjustable, so if you see these RMC caps forsale be aware of what you’re buying!