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May 2006

Edwin Jeans History or Edwin Jeans International???

Edwin Jeans History or Edwin Jeans International???Edwin Japan can trace its roots back to the 1950s. However, it’s generally accepted the brand started in 1961. The name “EDWIN” comes from playing with the 5 letters of “DENIM” Reversing the DE to ED and then reversing the NIM to MIN and then flipping the M to make a W: EDWIN!

EDWIN International quick history: 

In 1970 more American WORK WEAR clothes are being made. A very important model, the OVERALL becomes a trend.

The STRONG JEANS are being made which encourage the HIPPIES. A new folk fashion is born with the PATCHWORK by EDWIN.

The CHICAGO JEANS are on the market. There’s a big fuss about the CHICAGO campain that year. Also, the STONEWASH series reaches the market.

EDWIN is now on the market officialy via the ELITE FASHION CHANNEL. The sales of the INTERNATIONAL BASIC SERIES, which are the improvement of the WORK WEAR stabilizes. This year the LONDON SLIMS make their debute in Japan, after request of the people who already had heard of the great success the LONDON SLIMS had abroad.

USA EDWIN International is founded. Musicians like Kenny Rogins, Hewy Louis and Billy Joel, appreciate the quality and fit of EDWIN clothes by wearing them. EDWIN starts to attract the peoples attention without advertising campains.

The production in IOWA, USA begins. This way, the first made in USA EDWIN hit the market. EDWIN merges with the second greatest jeans company in the USA, LEE. This was the result of the fact that the creator of jeans in America had the KNOW-HOW of EDWIN.

The BAGGY JEANS and the WORKMAN JEANS which were made with retro DENIM in 1991, make great sales. The ROSS which achieves great sales in Europe hits the Japanese market. There’s a merger with FIORUCCI (casual brand in Italy) and a cooperation with CARHART (an american WORKWEAR company). Assorted EDWIN models are being produced.”

Sugar Cane Jeans = Green-line Selvage Denim!

Sugar Cane Jeans = Green-line Selvage Denim!“Sugar is made from sugar cane, that seems simple enough, but not everyone knows that sugar cane and its byproducts contain essential amino acids and enzymes necessary to fuel and rejuvenate our bodies. Likewise, byproducts from sugar cane are used to fuel automobiles in Brazil in order to have a less harmful impact on the environment than found in burned fuels of a purely fossil origin. Following these facts in a rather philosophical approach, the textile specialists at Sugar Cane were the first in the world to produce a selvage-denim fabric made from woven cotton yarns and sugar cane fibers. Cotton and sugar cane yarns are dyed completely by hand (no machines of any kind are ever used) following an ancient Japanese technique using only 100% all-natural indigo dyes (no artificial or blended dyes are ever used). In this specific selvage dungaree style, the indigo plants, cotton and sugar cane are all harvested from the Japanese island of Okinawa, hence the style name. The naturally dyed yarns are turned into the prized, coarse-weave Japanese selvage denim on slow-moving, vintage shuttle looms from the “good old days” of manufacturing in the USA. Capturing the essence of true vintage selvage dungarees can only be achieved using vintage machinery, so goes the philosophy behind Sugar Cane, so it logically flows that this sumptuous selvage-denim fabric is lovingly crafted into the finished product by the most meticulous technicians using sewing machines from the 1920’s. This philosophy of obsessive attention to detail, historical purity, unsurpassed quality and cutting-edge innovation gives birth to a Hand-Dyed, All-Natural Indigo Okinawa Selvage-Denim Dungaree weighing in at a super-coarse and beefy 14.25 ounces that dazzles the senses with deep, dark indigo coloring and an intoxicating, delicately sweet scent, thanks to a strong helping of sugar cane in the fabric. Over time from wear, laundering and use, this luscious denim yields fade marks, whiskering and striations that could never be achieved with machine-dyed selvage denim made from the typical diluted man-made dyes. Other features of this Premium Selvage Denim include: pockets lined with colorful fabrics made from sugar cane, in this instance it is a centuries-old Japanese print; leather patch on the waist is dyed with pure indigo and features the Kenji characters of Sugar Cane and the area of origin of the dye and fabric; detail stitching on rear pockets is sewn by hand using heavy cotton thread made from sugar cane, and this style has its own unique green-line selvage edge on the denim that distinguishes it from one any of the other Sugar Cane styles. Topping off this style is an Okinawa-theme bandana fabricated from sugar cane in a traditional Japanese print derived from ceremonial robes, plus a matching heavy sugar cane carry sack tote bag. This is the finest denim in the world, where the exotic meets luxury and durability. This is Sugar Cane. Or, as the Japanese call it – Satokibi!”

Paul Smith Clothing takes British Fashion to China!

Paul Smith Clothing takes British Fashion to China!A joint men’s and women’s fashion show was held at the 798 SPACE, in the ART AREA, in Chaoyang District in Beijing.Around 500 guests including Chinese celebrities, Chinese architects, graphic designers and fashion editors enjoyed a drink at the venue before the show started, which was transformed into the same set as the Women’s S/S06 show in London.

Famous Chinese models, including Qu Ying, a famous actress and pop star in China, graced the catwalk and Paul received a standing ovation at the end. The venue turned into a party space after the show where most of the guests stayed and danced till late.

There are five Paul Smith Shops in China at present, Beijing , Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Nanjing and Taiyuan, three of these opened in early April 2006.

Darren Bent wearing RMC Jeans and Flying Predator Polo

Darren Bent wearing RMC Jeans and Flying Predator PoloPremiership Footballer, Darren Bent, is seen hear sporting a pair of RMC Jeans, a Flying Predator Polo Shirt and a pair of Jhung Yuro luxury Trainers. Darren had a massive seaon in the Premiership with Charlton Athletic and was the highest scoring Englishman in the league. It was nothing short of a travesty that the man wasn’t included in the England World Cup squad! One thing’s for sure the man has a bright footballing future ahead of him. Bring on World Cup 2010 in South Africa!

Neighborhood Denim x Neighborhood Jeans = NBDH

Neighborhood Denim x Neighborhood Jeans = NBDHNeighborhood Denim is causing something of a stir on the denim scene. The Clothing in general, but the Neighborhood Jeans specifically, have something of a Wale Adeyemi (without the nonsense) feel to them. The style is clean and uncompromising. The Neighborhood Denim jeans include styles with asymmetric back pockets patches snags and heavy wash and fades to slim fitting neighborhood denim with redline selvage and NBHD details on the hem.

Neighborhood Denim jeans don’t come cheap with prices in excess of $500! In the current denim market the price isn’t as excessive as it might seem. Neighborhood Denim – worth a look!

Red Monkey Caps + RMC Denim Hats = Warning!

Red Monkey Caps + RMC Denim Hats = Warning!Red Monkey Jeans have been something of a fashion phenomenon this past year. The real RMC jeans are ultimate denimwear but, as we all know, are almost impossible to find. A lot of buyers are resorting to buying poor replicas since these, unlike the real thing, are in plentiful supply. If you’re into buying replicas then that’s fine but let’s face it we all wish these merchants would stop trying to BS us by telling us their replicas are authentic — it’s not only reprehensible, it’s disrespectful!

Kitmeout has recently learnt that some bogus merchants are trying to sell “replicas” of the very rare Red Monkey Cap collection. They are offering the RMC Caps in sizes 7 5/8, 7 1/4 and 7 1/2. Kitmeout has been reliably informed that RMC never made caps in sizes all authentic RMC caps are adjustable, so if you see these RMC caps forsale be aware of what you’re buying!

Supreme Clothing + Cap + Tee = Supreme Skate-and-Wear

Supreme Clothing + Cap + Tee = Supreme Skate-and-WearSupreme Clothing, the brand-based store at  274 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NYC, has been banging the skate-and-wear clothing drum for over 10 years now. In fact they started back in 1994 as one of a number of revolutionary clothing brands give the “up yours” sign to the recognised fashion houses; just your typical kidz-united rebellion stuff that has been with the world since Elvis in the 1950s. Since those early days the brand has had its ups-and-downs and fair amount of detractors who for one reason or another want to stick-it to Supreme.

Regardless of your opinion of Supreme’s motivations, the brand has had considerable success and produced some worthy rags and sneakers. Their Nike sneaker collaboration was a high and today the Supreme collection of Jackets T-Shirts Polos Caps Belts Bags and Beanies is up there with the best skate-and-wear clothing on the market.

Stussy Caps + Stussy Jeans = Vintage Streetwear!

Stussy Caps + Stussy Jeans = Vintage Streetwear!The Stussy S/S2006 Collection is definitely worth a butchers! This seasons collection is vintage Stussy: no excuses, in-your-face streetwear straight out of the cracks in the pavement. Stussy Tees and Caps have always been a massive favourite with their die-hard followers. This season the Stussy Jackets and Jeans are worth a closer butchers too.

Issey Miyake Jeans + Reversible Jeans = A-POC

Issey Miyake Jeans + Reversible Jeans = A-POCGreat expectation awaits the Issey Miyake + Fujiwara reversible jeans woven from a single thread. These high-end dungarees, called “Jupiter,” will debut in a new exhibition “Skin and Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture,” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Opening on Sept. 24.

“Jeans are like bread or water for human clothing. Everyone wears them every day. But sometimes it’s boring. This is the gate of entrance for us. We are thinking of something general to make new,” explains Fujiwara. Nice sentiments and with a dash of avant-garde madness that we’ve come to expect from Issey Miyake it sounds like we’re all in for a treat.

Miyake and Fujiwara have been collaborating for many years now. In 1998, Miyake embarked upon a new project called A-POC (A Piece of Cloth) with Dai Fujiwara and a team of young designers. Together they are challenging the way in which clothing is made using new processes that harness computer technology directly connected to industrial knitting or weaving machines to create clothing beginning with a single piece of thread.

Denime Jeans + Denime New S VintageTYPE + More!

Denime Jeans + Denime New S VintageTYPE + More!Denime Jeans started back in 1988 as a vintage Japanese denim brand. The Denime brand name is inspired by French origins and is taken from Serge de Nimes the ancient textile centre and reputed “Atlantas” of the denim world. Whatever the history of denim (a controversial topic if ever there was one!), Denime Jeans and other clothing, including Shirts Shorts Sweats Denim Jackets and Tees, is another Japanese gem waiting to be plucked and plundered by the West.

The following styles are all worth a gander: Denime 66 VintageTYPE — Denime XX VintageTYPE — Denime New S VintageTYPE.

Emperors of Honor Denim Football

Emperors of Honor Denim FootballThere couldn’t be a more perfect time to release a new football concept than in World Cup year! Emperors of Honor have done every football fanatic proud by introducing the Denim Football concept. The varying colours and designs on offer excite and inspire even greater passion for the “Beautiful Game”. This is a “must have” item for every football fan!

“A sportsball with a wovenfabric is a patent by NewYork Creatives”.

The Year Of… Clothing by Tony “T-Bone” Magnetic

The Year Of... Clothing by Tony There’s growing chatter on the fashion rumour-mill about a new and exciting brand about to knock us out with an amazing level of innovation and craftsmanship. The brand believed to be named “The Year Of…”, is the brainchild of world-renowned fashion guru Tony “T-Bone” Magnetic. T-Bone is widely known for his crucial contribution to RMC and perhaps more significantly his amazing contribution to the Etienne Ozeki brand with his “SEEMS” collection; the funky and innovative asymmetric fashion designs using different fabrics and construction methods.

T-Bone is considered one of the brightest urban-chic fashion designers on the stage today. His innovation and compelling designs warrant attention — so watch out for “The Year Of…” in 2006!

Supreme Clothing + Bape Jacket = Homage to KU!

Supreme Clothing + Supreme Jacket = Homage to KU!Anyone who knows the history of Japanese fashion will tell you KU was the original global Japanese fashion brand. KU was the first brand to be carried in all three Tokyo fashion houses at the same time (beams, ships and united arrows). This is unheard of, to this day. KU was a true originator and innovator! This is perhaps best illustrated by the long list of Japanese brands or Japaneseque brands which copy the KU template and understand it’s importance. Bape is one of the most high-profile Japanese brands to pay homage to KU by following their design and focus template. Some fashion commentators have even suggested Nigo was directly inspired by KU and pays homage to the brand through his business model. One thing’s for sure, whether a brand is Japanese or Japaneseque if it knows its history it will pay homage to KU!

Umbro by Kim Jones World Cup Collection!

Umbro by Kim Jones World Cup Collection!As The World Cup in Germany moves closer and closer and the passion of the world’s football fans starts to simmer in May before boiling in June, Umbro by Kim Jones offers us an exciting World Cup Collection of designer trainers and clothing. The Umbro by Kim Jones World Cup Collection includes trainers polo shirts hoodies t-shirts jackets and even an orange and yellow world cup football. If wearing your country’s colours is not your thing then maybe something from the Umbro by Kim Jones World Cup Collection could be the answer.

Emporio Armani + Product Red 4 Charity!

Giorgio Armani + Product Red 4 Charity!Giorgio Armani, a launch partner in business initiative founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to fight AIDS in Africa. Giorgio Armani recently announced his support at the Davos World Economic Forum of the Product RED, the pioneering global business initiative launched by Bono and Bobby Shriver for The Global Fund.

Giorgio Armani, Chairman and Chief Executive of Giorgio Armani SpA, said, “It is time to take action, but in a new way. When my friends Bono and Bobby Shriver invited me to join forces through (Product) RED, I understood immediately that this was a pioneering initiative. To unify global brands for goodwill is both powerful and humbling. I have always seen brilliance in simplicity – and RED perfectly defines this. I am proud to follow an inspirational warrior like Bono in the fight against AIDS in Africa. I have always considered myself to be a democratic designer and I will now dedicate myself to work on this initiative in the way I have always done, involving all of those people around the world who enjoy my designs.”

In support of (Product) RED, Giorgio Armani is designing a special Emporio Armani capsule collection comprising clothing, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewellery and fragrances. Giorgio Armani SpA will donate 40% of its gross profit margin from sales of all (Emporio Armani) RED products directly to the Global Fund. The first (Emporio Armani) RED product was a pair of Emporio Armani sunglasses (style EA 9285/S) available in stores from April. Giorgio Armani’s second RED product will be an Emporio Armani watch (style AR0537/AR0538). The unisex (Emporio Armani) RED watch is striking, casual and subtly rugged. It features a large 43mm stainless steel case with a coin-ridged bezel, a thick leather strap available in either black with red contrast stitching, or red with black contrast stitching, and prominent steel rivets that secure the strap to the case. The large digital dial displays the time in oversized numerals and has calendar, chronograph and timer features with push button controls on the side of the case. The dial also features the (Emporio Armani) RED logo at 12 o’clock printed onto the dial’s outer ring. The (Emporio Armani) RED watch will be available from August in all Emporio Armani stores and in select specialty watch stores and department stores worldwide. Pre-orders for the watches can be made by e-mail at The recommended retail price will be Euro 255 / USD$225 / £195.

Joe’s Jeans x Joes Premium Denim = Cast-iron Quality!

Joe's Jeans x Joes Premium Denim = Cast-iron Quality!Why do so many celebrities love Joe’s Jeans? What’s so special about this premium denim brand? Why does Joe’s Jeans stand out in an ever increasing crowd? In a word: QUALITY! Joe’s Jeans are true premium denim; it’s not a punchy marketing pitch, it’s a cast-iron fact, Joe’s Jeans are true premium denim and that’s why so many celebrities and fashion connoisseurs opt for Joe’s.

“Joe Dahan’s obsession with fit and style has been the force behind the success of his Joe’s, Joe’s Premium, & Joe’s Collection labels. Offering eight basic fits to suit every body, Joe’s continuously introduces new rinses, denim grades, and hand finishes each season to keep stock fresh & exciting at retail.

In 2004, Dahan launched a luxury denim series called Joe’s Premium (available in select stores only), which boasts couture details such as saddle stitching, embroidery, crystal appliqués, and vintage aging all perfected by hand.”

Maharishi x Wood Wood Hoody = Uber Clothing!

Maharishi x Wood Wood Hoody = Uber Clothing!The Amazing Maharishi Movement and Copenhagen based design collective Wood Wood bring you this colourway update to their classic Amigo Hoody. These Amigo Hoodies have a Bape X Billionaire Boys Club x Artful Dodger feel to them but still manage to remain unique. A definite winner!

Stussy x Levis = Levi Jeans with street credentials!

Stussy x Levis = Levi Jeans with street credentials!Stussy X Levis Pack: The long-awaited collaboration between Stussy UK and Levis is finally available online. Stussy have have introduced this ultra limited edition jean to commemorate their 25th anniversary! Has it really been that long!

As you would expect with a premium jean of this nature, customised details are in abundance: Selvedge denim, big E tab, sterling sliver zip pull, customised, slightly tapered cut and silver stitching. All very 25th anniversary. May the next 25 years be as successful for this edgy uber brand!!!

Levi’s FLU Stretch Jeans + Levis FLU Triple DRY Tee

Levi's FLU Stretch Jeans + Levis FLU Triple DRY TeeLevi’s new FLU sports inspired collection is causing something of a stir. Denim, a material not traditionally associated with sportswear has been engineered to withstand extreme movement and stretch a necessary characteristic for us street footballers who want to kick a ball in jeans. The Levi FLU High Performance Stretch Jeans are truly innovative and a credit to the company. The Levi FLU Tee consists of three layers: dry layer, water absorption layer and the diffused layer, “Triple DRY” for kicking and keeping dry.

The World Cup is clearly the catalyst for the Levi’s FLU collection and compliments the Paul Smith World Cup football, wallet and cufflinks.

Converse Shoes Chuck Taylor All Star by Giles Deacon

Converse Shoes Chuck Taylor All Star by Giles DeaconConverse will launch its first global product to support (PRODUCT) RED by launching an exclusive limited edition Chuck Taylor All Star African Mudcloth shoe.  Designed in collaboration with acclaimed UK designer Giles Deacon and with only 600 pairs available worldwide – the Converse (RED) Mudcloth shoe is set to be this season’s most collectable fashion item.

Converse, in collaboration with Giles Deacon, has designed this unique shoe using authentic African mudcloth as the canvas with contrasting vibrant color options such as neon orange, neon yellow or neon pink details. Blending traditional production methods with modern designs has allowed Deacon to put his sophisticated chic interpretation on the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoe.

African mudcloth utilises the technique of Bologanfini, a centuries old process of mud dyed cloth of the Bamana people made by hand-weaving and dyeing the cloth with exotic plant juices, teas and mud. The traditional process creates well-known geometric patterns and colours, which tell stories, reveal secrets and establish social status.  Each Converse (RED) Mudcloth shoe is a unique work of art designed to combine fashion and social mindfulness to celebrate and cherish African culture and creativity.

This is the first in a series of exclusively designed shoes. Every season, Converse will collaborate with designers, artists, musicians and filmmakers to create limited edition Converse (RED) shoes on a unique canvas that preserve culture and celebrate inspiration.  Depending on the product sold, anywhere from 5% – 15% of net sales from Converse (RED) shoes goes directly to the Global Fund.

The Converse (RED) Chuck Taylor All Star African Mudcloth shoe is on sale in the UK at Selfridges and specialty stores including Offspring and Concept Store at £160.00.  10% of net wholesale sales from the sale of this designer collaboration shoe goes directly to the Global Fund.

PPQ Jeans = Jade Jagger + Pete Doherty

PPQ Jeans = Jade Jagger + Pete DohertyAlthough skinny jeans look to be usurped by boyfriend jeans, there’s one brand which will perhaps keep the skinny jeans flag flying for a season or two longer.

The PPQ brand has gained much admiration since designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker started it in Nottingham back in 1999. PPQ skinny jeans are the preferred choice of the rock fraternity, with  Jade Jagger, Sharleen Spiteri, Pete Doherty and The Paddingtons all dedicated followers. So don’t put on the pounds just yet, you might have at least another year of squeezing and sucking in to do!

No Skinny Jeans or Tight Jeans? Boyfriends Jeans!

Skinny Jeans or Tight Jeans? Boyfriends Jeans!Is the skinny jeans fad finally over? For the past 18 months or so girls and, more surprisingly, guys have been trying to squeeze into skinny jeans with irreverent disregard for the sorry eyes that have to view every unsightly blubber eruption or boney backend or unnervingly skinny pins. A list of big brands jumped onto the skinny jeans bandwagon and helped it gain momentum which took the fad on a surprisingly long journey when most fashion commentators were predicting it wouldn’t even get off the ground. Levis, Dior, Bebe, Evisu, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and others all propelled the skinny jeans fad way past its natural sell-buy date and subjected the world to a nauseating fashion feast. Fortunately, the skinny days look to be coming to a well-overdue end!

Enter the new fad: Boyfriend Jeans! or, if you’re a guy, Big Brother Jeans! The name comes from the recent trend for girls to wear their boyfriend’s jeans so the style is relaxed, worn-in and baggier. A long list of brands are dropping skinny jeans for this new look, brands such as Yanuk, G-Star, Hudson, Replay, Levis and Hilfiger to name but a few. No doubt the skinny jeans look will retain its die-hard followers; Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones and the truck-fest brigade who wore skinny jeans before they were fashionable and will still be wearing skinny jeans when Boyfriend, or Big Brother, Jeans replace them as the in denim item. One thing’s for certain, a world without skinny jeans will ensure a big sigh of relief for all concerned!

Energie Jeans & Energie Shoes, The Renaissance!

Energie Jeans & Energie Shoes, The Renaissance!Energie Jeans have experienced something of a renaissance over the past few seasons. The brand was started in 1984 as a male version of the famous Miss Sixty brand. Energie jeans has always had an innovative edge, like it’s brother brand Sixty, and as a consequence of taking designs to the edge the brand has had something of a volatile history; any brand which is prepared to put style and innovation before hype and profit will invariably have ups and downs, and now Energie Jeans is on a definite UP! Check out the Pharrels, Wanders, Joe Caputos, Copperheads, Roooos and others. Energie Jeans are definitely worth a look this season.

Nike Trainers & Nike iD Sneakers Charity Event

Nike Trainers & Nike iD Sneakers Charity EventALSO KNOWN AS x NIKEiD CHARITY AUCTION, May 10th May 17th, 2006

Inspired by vintage spray paint colors as featured in ALSO KNOWN AS v1, this collection of seven patent leather Nike Dunk Lo’s was created by NIKEiD exclusively for ALSO KNOWN AS.

Starting May 10th at 7pm EST, the collection will be auctioned to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to the Free Arts NYC, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the healing powers of the arts into the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families.

This collection is one of only five sets produced and will not be available at retail. Each shoe is US size 9 and will be exhibited at Alife Rivington Club from May 8th through May 17th, when the auction will conclude.

The highest bidder will win this exclusive collection along with all three colorways of ALSO KNOWN AS v1 [including the rare gold foil cover version limited to 250 copies worldwide] personally signed by contributing artists KAWS, FUTURA and REAS.

Fake Jeans, Online Counterfeiters Beware! Fake Jeans, NO!

Fake Jeans, Online Counterfeiters Beware! Fake Jeans, NO!Seven For All Mankind and Rock & Republic have been awarded damages in a counterfeit claim. The New York-based Rational Fashion was given two separate injunctions for selling counterfeit versions of both Seven For All Mankind and Rock & Republic jeans online.

Seven For All Mankind was awarded $450,000 (£259,140) for the Rational’s wilful copyright infringement and attorney costs. Rock & Republic was awarded $1 million in damages.

“We are sending a strong message to online counterfeiters,” said Michael Heimbold, a partner Alshuler Grossman Stein & Kahan, who represented both jeans brands.

“We are aggressively targeting counterfeiters throughout the US and the world who are harming the good name and reputation of our clients. The court’s judgements in these cases demonstrate that sellers of counterfeit branded products via the internet face damages into millions of dollars, even if their purported profits are only a fraction of this amount.”

Dsquared2 Clothing + Dsquared2 Ads = Success!

Dsquared2 Clothing + Dsquared2 Ads = Success!Dsquared2 is widely considered to be one of the sexists and most sensual designer brands around. Dsquared2 is undeniably a designer brand with an edge but whether it’s able to live up to the accolade of being the sexiest designer brand is open to considerable debate. No doubt much of Dsquared2’s sensual credentials come from their unrivalled advertising campaigns which promote the brand perfectly. Dsquared2 is deserving of much respect both on the catwalk and on the billboard!

Quick Bio: “Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten moved to Milan in 1991 to further pursue their love for fashion and desire to have their own collection. The result was a debut in 1994 with a Men¹s collection and in February 2003 they launched their first women¹s runway show. Dsquared2 shows are often multimedia extra-vaganzas, combining fashion with art and music. Dean and Dan are also collaborating with the photographer Steven Klein to develop a series of images for advertising campaigns that express their pure ideals and sensuality. Dean and Dan’s unique mix of American wit, refined Italian tailoring and attention to detail inspire a loyal following. “We consider our clothes to be real,” said Dean. “We want people to look cool, not dressed up. We design what we want to wear ourselves.” Among this growing following are celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake and Ricky Martin. The twins have also put their stamp on the women¹s fashion world and were thrilled when they were comm-issioned to create costumes for Madonna¹s “Don¹t Tell Me” video and the cowboy segment in her 2002 Drowned World tour. “The Madonna thing was a big deal for us, because she has always been a huge inspiration. She first liked a pair of our jeans and before we knew it we had created 150 pieces for her tour. It has been an amazing and fulfilling experience” said Dan.”

Bernhard Willhelm Clothing, A Rush of Blood!

Bernhard Willhelm Clothing, A Rush of Blood!As mad as a Russian Monk with a proclivity for vodka, world renowned fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm reputedly prefers to design with a “hard-on”. The rush of blood from his brain to his totem apparently inspires him to new heights of twisted innovation. Very few fashionistas would disagree that the results speak for themselves even if the method is a little disconcerting. Bernhard Willhelm has gained an enviable reputation for overstepping the bounds yet managing to remain relevant; Alexander McQueen is perhaps the only other contemporary designer to achieve this highly desirable feat.

Bernhard Willhelm was born in Ulm, a city in Southern Germany in November of 1972. He received a Fashion Design Diploma with honors from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He also studied under reputable designers such as Walter van Beirendonck, Alexander McQueen and Dirk Bikkembergs. He launched his first women’s collection right after his graduation, during the Paris Fashion Week in March of 1999. Bernhard Willhelm then added a men’s collection in October of 2000. Though he started his fashion career in Antwerp, he decided to move his  atelier to Paris. In 2002 he started a project with the Capucci Corporation for the label of Robert Capucci. This project featuring a women’s pret-a-porter line, named Bernhard Willhelm as the creative director. His creative and recognizable style has created a buzz throughout the fashion world, and his work is sold only in select stores worldwide.

Nike Dunk Low Trainer or Quiksilver Sneaker?

Nike Dunk Low Trainer or Quiksilver Sneaker?Perhaps the strangest collaboration to date is Nike and Quiksilver. In an ever-increasing circle of convoluting collaboration madness Nike and Quiksilver seem the strangest of bed-fellows… but then if you like it kinky this collaboration could be for you. Nike x Quiksilver Dunk Low – yes or no?

Siwy jeans by Siwy Denim

Siwy jeans by Siwy DenimSiwy jeans by Siwy Denim was created with one laudable goal in mind: to flatter the contours of the female physique. Too often premium denim brands neglect the essence of the female form and are guided, or misguided, by the notion of a contemporary invention of what represents the ideal female physique. This invention is invariably the consequence of allowing men to dictate the evolution of what’s considered feminine and sexy. Thankfully, those days are behind us with a growing number of female led denim brands.

“The superlative, modern tailoring that goes into each pair of jeans is uncompromisingly beautiful as it is technical. The development of the line utilizes cutting edge approaches in design while increasing comfort and style. Unexpected takes on classic shapes are mixed with the demand for a truly authentic look and feel. Siwy uses only the best, high quality American denim, then cut with a fashionable edge. The aesthetic is vintage and familiar, clean and classic. The long and lean shape is softened by strategically placed, quilted pockets that lift and shape, which carefully follow the curve of all seams. A shortened back hem curve avoids dragging on the floor when worn with sneakers or heels while maintaining a very long and lean illusion for women of all sizes. Every inch of the jean is shaped and contoured from the waistband to the hem and all details in between. Whether it is the stitch thread that shows strength or the high quality of the denim that shows staying power, somehow the look is comforting and familiar, tough yet feminine all at once.”

Paige Jeans x Paige Premium Denim = Classic Derriere!

Paige Jeans x Paige Premium Denim = Classic Derriere!A number of high-profile denim brands have opted to use Paige Adams-Geller’s derriere around which to fashion their Women’s jeans. Brands include Seven, Citizens of Humanity, Habitual and True Religion to name but a few. Paige Adams-Geller has what is widely considered the perfect derriere for displaying the virtues of denim. Paige’s perky, toned and altogether sexy derriere ensures denim is cut and crafted to enhance the style of the leading jeans to flatter women around the world.

It will perhaps come as no surprise to know Paige Adams-Geller is the brains behind the Paige Premium Denim brand. It seems a natural progression for a women so intimately involved in the industry. Paige Premium Denim is an exceptional brand offering an amazing fit and quality. Paige Premium Denim jeans sits comfortably alongside the likes of Seven, PDC, CoH, TRJ and some may say, with a degree of justification, Paige even surpasses these denim giants. Next time you want a pair of jeans to highlight the contours of your derriere be sure to give Paige Premium Denim a look.