Skinny Jeans or Tight Jeans? Boyfriends Jeans!Is the skinny jeans fad finally over? For the past 18 months or so girls and, more surprisingly, guys have been trying to squeeze into skinny jeans with irreverent disregard for the sorry eyes that have to view every unsightly blubber eruption or boney backend or unnervingly skinny pins. A list of big brands jumped onto the skinny jeans bandwagon and helped it gain momentum which took the fad on a surprisingly long journey when most fashion commentators were predicting it wouldn’t even get off the ground. Levis, Dior, Bebe, Evisu, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and others all propelled the skinny jeans fad way past its natural sell-buy date and subjected the world to a nauseating fashion feast. Fortunately, the skinny days look to be coming to a well-overdue end!

Enter the new fad: Boyfriend Jeans! or, if you’re a guy, Big Brother Jeans! The name comes from the recent trend for girls to wear their boyfriend’s jeans so the style is relaxed, worn-in and baggier. A long list of brands are dropping skinny jeans for this new look, brands such as Yanuk, G-Star, Hudson, Replay, Levis and Hilfiger to name but a few. No doubt the skinny jeans look will retain its die-hard followers; Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones and the truck-fest brigade who wore skinny jeans before they were fashionable and will still be wearing skinny jeans when Boyfriend, or Big Brother, Jeans replace them as the in denim item. One thing’s for certain, a world without skinny jeans will ensure a big sigh of relief for all concerned!