Moschino Jeans, Cheap and Chic has it lost its soul?Franco Moschino, born in Italy in 1950, was affectionately labeled the “Court Jester and “Bad Boy” of fashion. The Moschino brand mirrored its creator perfectly; flamboyant, surreal and sensational! All the Moschino collections had an incredibly unique and seductive quality which has sadly been missing over the past few seasons.

Many fashion commentators questioned whether Moschino could continue after the untimely passing of Franco Moschino in 1994. Moschino without Franco would be like a body without a heart and soul and many predicted the quick demise of the brand. Remarkably, the Moschino design team managed to keep the amazing man’s work alive and the collections after Franco’s passing were received with much excitement and admiration; Franco’s “mischievous” heart was still beating in the Moschino brand. Recently, however, this has been less discernible. The brand appears to be moving away from the surreal joy and colossal character of pure Franco Moschino and is taking a more traditional route; it’s moving away from the “edge” and onto the safe road and Franco’s heart and soul is not visible in the brand.

Let’s hope this is merely a temporary glitch and Franco will return to Moschino in the very near future!