Indigo Eccentrics by Pepe Jeans Indigo jeansTailored in London-Hand Crafted in the Orient. Using the finest premium Japanese denim ‘Indigo Eccentrics’ is the new premium denim brand from Pepe Jeans London. A clash of cultures, contrasting Western traditional bespoke tailoring with an organic hand-rendered Eastern approach, the tight collection aims to offer the denim aficionado an eccentric take on the ubiquitous 5 pkt jean. A combination of English eccentricity with the natural and simple Japanese approach to materials and design, the collection creates a new denim aesthetic which strikes a balance between Pepe’s heritage as a London brand and its reputation for embracing global diversity.

Inspiration comes from the gentleman’s outfitters, barber’s and hatteries which populate London’s Jermyn St and Saville Row (shops that reek of tradition and refinement). In this world of carved wooded shop-fronts, ornate metal work, gold-leaf signage and leather-clad bureau’s the eccentric English gentleman can indulge his passion for quality and refined ostentation. Indigo Eccentrics takes the spirit of this traditional gentleman’s world, his desire for quality and refinement and offers his 21st century grandson the ultimate denim collection.

The Indigo Eccentrics range is very compact. Limited styles and washes. The focus is on detailing and the highest qualities denim used. Loom state fabric is included, demonstrating authentic shrinkage. Multi-coloured Rainbow yarn is used on stitching, each jean is also delivered with a crisply ironed and folded gentlemans signatured handkerchief in the back-pocket.