Frankie B Jeans + Anastacia Anastacia and Daniella Clarke of Frankie B. Design “Survivor Chick” T-Shirt. All Proceeds To Benefit The Anastacia Fund at The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Superstar Anastacia has team up with acclaimed fashion designer Daniella Clarke of Frankie B. fame to design the ultra-cool and stylish “Survivor Chick” t-shirt. All proceeds from sales of this perfect “t” will go directly to the Anastacia Fund at The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, founded by Evelyn Lauder. The “Survivor Chick” t-shirt will be available through select stores nationwide.

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in January, 2003, singer/songwriter Anastacia has channeled her energies into raising awareness and funds that will specifically target younger women stricken with breast cancer.

Anastacia and Daniella got together to create a stylish, classic and youthful T-shirt with unique “Survivor Chick” lettering that embodies Anastacia’s strength, humor and survivor mentality with Frankie B.’s funky signature style. With breast cancer awareness month approaching in October, the “Survivor Chick” T-shirt celebrates women who have survived breast cancer and will raise awareness for research to find a cure.

The t-shirts come in either black or white and in two styles (tank top or long sleeve) and can be worn year-round as a proud statement and commitment to help educate and raise awareness for breast cancer research.