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April 2006

Pepe Jeans announce British actress Sienna Miller…

Pepe Jeans announce British actress Sienna Miller...Pepe Jeans London is pleased to officially announce British actress Sienna Miller as the face of the brand for the next two years.

“We wanted a strong, positive, female British figure to head the advertising campaign as the brand enters its thirty third year and strongly believe that the choice of Sienna Miller was the right one, and ties in with our heritage as one of the only true British jeans brands in existence” (Carlos Ortega – Managing Director)

The campaign images have been beautifully captured by photographer Mikael Jansson, shot on location at Paradise Cove, Malibu, California.

The concept behind the images is inspired by ‘And God Created Woman’ starring Bridget Bardot and Curd Jurgens directed by Roger Vadim. Male model featured is J.R. Gallison.We are looking forward to a successful working relationship.

Lee Cooper Jeans goes premium: Lee Cooper Platinum Jeans

Lee Cooper Jeans goes premium: Lee Cooper Platinum JeansBritish Denim giant Lee Cooper launches the debut collection from its first ever premium range: Platinum.

Drawing on all the experience and heritage of the oldest denim brand in Europe, Lee Cooper Platinum showcases a high fashion men’s and ladies’ capsule collection focusing heavily on washes, fits and materials appealing to younger consumers of directional casualwear.

World-renowned denim guru, Tim Browne has been brought in to oversea the brand. Available exclusively to a strictly limited and handpicked number of retail stores.

BIG STAR Jeans – From Taxi Driver to BIG STAR

BIG STAR Jeans - From Taxi Driver to BIG STARFrom Taxi Driver to BIG STAR

Spirit, creativity and an unbeatable idea – that’s what real big stars are made of.

Case in point: the Faeh brothers, founders of the BIG STAR brand and stars of a classic rags-to-riches story. Flashback to Basle, 1971, where we find them struggling as part-time taxi drivers. A stroke of luck: a customer needed to go to Paris. Once there, one of the Faeh brothers visited the flea market and promptly invested the fare n some patchwork jeans. Back in Basle, these jeans soon became a hit, turning BIG STAR into Switzerland’s first-ever home-grown jeans brand. The focus was already on out-of-the-ordinary jeans for the true individualist – in those days they were bleached in the brothers own bathroom. Today, more than thirty years later, this one-time cottage industry has grown into one of Europe’s largest jeans and casual wear companies, with a presence in 33 countries around the world.  

Prada Shoes has a rival. Introducing DiSanto Shoes.

Prada Shoes has a rival. Introducing DiSanto Shoes.For years Prada Shoes where considered by many as the unrivalled elitist off-the-self footwear. Today, however, Prada Shoes has a serious rival – introducing DiSanto Shoes. DiSanto shoes are made in the same Montegranero region in Italy as Prada and have quietly established themselves as the luxury shoe brand of the rich and famous.

DiSanto shoes are so comfortable they are reputedly worn by a long list of professional footballers who demand not just unrivalled comfort by style too. The DiSanto collection includes a radical Main line, innovative Sportiff line and revolutionary Driving Shoe line. All in all, DiSanto shoes are forecast to surpass their illustrious rival in the coming seasons. Watch this space, as they say.

Lacoste Shoes + Lacoste Trainers = Grand Slam!

Lacoste Shoes + Lacoste Trainers = Grand Slam!Style, Comfort and Kudos, that’s what you get when you buy a pair of Lacoste Trainers. The Lacoste footwear collection has increased exponentially over the past few seasons. The three current footwear lines include: Club, Sportswear and Sport. All three lines exude Lacoste style and of course carry the Croc.

Club is the more formal of the three lines, or as “formal” as Lacoste can possibly be. The Sport is a casual and utilitarian line and the Sportswear is a more dynamic and athletic line. Despite these nuances, all three lines have the common denominator of Lacoste’s world-renowned style, comfort and kudos.

Da-Nang Clothing & Pants = Transatlantic Maharishi?

Da-Nang Clothing & Pants = Transatlantic Maharishi?Many fashionistas attribute the term Transatlantic Maharishi to the Da-Nang label and it’s not difficult to see where they’re coming from if it wasn’t for the fact that Da-Nang is a West Coast label based in California. That aside, the comparison between Da-Nang and Maharishi is inevitable; both labels produce High-Fashion casual-chic garments with an Eastern edge and of course the loose fitting pants adorned with incredible embroidery are another area of common ground between the two upscale labels.

Although the obvious comparisons between Da-Nang and Maharishi are valid, to attempt to diffuse the uniqueness of each label is misleading. Each label has it’s own strong and unique identity. The following is Da-Nang’s:

A sojourn of style that had its origins in French colonial Vietnamese art and civilisation found its way to California, Da-Nang Top D-Nang Dressthanks to a collective dream to create a fashion statement based more on culture than cliche. The vision, inspired by colour, sights and artistry centred in the city of Danang, Southeast Asia’s cultural hub, soon spranf to life in the form ofan eclectic clothing collection.

Da-Nang, which emerged in January 2003, initially took flight through some witty pieces with military fits and eye-catching embroidery details. However, the design team recognized the line had a greater life of its own beyond the trend that launched it into prominence with celebrities and Fashionistas. What Da-Nang is all about now and in the future is body-flattering silhouettes, enlivened with a wide spectrum of vibrant colors and a mixture of fabrics. With the California-bred notion of dressed down elegance fusing with both European and Asian-inspired charm, the subsequent collections for men and women surface as Bohemian, comfortable and vintage in the best possible ways – as if you owned these pieces your entire life!

Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers, A Japanese Sneakers Legend!

Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers, A Japanese Sneakers Legend!HISTORY

In 1949, Kihachiro Onitsuka established Onitsuka Co. Ltd., the forerunner of ASICS, with the goal of promoting a sound and healthy Japanese youth through sports. At that time, Onitsuka was known as the first specialized maker of gym shoes in Japan. He regularly spoke directly to sportspeople and their coaches in order to develop the best products possible. The shoes have played a part in just about every marathon and Olympic Games since 1951 and have been worn by victorious athletes such as Lasse Virén and Toru Terasawa. The famous Tiger ‘stripes’ are synonymous with sporting triumph.

Today, Onitsuka Tiger is known as a legendary and innovative Japanese sports brand. Based on original sports shoes from many disciplines, the footwear collection brings together traditional methods with contemporary designs. Twenty-five years of experience in designing sportswear have also resulted in an apparel collection where elements of Japanese tradition have been fused to create apparel products that exude individuality. To add that finishing touch there is a collection of accessories complementing Onitsuka Tiger footwear and apparel with designs that reflect the innovative spirit of this legendary sports brand.

The Autumn-Winter 2006 Collection of Onitsuka Tiger sees the reintroduction of iconic shoes that spearheaded Japan’s own jogging revolution. The art and design of Faile also adds some striking iconography and a unique style to the shoes, whilst the Sekka-Monyou snow crystal theme gives the collection a touch of traditional Japanese beauty.

Take-Two jeans, thoroughbred Italian Denim Taketwo

Take-Two jeans, thoroughbred Italian Denim TaketwoMore and more exclusive designer fashion stores are clocking onto one of Italy’s best kept denim secrets. Take-Two are a low-profile premium denim brand with all the innate style you’d expect from a thoroughbred Italian label. Although firmly entrenched in it’s Italian roots, Take-Two, paradocially, has a global spirit which is reflected in it’s recent Mexican-inspired collection. If you’re looking for a good alternative to your Diesels, Take-Two jeans could be the answer.

Fly London Shoes, Footwear for the Future!

Fly London Shoes, Footwear for the Future!FLY WHO?

Targeted at the global fashion market, FLY London footwear is uncompromising in its styling and design. Born in 1994, from the very beginning FLY’s design philosophy has been to create original fashion shoes using traditional construction techniques in an unexpected way. The sole designs, constructions and uppers, help keep FLY at the forefront of fashion. Their continuing aim is to create a global fashion brand available in leading fashion outlets worldwide.

Elegant but funky lines bordering on the eccentric! Their Fickle and Blunt Lines, as a nod to the victorian (FLY version) styling they have used formal antiqued leathers and a wallpaper print lining. These shoes are about as dainty as FLY will ever get. A sixties feel at Delight Line. The wedge heel makes them stable and comfortable but they have a graphic modern flavour which is far from the mundane!

Tramp, Radar and Elixir new lines introduces a mens more formal look to FLY London. Styles that take inspiration from architectural shapes but with a contemporany design twist.

Hudson Jeans – the Jeans with the jack on the back!

Hudson Jeans - the Jeans with the jack on the back!The jeans with the “Jack” are back – and back in a BIG way!!! After something of a sabbatical the innovative denim brand is building up to a fresh grand entrance onto the premium denim stage and every denim lover from London to Los Angeles is waiting with bated breath.

Hudson Fine Tailored Jeans may hail from sunny California but they have all the grit and character of a true Brit and this is validated by the use of the Union Jack as the Hudson Logo. Hudson’s heavy stitching and signature back flap pocket make Hudson Jeans some of the most sought after jeans on the market.

Hudson is definitely one to watch.

Fashion Industry too lazy, too ignorant and too disinterested in fair trade?

Fashion Industry too lazy, too ignorant and too disinterested in fair trade?By Katharine Hamnett

In the heady world of fashion, cotton is the most commonly used fabric and in agricultural terms accounts for 10% of world agriculture. So far so good – until you take on board that to turn these natural fibers into items of must-have clothing conventional cotton farmers use pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers (approximately 25% of world pesticides) to make clothing. These pesticides are directly derived from World War 2 nerve gases, if you didn’t know. The situation of cotton agriculture in the developing world, involving 400 million farmers, is without exaggeration, catastrophic.

Pesticides cause 20,000 deaths per year from accidental poisoning. 1 million long-term acute poisonings per year, 200,000 suicides per year (due to debt for pesticides). PAN estimates the real figures are much higher: upwards of a million deaths and three million long term poisonings. Most deaths occur in the developing world where there are few to no doctors, let alone hospitals.

Conventional cotton agriculture is additionally responsible for colossal greenhouse gas emissions due to chemical fertilizers, desertification and long-term contamination of the water supply.

Cotton is a very important export crop for many African and developing countries. In Mali, for instance, it is the second largest export by value after gold. In theory it is an excellent cash crop bringing in lots of foreign currency and providing a livelihood for the 10 to 11 million farmers across Africa involved, giving them enough money to feed themselves, school their children, and afford healthcare. This is totally possible but unfortunately it is not the case right now.

To grow cotton, before planting, farmers need a contract with the brokers to buy their cotton when it’s harvested. As part of the contract they have to agree to buy the seeds and the pesticides from the broker. If they don’t have the money the brokers have set up banks that will lend them the money to buy the pesticides, at 10% interest. The loan must be repaid within a year: if they can’t repay the loan because their crop fails due to lack of rain, the banks foreclose and take their tools and bicycles, leaving them to continue farming. They leave their land for the cities, sending a little money home, and on their occasional returns to their villages often bringing HIV with them as well.

Developing world farmers are given virtually no information on the dangers of the pesticides – often banned in Europe and the US – which they are sold, including the need to wear protective clothing. The pesticides are often changed without notice. For example, in four West African countries the pesticides being used were recently changed from a parathyroid to an organochlorine (endosulfan) because of the problems with pest resistance, without any warnings to the farmers of the increased toxicity of the new chemicals. Nearly 100 people are known to have died in just one region in the last two seasons as a result of this, with over 220 serious poisonings.

Cotton prices are at a low not seen since the depression of the 1930s due to US, EU and Chinese cotton subsidies. Unless developing world farmers can farm cotton organically they can’t make a living from it and will be forced to abandon cotton farming altogether.

If farmers grow cotton organically they increase their revenue 50% because of a 40% drop in the cost of inputs (fertilizers and pesticides), and a 20% premium for organic cotton.

The fashion industry as a whole is too lazy, too ignorant and too disinterested in fair trade and the environmental issues surrounding its sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing. It makes too much money from the low cost of outsourced cheap labour to be interested in making a change. Only pressure from the consumer in the form of boycott of unacceptable materials and manufacturing processes can make it change.

The industry is unwilling to change the way it works. People say that organic cotton will be too expensive, but the truth is that the value to the farmer of the cotton in a t-shirt is 4-5% of the retail value, so if he gets 20% more it puts 1% on the price of a t-shirt. This is hardly a prohibitive in cost, and it can make the difference between survival and the extinction of eleven million farmers in Africa and a further 90 million farmers in the rest of the developing world.

People ask, “Can ethical and environmental clothing become as popular as organic food?” – Why not? 75% of Marks & Spencer´s 15 million customers have ethical and environmental concerns when purchasing [source: M&S]. It may be a lot easier to care about people you love than have concern for people of a different culture who live 3,000 miles away, but it needs to be even more popular and firmly entrenched in the mainstream, as the issues it deals with, affect our global environment and economies, the health of 100 million farmers, our rivers, eco systems, seas, climate change, and the lives of a sixth of the world´s population.

By insisting on organic cotton and fair pay for garment workers and by paying 1% more for a t-shirt, you can change the world and make it a better and safer place.

Converse Sneakers + Converse by John Varvatos

Converse Sneakers + Converse by John VarvatosThe Fall/Winter 2006 “Converse by John Varvatos” women’s collection is grounded in Converse’s 98 year old American heritage of first in sports and first in rock n’ roll. In keeping with the true spirit of the Converse brand, John Varvatos takes multi-generational influences, mixing sport, rock n’ roll and street, to create a unique personality that is as individual as the Converse sneaker itself.

The lifestyle collection merges authentic American sportswear and sexy tomboy styles with subtle punk influences. The use of menswear fabrics and detailing are cleverly mixed with feminine silhouettes. Varvatos playfully creates head to toe looks that are both authentic to Converse’s rich heritage but also push the boundaries of women’s sportswear. Marked military and punk influences accented with key athletic inspirations define shapes and silhouettes in the “Converse by John Varvatos” women’s collection. Sporty low v-neck tops with silk paneling layered under short-sleeve over-dyed fleeces are creatively put together with distressed leather sleeveless biker vests and Chuck’s skinny leg jeans in an innovative oil finish. Luxury wool tops in oversized proportions draped beautifully to optimize layering potential while cotton jeans are cut to a lean silhouette to create new proportions. An eclectic mix of cotton camisoles and underlay crews are mixed with cotton and rayon tanks that feature an iconic picture of Chuck Taylor.

Gucci Clothes & Prada Clothes under a Chav Attack?

Gucci Clothes & Prada Clothes under a Chav Attack?Are Gucci and Prada under a Chav attack? Is it possible that these two pre-eminent brands could suffer the same fate as Burberry? In a head-to-head, who would succumb to the Chavs first?

As the Chav hordes look for new brands to pillage and plunder, all the major brands are looking over their shoulders nervously wondering whether their brand is destined to be the next victim. Both Prada and Gucci are prime targets as counterfeits of both brands are widely available and fakes are the main weapon in the Chav armory. The other major factor to consider is how the brands themselves market their image, or even, how the Chavs perceive that marketing, whether rightly or wrongly. Of these two major brands, Prada is perhaps the more like to come under a direct Chav attack. The exclusive urban sportswear image is irresistible to all Chavs and Prada’s collection falls fatally into that web. Whether Prada can repel the Chav attack only time will tell, but in a head-to-head with Gucci you would have to say Prada look a more likely victim.

LA Air Line & airbrushing shirts on the venice boardwalk

LA Air Line & airbrushing shirts on the venice boardwalkWatch out for the LA Air Line collection. Kitmeout is pleased to publish the following release: 

1) the creative/directional team – this is the team of ku usa. ku is widely recognized in japan ad being the very first asian brand. we have seven free standing stores there, including a 4 storyflagship store in daikanyama.

ku usa team is also the creator/originator of the ed hardy brand. we have sinced licensed that out.

2) the factory itself – la air line. this was started by dennis maroney in 1971 when he was indivudally airbrushing shirts on the venice boardwalk. evolved into the large factory it is today. all pieces are works of art which are totally done by hand…..right down the the indivudally airbrushed hang tags. no two are ever the same. la air line produced the first shirts for the space shuttle program.

3) the world wide team of designers – after we select the seasonal “destinations” for la air line, we have a worldwide team of designers who give their own personal style to the theme. we present all desings in the line for inclusion. this enables us to offer a huge range of designs very quickly, and from many different aspects. the democracy of art. all designers have an even chance to be seen and heard. the market decides the winners.

these elements all come together to create a perfect collaborative team. each piece is then made by hand with care.

Antik Denim – no Antique is Antik Denim Jeans!

Antik Denim - no Antique is Antik Denim Jeans!Antik Denim may have a vintage quality but it certainly does not need any restoration. Antik Denim is a premium denim brand in the true sense of the phrase. The craftsmanship is of the very highest standard and the amazing hand-finished decorations are truly exquisite. Top that with exclusive Japanese and Italian denims and you have a brand with every right to call itself Antik!

Antik Denim Jeans is a favorite among style-conscious men and woman. The brand offers a complete wardrobe in addition to jeans, including vintage-styled T-shirts, boots, and belts. Red Carpet celebrities who don the threads include: Johnny Dep, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Teri Hatcher, Julia Roberts, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopes, and Vince Vaughn.

Watch out for the forth-coming Antik collections which include an Elvis Presley-inspired collection, and two new lines: Antik Kargo and Antik Vintage.

Umbro and Kim Jones Trainers & Clothes

Umbro and Kim Jones Trainers & ClothesKim Jones is a British menswear designer, who graduated from Central St Martins and quickly developed a cult following for his fresh and innovative designs.

Alongside his own collections, Kim Jones designs a range of innovative casual clothing and trainers for the high profile sportswear brand, Umbro. The Umbro and Kim Jones collaboration is widely hailed as a major success by retailers and customers alike. The Umbro Kim Jones trainers and casual footwear have a unique quality that is both aesthetically and practically appealing… And the World Cup collection, which includes shirts, hoodies, casual pants, tees and sweats has a clean and attractive nostalgic feel.

Dior Homme + Dior slim Jeans = YSL style epiphany!

Dior Homme + Dior slim Jeans = YSL style epiphany!Has Dior Homme gone all Millennium MOD and transformed itself into a rich man’s Henri Lloyd? Some fashionistas might argue the present designer route of Dior Homme would make their illustrious founder hit the roof if he was still on planet earth!

Christian Dior (January 21, 1905 – October 24, 1957), was an influential French fashion designer, born in Granville, Normandy, France. Dior attended the Catholic school College Stanislaus, and then the Paris Institute of Political Studies (better known as Sciences Po), after which he established his main house of couture in Paris in 1946 with the backing of textile magnate Marcel Boussac. He expanded his business to 15 countries and employed over 2,000 people. Christian Dior became known as the father of couture, his elegant and innovative designs setting new standards in excellence and his vision leading the way forward and never succumbing to temporal trends. It’s a shame the same cannot be said for the current Dior Homme collection and design momentum. It looks like Dior needs a new Yves Saint Laurent style epiphany!

Adidas Clothes Adidas T-Shirt – a welcome BIG BROTHER!

Adidas Clothes Adidas T-Shirt a welcome BIG BROTHER!Just pulling on an Adidas T-shirt transports you to the past and future at the same time! As paradoxical as that sounds it has a ring of truth to it; wearing Adidas clothing has a reminiscent quality to it but at the same time the company has taken sportswear production and material compounds to an almost futuristic level.

Everyone gets a warm feeling pulling on the three stripes whether it be an Adidas t-shirt, a jacket, a tracksuit, a hoody or a plain old sweat shirt. Adidas is a part of the very fabric of the global consciousness. Adidas is like George Orwell’s BIG BROTHER – but we all get a comforting feeling from that all-seeing eye; it helps us remember that life can go backwards and not just inexorably forward towards the grave. Retro fashion can help us forget our finite nature!

Ice Cream Sneakers & Trainers – are they starting to melt?

Ice Cream Sneakers & Trainers - are they starting to melt?Is the tasty Ice Cream Sneaker brand starting to melt? Everyone loves ice cream, whether the stuff you eat or the stuff you put on your feet. Pharrell and Nigo hit on a great concept a few years back and the complications between the guys and Reebok were a real pity for everyone concerned including the eager customer. That said, once you expose ice cream to that kind of heat it will inevitably start to melt and that’s manifest today by the dwindling excitement surrounding Ice Cream sneakers.

Hats off to Pharrell Williams and Nigo though for trying to rescue the brand from a sticky end. The guys have not let their dream die and the official website tells us:

“Ice Cream Footwear is a morph between the skate and urban world. This exclusive collection is available in limited distribution at high-end boutiques worldwide. Ice Cream’s uniqueness and creativity are set forth from the outset, with each pair encased in packaging that resembles an actual ice cream carton.

The Ice Cream sneakers collection is a result of a collaboration between Pharrell Williams of “The Neptunes” and one of today’s hottest global designers, Nigo. Nigo is best known for his “A Bathing Ape” Clothing Line.”

That’s not such a far cry from what Reebok told us back in 2004:

“Ice Cream’s uniqueness and creativity are set forth from the outset, with each pair encased in packaging that resembles an actual ice cream carton. The first shoe in the line is a skate-influenced silhouette with a low-profile design that features sparkling images of diamonds and dollar bills. Additional images to be featured in the footwear collection include radios and dice and pagers and money rolls. Ice Cream is available for a suggested retail price of $200 and will debut in three colorways: black/red/blue, yellow/navy/blue and white/black/red.

So maybe the Ice Cream sneaker brand has started to melt – So what! Some of us like it messy.

KU USA Clothing – KU Traditional Clothing from Japan

KU USA Clothing - KU Traditional Clothing from JapanKitmeout is privileged to receive the following KU Biography and Philosophy:

The first KU collection was shown in the fall of 1991. At that time, workwear, urban street rap was all the rage. A very “f you” attitude.

There were NO Asian brands or motiffs being used. At the time, Japanese buyers were always looking to USA and Europe to bring fashion into Japan. Japanese society was still trying to “catch up  with the west” after world war 2. It never occured to them that their own style of fashion could be cool.

We exhibited our first collection in fall 1991, and the Japanese buyers were stunned. Then they went to the USA, and an American company put the “cool stamp of approval” on Asian sensibilities. While there were Aisan deisgners (Issey Miyake etc) at the time, these desigers were styling more western fashion.

KU WAS THE VERY FIRST ASIAN BRAND WORLWIDE. Everyone in Japan knows KU. We were also the first to use dragons. When KU came out, the only place to find dragons was at a karate studio.

Tokyo was the fashion capital at the time, and all three fashion houses were carrying KU at the same time (beams, ships and united arrows). This is unheard of, to this day. THERE SIMPLY WAS NO CHOICE, KU HAD THIS MARKET TO ITSELF.

When the fashion capital moved to london in about 1993 – 1994 KU was picked up by Duffer of St George and Jones in Covent Garden. This was followed by the new Urban Outfitters store on Kensington High Street.

KU is sold in usa by Fred Segal, M. Fredric, Planet Blue, Atrium, Rolo, Nordstrom, Saks, Macy’s and 200 other fine boutiques.

We took the brand name from a Zen Buddhist saying “shiki zoku ze ku, ku shoku ze shike.”. in english this translates as “form is void, void is from”  void being the spiritual world KU. This saying is found in the book “Way of the Samurai”.

This is the design consideration of all KU garments:

We believe the process (essence) of each design is what gives the garment lasting value. We do not chase trends, nor do we turn away from them. KU naturally expresses it’s ideas in garment form. We never stray from our design philosophy:


Enlightenment is the core of our theme. Humans are the core reason of what we do. Materialism is not.

Clothing as a tribute to the perfected human, with a mind of his own.

This is the KU Style:

There is a meaning to every single fabric and design in KU Style. These meanings reach the mind of those who wear KU. Helping them to become sublime!

KU contemplates against materialism. Clothing with no meaning is just a material item. Fashion is simply an element which compliments Human’s beauty. A meaning is needed in the process, for practical clothing to become independent fashion.

Contemplate the MEANING to create…….is what KU does.

Morphine Generation Clothes Morphine Generation T-Shirt

Morphine Generation Clothes Morphine Generation T-ShirtTake an item of clothing and transform it into a piece of contemporary art! That appears to be the Morphine Generation concept and the basis of their meteoric rise to fashion stardom. Some fashion commentators have mistakenly compared Morphine Generation to Buddhist Punk and I.C.R. Deth Killers. This comparison does a gross disservice to each brand. Morphine Generation has a powerful and unique style that bares very little comparison to any other brand. In a confused nutshell Morphine Generation is uniquely unique!

Started in a dingy garage in Hollywood, CA over the summer of 2003, morphine generation was founded by L.A. rock musician/graphic artist Erik Hart and L.A. based director/fashion photographer Elliot Hans. Morphine Generation Jeans Morphine Generation JacketErik combined the emotion of his music and his aggressive performances with Elliot’s keen eye for photographic beauty to create the inspiration for their clothing, “Rock n Roll, Decadence and Luxury”. With no formal fashion training and just three handmade samples, the boys got orders from some of the worlds top high end accounts. The line consists of one-of-a-kind hand distressed t-shirts and polos (as of yet). All garments are made from the finest and most luxurious cottons, which are designed to drape and compliment any body type. Each garment is silk screened with original artwork which screams and shouts to be seen.

Morphine Generation has come a long way since that dingy garage in 2003. The Morphine Generation today includes not just the famous Tees, but also Jeans, Hoodies, Jackets, Swimwear and much more. Today the brand is widely and equally respected on the street and in the high-end fashion stores.

Rogan Jeans + Rogan Clothing = One to Watch in 2007!

Rogan Jeans + Rogan Clothing = One to Watch in 2007!The Rogan volcano is starting to rumble. People are talking about the low-profile brand and an air of excitement and expectation is starting to build. Many top fashionistas will tell us that Rogan Jeans are currently some of the best available in the world and the whole Rogan Clothing line is “poetry in cut and cloth”!

To quote Rogan: “Using advanced construction and wash-processing techniques on time honored raw materials, Rogan creates clothing that combines elements of the past with the finishing technology of the future.”

Keep your eyes on the horizon the Rogan volcano is about to erupt!

Etienne Ozeki Jeans EO Clothes Etienne Ozeki Who?

Etienne Ozeki Jeans EO Clothes Etienne Ozeki Who?Is Etienne Ozeki a real flesh and blood fashion designer? On the official Etienne Ozeki website it says: “Etienne Ozeki was born in Monbassa, Kenya, the son of a French mother and a Japanese father. He was a global traveler from an early age as his mother cultivated links throughout the world as a roving ambassador for a large multi-government fund organisation. His father documented their journeys in words, print, photography and sculpture.”

The official website blurb appears to conflict with the following official statement:

Etienne Ozeki is the leading light and a brainchild of three denim lovers from Purple Pin Designs. They are Farook Jamal, Richard Hobbs and Ben Cheung.

Wanting to use their many years of experience in designing and developing jeanswear concepts for customers around the world the Etienne Ozeki brand concept was conceived.

Etienne Ozeki, or EO, is not a standard jeanswear collection. The brand uses inventive styling, innovative fabrics and treatments, and delivers a new aesthetic in denim.”

So is Etienne Ozeki a real flesh and blood fashion designer or just another invention of an over active imagination?

Ted Baker Clothes Ted Baker Jeans who’s Ted Baker?

Ted Baker Clothes Ted Baker Jeans who's Ted Baker?So who exactly is Ted Baker? Is Ted Baker a real flesh and blood fashion designer born and raised as Ted Baker? In fact, Ray Kelvin is the closest man to the brand name Ted Baker. Yes, Ted Baker is a brand name and not a flesh and blood fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Ben Sherman, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney or any other famous British fashion designer.

Ray Kelvin opened his first Ted Baker store in Glasgow in 1988. Ted Baker has since growing into a multi-national fashion brand offering a wide range of collections from Menswear to Swimwear and from Underwear to, even, Homeware. Although it’s deflating to discover Ted Baker is not an actual fashion designer, the disappointment is mitigated by the fact that the Ted Baker brand continues to offer a good, honest, range of fashion at affordable prices.

Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus Clothes Sacrilegious Marketing

Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus Clothes Sacrilegious MarketingElvis Jesus the glammed-up T-shirt line by Ringspun is causing something of a stir. You might mistakenly believe the stir is in the fashion-world for the bejeweled Tees studded with sparkles are certainly eye-catching. However, the real stir is in the religious-world; many Christians consider the irreverent designs no less than blaspheme and the depiction of Jesus Christ in Elvis garb and poses sacrilegious.

No doubt Elvis Jesus is simply jumping on the same bandwagon as Gsus, True Religion, Buddhist Punk and many more brands in the hope that courting controversy will glean both recognition and sales. This is clearly a risky venture which is probably more hopeful than calculated. Whatever the outcome Elvis Jesus won’t be the last brand to profane the name of God in the hope of scoring a buck.

Armani Mizuno Sneakers – Armani Mizuno Collaboration

Armani Mizuno Sneakers - Armani Mizuno CollaborationGiorgio Armani has apparently agreed a deal with Japanese high-tech sportswear brand Mizuno to create a new generation of high fashion and high tech sneakers. Most of the fashion world will no doubt be saying: Not another sodding collaboration between a high profile fashion house and a recognised sportswear brand! Collaboration fever looks like it’s here to stay for at least the forseeable future; Alexander McQueen and Puma, Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, Evisu and Puma and the list goes on and on, including a reputed collaboration between Adidas and Porsche.

Giorgio Armani apparently told FWD: “I wanted to create special sneakers, but for me the key thing is that they be authentic, where technology and fashion meets. In my view no one makes more advanced sneakers than Mizuno, so it’s a great arrangement.”

The initial four designs won’t be on show until June, which should help add to the tension and expectation. Who knows, perhaps we’ll all be pleasantly surprised by this collaboration but don’t hold your breath!

Shakira Pop Princess – Shakira Humanitarian Heroine

Shakira Pop Princess - Shakira Humanitarian HeroinePop Queen Shakira, the woman who wants to redeem us with her mesmeric hips, has received an award from the United Nations for her humanitarian work to help women trying to escape poverty in developing countries.

Shaking Shakira has been supporting the microcredit loans scheme, which has assisted millions of women start their own businesses and, hence, break the chains of poverty and hunger so tightly restricting so many women in the third-world.

To directly quote the pop princess: “Hips Don’t Lie”… unlike certain officials at the UN! Shakira, Humanitarian Heroine or Humanitarian opportunist? Let’s be charitable too and say the former.

Marc Jacobs Clothes Marc Jocobs Jeans Stinky Rat

Marc Jacobs Clothes Marc Jocobs Jeans Stinky RatMr Marc Jacobs, the original Stinky Rat, is a very rare and valuable commodity; he is a Fashion Designer in the true and original meaning of the phrase. In these days of hype and burn fashion, it’s refreshing to know that an old-school passionate fashion designer in the mould of the true “greats” still exists to pass on the legacy. Marc Jacobs’ flamboyant and infectious style is both innovative and at the same time strangely reminiscent of the great qualities of the past. It’s perhaps this paradox that makes Marc Jacobs one of the finest designers of the modern age.

Marc Jacobs was born in New York City on April 9, 1963. After graduating from the High School of Art and Design in 1981 he entered Parson’s School of Design.

As a design student at Parson’s, Jacobs was awarded the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award, the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award, and the Design Student of the Year Award all in 1984. While still at Parson’s, Jacobs also designed and sold his first collection of hand-knit sweaters. The collection was designed for Ruben Thomas, Inc., which is still intact today.

Since those early years Marc Jacobs has gone on to revolutionise the fashion world. His passion and integrity remain a beckon of hope in an ever darkening and contrived industry.

Baby Phat Clothing Baby Phat Jeans Hip Hop Style

Baby Phat Clothing Baby Phat Jeans Hip Hop Style?Baby Phat first came into existence as a publicity tool. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons produced tiny tees with the clever name “Baby Phat” to electrify his men’s Phat Farm runway shows. When celebrities and models such as Tyra Banks and Claudia Schiffer started wearing these tees, they became such a phenomenon that the decision was made to launch an entire Baby Phat collection.

The perfect choice was to bring Simmons’ wife, Kimora Lee, on board as the creative director. Kimora has always been a celebrity, gleaning attention from both the fashion community and the music world. At age 13, she became the muse to the house of Chanel and its designer Karl Lagerfeld. “Dealing with Karl and seeing how he interacts with the staff gave me a different perspective that would not have had otherwise,” she said in a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily. “I saw how his mind worked, how he expressed himself, not to mention that when your first job is Chanel, that plants fabulous seeds in a girl”. Baby Phat reflects Kimora’s buoyant energy and her strong opinions of style lent from her experiences as a model and a hip-hop socialite. From the lines’ inception, Kimora has a strong hand in molding the style an imagery of who the Baby Phat woman is, from details on lingerie to treatments on denim. “We may use camouflage if it’s the trend of the season, but it will be executed in our way” says Kimora Lee. “We’ll put glitter or caviar on it, or do it in a softer brush pattern, but always sexy.

Who Wears It – The young and the hip-hop, and a few others, among them Madonna, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Eve and Eminem (just joking!)