Morphine Generation Clothes Morphine Generation T-ShirtTake an item of clothing and transform it into a piece of contemporary art! That appears to be the Morphine Generation concept and the basis of their meteoric rise to fashion stardom. Some fashion commentators have mistakenly compared Morphine Generation to Buddhist Punk and I.C.R. Deth Killers. This comparison does a gross disservice to each brand. Morphine Generation has a powerful and unique style that bares very little comparison to any other brand. In a confused nutshell Morphine Generation is uniquely unique!

Started in a dingy garage in Hollywood, CA over the summer of 2003, morphine generation was founded by L.A. rock musician/graphic artist Erik Hart and L.A. based director/fashion photographer Elliot Hans. Morphine Generation Jeans Morphine Generation JacketErik combined the emotion of his music and his aggressive performances with Elliot’s keen eye for photographic beauty to create the inspiration for their clothing, “Rock n Roll, Decadence and Luxury”. With no formal fashion training and just three handmade samples, the boys got orders from some of the worlds top high end accounts. The line consists of one-of-a-kind hand distressed t-shirts and polos (as of yet). All garments are made from the finest and most luxurious cottons, which are designed to drape and compliment any body type. Each garment is silk screened with original artwork which screams and shouts to be seen.

Morphine Generation has come a long way since that dingy garage in 2003. The Morphine Generation today includes not just the famous Tees, but also Jeans, Hoodies, Jackets, Swimwear and much more. Today the brand is widely and equally respected on the street and in the high-end fashion stores.