LA Air Line & airbrushing shirts on the venice boardwalkWatch out for the LA Air Line collection. Kitmeout is pleased to publish the following release: 

1) the creative/directional team – this is the team of ku usa. ku is widely recognized in japan ad being the very first asian brand. we have seven free standing stores there, including a 4 storyflagship store in daikanyama.

ku usa team is also the creator/originator of the ed hardy brand. we have sinced licensed that out.

2) the factory itself – la air line. this was started by dennis maroney in 1971 when he was indivudally airbrushing shirts on the venice boardwalk. evolved into the large factory it is today. all pieces are works of art which are totally done by hand…..right down the the indivudally airbrushed hang tags. no two are ever the same. la air line produced the first shirts for the space shuttle program.

3) the world wide team of designers – after we select the seasonal “destinations” for la air line, we have a worldwide team of designers who give their own personal style to the theme. we present all desings in the line for inclusion. this enables us to offer a huge range of designs very quickly, and from many different aspects. the democracy of art. all designers have an even chance to be seen and heard. the market decides the winners.

these elements all come together to create a perfect collaborative team. each piece is then made by hand with care.