Gucci Clothes & Prada Clothes under a Chav Attack?Are Gucci and Prada under a Chav attack? Is it possible that these two pre-eminent brands could suffer the same fate as Burberry? In a head-to-head, who would succumb to the Chavs first?

As the Chav hordes look for new brands to pillage and plunder, all the major brands are looking over their shoulders nervously wondering whether their brand is destined to be the next victim. Both Prada and Gucci are prime targets as counterfeits of both brands are widely available and fakes are the main weapon in the Chav armory. The other major factor to consider is how the brands themselves market their image, or even, how the Chavs perceive that marketing, whether rightly or wrongly. Of these two major brands, Prada is perhaps the more like to come under a direct Chav attack. The exclusive urban sportswear image is irresistible to all Chavs and Prada’s collection falls fatally into that web. Whether Prada can repel the Chav attack only time will tell, but in a head-to-head with Gucci you would have to say Prada look a more likely victim.