Fly London Shoes, Footwear for the Future!FLY WHO?

Targeted at the global fashion market, FLY London footwear is uncompromising in its styling and design. Born in 1994, from the very beginning FLY’s design philosophy has been to create original fashion shoes using traditional construction techniques in an unexpected way. The sole designs, constructions and uppers, help keep FLY at the forefront of fashion. Their continuing aim is to create a global fashion brand available in leading fashion outlets worldwide.

Elegant but funky lines bordering on the eccentric! Their Fickle and Blunt Lines, as a nod to the victorian (FLY version) styling they have used formal antiqued leathers and a wallpaper print lining. These shoes are about as dainty as FLY will ever get. A sixties feel at Delight Line. The wedge heel makes them stable and comfortable but they have a graphic modern flavour which is far from the mundane!

Tramp, Radar and Elixir new lines introduces a mens more formal look to FLY London. Styles that take inspiration from architectural shapes but with a contemporany design twist.