Fape Clothing x Fapesta Sneakers = Bape Fakes!Has A Bathing Ape created a monster by controlling their brand distribution to the point of inertia? Bape clothing and Bapesta Sneakers are controlled and channeled to such an extend that demand far outstrips supply and it now appears the natural conclusion of this strategy is to spawn a lucrative underground industry of genuinely desired fakes. In fact, this parasitic “sub-brand”, has its own name “FAPE” instead of BAPE and “Fapesta” instead of Bapesta! What’s even more incredible is the FAPE parasitic sub-brand is undoubtedly a more lucrative business than the authentic BAPE host-brand.

Makers of FAPE Clothing and Fapestas have refined their art so perfectly that even the most dedicated Bape aficionado would be hard pressed to discern the difference between FAPE and BAPE! There’s a real lesson here for the rest of the fashion industry; you can’t hype and burn and expect no consequences!

If FAPE is fake BAPE is Furberry fake Burberry! Just a thought.