Evisu Heritage Collection v Evisu EU ED CollectionSo what’s the main difference between the Evisu Heritage Collection and the Evisu EU ED Collection. Many Evisu fashionistas will tell you “Quality”! Evisu state the following:

Evisu Heritage denim follows its Japanese mantra of UNCHANGEABLE. Colour is added in multi rainbow and plain embroidered logo. Classic fits remain whilst new styles evolve with a slimmer leg. Some styles use Unsanforized denim (which will shrink up to 4 inches after washing), a technique not used since the 70’s – staying true to its vintage roots. Striped selvedge emulates American work wear whilst patterns on denim and jersey are based on traditional Japanese gift-wrapping.”

Evisu EU ED is all Italian laundered with laser beaching and enzyme washing throughout. Its Jamaican theme comes through in Tee prints, denim stitching and trims in Rastafarian red, green and yellow.”

Evisu EU ED is also partially treated in Turkey. Evisu EU ED is perhaps an attempt to further commercialize the brand. Evisu Heritage is ultimately a purist jean which mightn’t appeal directly to the mass market. EU ED is perhaps an attempt to bridge that gap with styles and denims which are more palatable to the High Street consumer as opposed to the Evisu fashionista.