Etienne Ozeki Jeans EO Clothes Etienne Ozeki Who?Is Etienne Ozeki a real flesh and blood fashion designer? On the official Etienne Ozeki website it says: “Etienne Ozeki was born in Monbassa, Kenya, the son of a French mother and a Japanese father. He was a global traveler from an early age as his mother cultivated links throughout the world as a roving ambassador for a large multi-government fund organisation. His father documented their journeys in words, print, photography and sculpture.”

The official website blurb appears to conflict with the following official statement:

Etienne Ozeki is the leading light and a brainchild of three denim lovers from Purple Pin Designs. They are Farook Jamal, Richard Hobbs and Ben Cheung.

Wanting to use their many years of experience in designing and developing jeanswear concepts for customers around the world the Etienne Ozeki brand concept was conceived.

Etienne Ozeki, or EO, is not a standard jeanswear collection. The brand uses inventive styling, innovative fabrics and treatments, and delivers a new aesthetic in denim.”

So is Etienne Ozeki a real flesh and blood fashion designer or just another invention of an over active imagination?