Denimbirds Jeans + Denimbirds Style = Nudie for women?Denimbirds, the ladieswear brand from Sweden, is making the same Viking splash as their male counterpart, Nudie Jeans. The Denimbirds philosophy is to empower women with a sense of independence and self-love. A laudable philosophy for sure!

“The Denimbirds collection doesn’t follow any specific trends, nor has it anything to do with fashion or effects. Far from the half naked models in glossy magazines there is an ambition to create clothes for individuals rather than objects. Denimbirds is made for all females who like and accept their own bodies and prefer to dress like individuals, rather than following the skinny preference beauty.

For John Lennon, Yoko Ono was a real bird – independent, strong and with a free spirit. This was also the original meaning of the word when mentioned in the 60’s pop songs. It’s all about having a true bird’s attitude.

Clothes should be fun and creative, a way to feel free in body and soul. Denimbirds is made for all of us who love pure denim.”