Baby Milo Clothing by BAPE a grand experiment?BAPE has spawned a great deal of debate and heated rhetoric over the past few years. The limited availability and excessive prices have caused enthusiasm and indignation in equal measure. Despite that, there’s one division within the BAPE empire which seems to confused the fashion industry unanimously: Baby Milo! The question often arises, what possesses a grown man to pull on a t-shirt with a depiction of a baby ape plastered on the front? What drives grown men to discard their usually irrevocable masculinity to embrace such an extremely puerile character?

The answer appears to be “APE”! Humans have an innate tendency to blindly “ape” others who they respect and admire. Some might argue that this is the very foundation upon which the whole of the fashion industry is established and BAPE is simply taking this process to the extreme. Who knows, perhaps Nigo is in the midst of a grand human experiment which will help expose so many of the fallacies rooted within fashion. Perhaps the fashion world needs BAPE to expose the fashion “APE” in us all and lead us back to the land of true fashion; the land of vision and individuality!