Armani Mizuno Sneakers - Armani Mizuno CollaborationGiorgio Armani has apparently agreed a deal with Japanese high-tech sportswear brand Mizuno to create a new generation of high fashion and high tech sneakers. Most of the fashion world will no doubt be saying: Not another sodding collaboration between a high profile fashion house and a recognised sportswear brand! Collaboration fever looks like it’s here to stay for at least the forseeable future; Alexander McQueen and Puma, Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, Evisu and Puma and the list goes on and on, including a reputed collaboration between Adidas and Porsche.

Giorgio Armani apparently told FWD: “I wanted to create special sneakers, but for me the key thing is that they be authentic, where technology and fashion meets. In my view no one makes more advanced sneakers than Mizuno, so it’s a great arrangement.”

The initial four designs won’t be on show until June, which should help add to the tension and expectation. Who knows, perhaps we’ll all be pleasantly surprised by this collaboration but don’t hold your breath!