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April 2006

Evisu Heritage Collection v Evisu EU ED Collection

Evisu Heritage Collection v Evisu EU ED CollectionSo what’s the main difference between the Evisu Heritage Collection and the Evisu EU ED Collection. Many Evisu fashionistas will tell you “Quality”! Evisu state the following:

Evisu Heritage denim follows its Japanese mantra of UNCHANGEABLE. Colour is added in multi rainbow and plain embroidered logo. Classic fits remain whilst new styles evolve with a slimmer leg. Some styles use Unsanforized denim (which will shrink up to 4 inches after washing), a technique not used since the 70’s – staying true to its vintage roots. Striped selvedge emulates American work wear whilst patterns on denim and jersey are based on traditional Japanese gift-wrapping.”

Evisu EU ED is all Italian laundered with laser beaching and enzyme washing throughout. Its Jamaican theme comes through in Tee prints, denim stitching and trims in Rastafarian red, green and yellow.”

Evisu EU ED is also partially treated in Turkey. Evisu EU ED is perhaps an attempt to further commercialize the brand. Evisu Heritage is ultimately a purist jean which mightn’t appeal directly to the mass market. EU ED is perhaps an attempt to bridge that gap with styles and denims which are more palatable to the High Street consumer as opposed to the Evisu fashionista.

CP Company – Evolution or Revoultion for CP Company?

CP Company - Evolution or Revoultion for CP Company?Since the untimely passing of fashion genius, Massimo Osti, what lies ahead for the innovative CP Company? Massimo osti was an integral part of the CP Company brand and his guiding influence and unrivalled skill at producing unique and innovative clothing is what gave CP Company an almost “cult” status and attracted a loyal band of fashion connoisseurs throughout Europe and beyond.

What now lies ahead for CP Company? Will the brand continue to evolve or is there a brand revolution around the corner? Whatever lies ahead for CP Company, let’s hope the brand continues to hold true to the vision and innovation of Massimo Osti.

Nike White Label x Nike Clothing = Premium Sportswear

Nike White Label x Nike Clothing = Premium SportswearNike premium White Label clothing collection offers clean and stylish sportswear for the fashion purist. Uncompromising silhouettes and sharp shapes. The collection includes Tees, Hoodies, Trackies and Sweats. White Label kudos is further enhanced by collaborations with artists such as Ben Drury, Kevin Lyons and Hitomi Yokoyama.

Ironheart Jeans with Solid Sterling Silver Rivets

Ironheart Jeans with Solid Sterling Silver RivetsIronheart Jeans have been made in Japan for over 25 years and they’re now available in Europe. Apparently Ironheart are the toughest, strongest, most stubborn jeans in the world. The denim is made in Japan out of the highest quality, long fibre cotton and these long fibres reputed allow the individual cotton threads to be spun less tightly than is normal, which results in a great combination of a soft feel and ultra heavy hardwearing denim.

All Ironheart jeans come with the option of solid sterling silver rivets, which provides another great touch to these jeans. Can you see these being a big hit with the West Ham Utd boys? Worth a butchers!

D&G Jeans x Dolce & Gabbana Clothing = Hypnotic Style!

D&G Jeans x Dolce & Gabbana Clothing = Hypnotic Style!Dolce & Gabbana, the brand name of life, love and fashion partners Domencio Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, tells us the brand never changes radically but evolves intelligently from an unshakeable base. Recently, however, many fashion commentators have remarked on the truly radical collections emerging from the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion House. Of course, we all expect the very highest standards from D&G but the most recent collections have surpassed even those expectations and have attained a sublime level of style, craftsmanship and pure majesty not heard of until now.

The latest D&G denim-wear collection competes with anything on the market today. The quality of the denim, the attention to detail and the purist artistry all combine to create exceptional jeans and complimentary jackets and shirts. The D&G casual-wear demonstrates the same level of imagination and craftsmanship. Quite simply, the latest D&G collections are head and shoulders above their competition and are deserving of considerable recognition.

Kaws BAPE & Kaws BAPESTA, Urban High-Culture

Kaws BAPE & Kaws BAPESTA, Urban High-CultureThe Kaws x Bape and Kaws x Bapesta collaborations have tapped into a neglected sub-culture with phenomenal success. Dedicated Bape aficionados and punters in general have been snapping up the Kaws x Bape Hoodies, Tees, Jackets, Sweats and Accessories, not to mention the Kaws Bapesta Sneakers, as fast as they can be produced!

Kaws, real name, Brian Donnelly a graffiti grand-master from Jersey City, is widely considered a modern-day Picasso. His style is complex in its simplistic and his dedication uncompromising. Kaws has provided BAPE with the kudos to transcend commercial fashion and legitimately enter the realm of urban high-culture. A very smart move by the Bape Man!

Steelo Clothing has Star Quality

Steelo Clothing has Star QualitySteelo, created by the youthful and visionary designer, Matt Levine, has been attracting a great deal of star-quality attention of late. Usher, APL of Black Eyed Peas fame, DJ Jon Shaprio and Madonna’s Producer have all been clocked ripping the Steelo rags of the rails in high class fashion boutiques across the USA and Japan.

Apparently Steelo’s doesn’t want to the flood the market, rather be selective and place their garments in high-end boutiques. Another brand to watch over the coming seasons…

Replay Jeans x Replay Shirt = Tasty Combo

Replay Jeans x Replay Shirt = Tasty ComboIf you’re looking for serious fashion but don’t want to pay serious money Replay jeans could be the answer!

The evolution of Replay jeans in the Summer will be linked primarily to different hand made details: labels with the logo on the back of the jeans are made with strass and beads giving a precius effect.Typical western embroidery are reinterpreted with colourful yarns and flowers. Multicoloured and irregular stitching and spur metal plates are used instead of rivets. Washings goes mainly from white to very light-medium indigo. The collection is comfort fit for both men and women.

To reinforce the significance of the concept of a sophisticated denim, Replay match it with a classic items like the “chemise” reinterpreted in a typical Replay way. Shirts are made in very light and refined popeline fabric with modern details, in white and light blue colours.

Fred Perry Comme des Garcons – Polo Shirt & Knits

Fred Perry Comme des Garcons - Polo Shirt & Knits“The Fred Perry and Comme des Garcons shirt introduce their new collection for spring summer.

Heritage Fred Perry products are once again the cornerstones of the collection. Silhouettes remain clean and simple; a classic knit v-neck sweater, tank top, tennis bomber jacket and the Fred Perry shirt are styled in red, navy and blue with contract tipping detail on both cuff and waistband. Fabrication is original with knitwear worked in acrylic and polo shirts in pique cotton. The result is a collection of full traditional references updated with unique Comme des Garcons twist.

The clever use of colour and washes is signature Comme des Garcons Shirt. The spring summer collaboration range introduces a number of different applications to the Fred Perry shirt. These include bleaching, abstract printing and overdying creating unique product in unique colourways.”

Clerk & Teller Clothing, can you bank on it?

Clerk & Teller Clothing, can you bank on it?Clerk & Teller is a designer clothing brand reputedly established by an ex bank clerk and teller, named Bob Karbon and Copi Weave respectively. The overall theme and marketing of the brand is bound to make the purists smile.

On the plus side, Clerk & Teller garments deserve to be taken more seriously. Their collection, which includes casual linen jackets, bomber jackets, polo shirts, fine knits, jerseys and long-sleeve shirts, offers quality, freshness and exquisite attention to detail.

The Clerk & Teller marketing might be comical but their collection is deadly serious and definitely worth a butchers!

Red Dot Clothing & Red Dot jeans = What???

Red Dot Clothing & Red Dot jeans = What???The fashion rumour-mill is banging to the beat of Red Dot. Word is, something BIG is happening over at Red Dot and it could be a knock-out collaboration??? As we know, Red Dot is not immune to the collaboration bug and has worked closely with Evisu in the past.

Red Dot, began life in a SOHO pub in 2001 and is widely recognised for its twisted humour, Trompe L’Oeil and, of course, top notch garments! Worth keeping an eye on Red Dot!

Visvim Jeans – a new venture for Visvim Shoes.

Visvim Jeans - a new venture for Visvim Shoes.Visvim, the world famous footwear brand from Japan, takes a tentative step into the denim market. Visvim have introduced a capsule denim collection based on the archetypal Levi jeans, including Visvim Fluxus Denim Type 01 based on the 501 and features selvedge, coloured rivets, inner zip back pocket and button-fly. Also the Visvim Denim Fluxus Type 05 based on the slim fit 505 and offers, coloured rivets and inner zip back pocket. Zip fly, selvedge, and shrink-to-fit.

Baby Milo Clothing by BAPE a grand experiment?

Baby Milo Clothing by BAPE a grand experiment?BAPE has spawned a great deal of debate and heated rhetoric over the past few years. The limited availability and excessive prices have caused enthusiasm and indignation in equal measure. Despite that, there’s one division within the BAPE empire which seems to confused the fashion industry unanimously: Baby Milo! The question often arises, what possesses a grown man to pull on a t-shirt with a depiction of a baby ape plastered on the front? What drives grown men to discard their usually irrevocable masculinity to embrace such an extremely puerile character?

The answer appears to be “APE”! Humans have an innate tendency to blindly “ape” others who they respect and admire. Some might argue that this is the very foundation upon which the whole of the fashion industry is established and BAPE is simply taking this process to the extreme. Who knows, perhaps Nigo is in the midst of a grand human experiment which will help expose so many of the fallacies rooted within fashion. Perhaps the fashion world needs BAPE to expose the fashion “APE” in us all and lead us back to the land of true fashion; the land of vision and individuality!

APC Clothing + APC Jeans = Soulful Energy!

APC Clothing + APC Jeans = Soulful Energy!APC Clothing has all the essential style and charisma you’d expect from a brand which has its roots firmly established in French soil. The brand has a refreshingly unique spirit and a subtle flamboyancy which sparks excitement and soulful energy. Both the women’s and men’s collections have a “soho-boho” quality which literally exudes style and presences. The APC Jeans have established something of a cult following recently with a growing number of dedicated followers. APC is a brand that puts the spirit back into fashion.

Fape Clothing x Fapesta Sneakers = Bape Fakes!

Fape Clothing x Fapesta Sneakers = Bape Fakes!Has A Bathing Ape created a monster by controlling their brand distribution to the point of inertia? Bape clothing and Bapesta Sneakers are controlled and channeled to such an extend that demand far outstrips supply and it now appears the natural conclusion of this strategy is to spawn a lucrative underground industry of genuinely desired fakes. In fact, this parasitic “sub-brand”, has its own name “FAPE” instead of BAPE and “Fapesta” instead of Bapesta! What’s even more incredible is the FAPE parasitic sub-brand is undoubtedly a more lucrative business than the authentic BAPE host-brand.

Makers of FAPE Clothing and Fapestas have refined their art so perfectly that even the most dedicated Bape aficionado would be hard pressed to discern the difference between FAPE and BAPE! There’s a real lesson here for the rest of the fashion industry; you can’t hype and burn and expect no consequences!

If FAPE is fake BAPE is Furberry fake Burberry! Just a thought.

Warhol Factory Levi Jeans – Levi’s x Andy Warhol

Warhol Factory X Levi Jeans - Levi's x Andy WarholLast year Levi Jeans proudly announced their intention to release what on the face of it was an awe-inspiring collection of premium denim displaying images from the iconic Andy Warhol collection including his depictions of Marilyn Monroe. The Silver Luck collection, inspired by Andy Warhol’s studio in the 60’s, named the Silver Factory after Warhol covered it in tin foil, is complimented with details such as silver threads in the denim, and buttons that display crosses and knives from Warhol’s paintings.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding this incredible venture, the collection appears not to have lived up to it’s expectation. Perhaps the collection was thwarted by unrealistic expectations or perhaps the premium prices discouraged loyal Levista’s from partaking; the official price range for Jeans is from $190 to $300 and tops $80 to $300.

Currently Warhol Factory X Levi’s® 501 LUX Jeans are reduced from $265.00 to $229.98 and Warhol Factory X Levi’s® Strummer Tapered Lux Jeans are reduced from $260.00 to $229.98. These discount prices represent comparatively good buys particularly when we consider these jeans are true premium denim and Americana in its purest possible form.

BBC Clothing + BBC Jeans, on schedule!

Billionaire Boys Club clothing remains under the radarTake heart! Following our latest rant, it appears BBC Clothiing, including Tees Polos Sweats Jackets Jeans Shorts and BBC Accessories will be readily available in your local high-end fashion store this year. Kitmeout has been reliably informed that BBC distribution is on schedule – so all the Billionaire Boys Club desires will be fulfilled afterall!

Evisu x Puma Jeans “True Love Never Dies”

Evisu x Puma Jeans True Love Never Dies is the name of the Evisu x Puma Jeans collaboration. The collaboration frenzy is destined to grow and grow until it finally reaches its natural conclusion and all brands throughout the world collaborate and merge into one mega brand called uniqueless consensus!!! At least Evisu and Puma have some genuine collaboration history. The Puma x Evisu trainers of a few years back were a commendable collaborative effort and to be fair True Love Never Dies is one of the best denim collaborations currently on the market with a very reasonable price-point.

96 Hours by Neil Barrett – Puma Shoes & Clothes.

96 Hours by Neil Barrett - Puma Shoes & Clothes.96 Hours Philosophy, “Innovative, urban and versatile, 96 Hours accommodates the on-the-go lifestyle of today’s style conscious. Te 96 Hours collection is sophisticated, contemporary and founded on authentic sport. While the brand’s roots in movement, performance and style remain constant, each season’s collection is framed in the context of a different sport. Sport lives within our daily life. Solutions for active challenges in 96 hours.”

Neil Barrett Biography:

Neil Barrett was born in Devon, England in 1965. He graduated from the prestigious Central St Martins College of Art & Design in London with a BA in Men’s Fashion Design in 1986. In 1989 he graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with a Master’s in Men’s Fashion. He then went onto work for Gucci, Prada and Armani before being named a Creative Director for Puma in 2003. In 2006 Neil Barrett launched his Indigo Denim Collection for men and women.

Notify jeans & Notify Clothes the Androgyne Line!

Notify jeans & Notify Clothes the Androgyne Line!Maurice Ohayon, the man behind Notify Jeans, hails from Casablanca, Morocco and his clothing displays all the drama and mystery of that great city. Notify includes a wonderfully entitled Androgne Line which teases and agitates society’s preconceptions by playing with gender ambiguities. The whole concept exudes a deep artistic yearning and it’s provocative intention precipitates soul-searching amongst the receptive.

The Notify men’s denim collection includes a “pearl glossy” treatment in beige, blue green and white jeans. There is also a stretch component for extra comfort in most men’s styles and includes the ever present yellow stitching as expected in a pair of Notify Jeans.

nuala clothes nuala shoes by Puma & Christy Turlington

nuala clothes nuala shoes by Puma & Christy Turlington“What is nuala? nuala is an acronym representing: Natural – Universal – Altruistic – Limitless – Authentic. Often defined as “meditation in motion”, nuala is the product of an organic partnership that reflects Christy Turlington’s passion for the ancient discipline of Yoga and PUMA’s commitment to create a superior mix of sport and lifestyle products.
Having studied comparative religion and philosophy at New York University, model turned entrepreneur Christy Turlington sought to merge her interest in eastern practices with her real-life experience in the fashion industry and create an elegant, concise, fashion collection to complement her busy work, travel, and exercise schedule.
The goal of nuala is to create a symbiosis between the outer and inner being, the individual and collective experience, using yoga as a metaphor to make this balance possible. At nuala, we believe that everything in life should serve more than one purpose. nuala is more than a line of yoga-inspired activewear; it is a building block for limitless living aimed at providing fashion-conscious, independant women comfort for everyday life. The line allows flexibility and transition, from technical yoga pieces to fashionable apparel one can live in. Celebrating women for their intuition, intelligence, and individuality, nuala bridges the spacious gap between one’s public and private life.”

Nike Trainers + Google = Joga Bonito

Nike Trainers + Google = Joga BonitoAs the World Cup approaches football frenzy is starting to boil and fans from around the world are starting to sizzle with excitement. To cater for the growing demand for a slice of the beautiful game companies around the world are offering World Cup merchandise including the extremely rare Paul Smith World Cup football, wallet and Cufflinks.

Nike are also offering a wide selection of World Cup merchandise from Nike Trainers to Nike Clothes. Nike have also joined forces with Google to encourage World Cup camaraderie amongst nations in the form of, Joga Bonito:

“Joga is an online community created by Google and Nike for anyone anywhere in the world who shares a love for soccer, the world’s most popular sport. Joga is about getting to know your fellow fans; creating games and clubs; accessing athletes from Nike; and enjoying video clips and photos (you can even upload your own). You can strengthen existing friendships and begin new ones, join a wide variety of professional athletes and soccer communities, and even create your own to discuss soccer, exchange tips on the coolest moves, browse through various pitches worldwide, and plan your next game.

But most of all, Joga is about “Joga Bonito” — Portuguese for “play beautiful.” Are you ready to start down the path of soccer bliss? Join us, and show the world what playing beautiful means to you.”

Loomstate & Vans Sneakers Collaboration – Enviro Shoes!

Loomstate & Vans Sneakers Collaboration - Enviro Shoes!The eagerly awaited sneaker collaboration between Loomstate and Vans is here. The style is classic Vans with a loomstate twist, including bird print and interior polka dots. Keeping with Loomstate’s environmental credentials the sneakers are made using the same 100% organic cotton that they use to make their clothes, a blend of fibers from Turkey, Texas, and Kentucky that Loomstate engineered themselves. A definite soft shoe classic in the making!

eS Shoes + éS Trainers + eS Clothes for World War III

eS Shoes + éS Trainers + eS Clothes for World War III!éS Shoes, the x-treme sports uber brand, tells us World War III is just around the corner and it’s time to get our “Camo on”! To help us deal with the horror of World War III, eS have thoughtfully created an impressive range of camouflage clothing, including: the éS Guerilla and Lawton 2 caps, the Avalon crew shirt, the Slauson knit polo shirt, the Mainblock Fill and Deception t-shirts, the Sakai 2 shorts. Well, that surely makes us all feel a lot more positive about the prospect of World War III and nuclear annihilation! Thanks for this encouraging contribution to world peace éS.

Le Tigre Clothes & Shirt versus Lacoste – Gone too far?

Le Tigre Clothes & Shirt versus Lacoste - Gone too far?Has Le Tigre’s latest marketing clash with the mighty croc gone too far? The image of a tiger mauling a croc has caused a significant amount of indignation and is perhaps a prime example of reverse marketing; scoring points through controversy rather than through quality and diligence.

Whatever your take on the image, the fact is Le Tigre needn’t resort to reverse marketing to make its point. Le Tigre is an exceptional brand in its own right and it’s perhaps time the brand stepped out of the crocs shadow and started to let its qualities shine of its own accord.

Le Tigre Shirts, Polos and Knits are up there with the best of them and providing they’re not bloodstained their destined to become a fashion classic.

Gola Trainers & Gola Sneakers Kiss & Key

Gola Trainers & Gola Sneakers Kiss & KeyGola, the classic British trainer with an illustrious football heritage, is touted to make something of an imminent comeback. Time will tell.

“Gola, the original British sports brand has launched a collection of colourful trainers. Create your own individual style with a variety of exciting colour options designed to complement your fashion wardrobe.

‘Kiss’ & ‘Key’ are low profile options, incorporating a football inspired outsole, with a leather upper and a nubuck wingflash. Both trainers feature an innovative ‘1905’ branded heel plug and come with a choice of two colour co-ordinated laces.

‘Kiss’, a leather style incorporates suede trims and is available in white/black, white/teal/lime, white/lime/damson and white/orange/teal. ‘Key’ a suede option is available in beige/pink, powder blue/red/pale blue, red/pink & brown/powder blue. “

Airwalk Sneakers & Airwalk Shoes Walk on Water!

Airwalk Sneakers & Airwalk Shoes Walk on Water!“Team Airwalk’s Pro-Surfer Josh Mohr will compete in the 42nd Annual Easter Festival April 13-16 in Cocoa Beach, FL. Josh will be exhibiting his style and quality of surfing in front of huge crowds of spectators. Josh, show the East Coast how it’s done!

The Evolution of Boardsport Culture – Airwalk’s Fall 2006 Brand Campaign-Collective Licensing International (Collective) announces the launch of Airwalk’s Fall 2006 ad campaign, “Escape from New York.” Airwalk, founded in 1986, has always led the evolution of boardsport culture and fashion. Now the brand is once again headed into new territory by mashing together boardsport culture with the urban cool, youth style and international flair of New York City (NYC).  The hectic, concrete urban settings in and around NYC create a visually stunning contrast to the laid-back, casual, West-coast vibe of the Airwalk brand.  

In an effort to create a new standard of visual excellence, Collective partnered with Los Angeles-based photographer Michael Muller. Muller has worked extensively with some of the best known actors and musicians, in addition to shooting campaigns for brands like Dita, Nike and MTV and most recently the Academy Award® winning “Walk The Line” and the soon to be released “X3.” Airwalk’s professional athletes were used throughout the shoot to demonstrate the merging of youth culture and action sports with the intense heartbeat of a major metropolis.  The campaign was shot in several locations over three days.  Backdrops included the famed Autumn Bowl in Brooklyn, skateboarders hitching rides from taxi cabs in Times Square, surfers searching for waves on the Hudson River in a snowstorm and snowboarders trying to escape the concrete jungle of Manhattan on their way to nearby mountains. 

“Airwalk has always had brand equity, but the opportunity to illustrate the brand’s spirit through these evolving visual stories each season creates a powerful community and propels our consumers to wonder what’s next,” explained Jeffrey Buice, creative director for Collective Licensing International. “‘Escape from New York’ gives us the opportunity to showcase the boardsport culture in a more mature and fashionable manner, bringing the brand to new heights and propelling our global brand presence.”

The “Escape from New York” Airwalk campaign will hit stands in multiple action sport, lifestyle, music and fashion titles in support of the Fall 2006 season, beginning in June 2006.”

Billionaire Boys Club clothing, BBC remains under the radar

Billionaire Boys Club clothing remains under the radarSo when’s the greatly anticipated Billionaire Boys Club clothing range going to finally hit the high street in meaningful quantities. There’s been so much hype-and-burn surrounding Billionaire Boys Club for so long, fans are now starting to suffer from fatigue. Billionaire Boys Club has all the credentials to be an amazing success with Nigo, Mr Bape, and Pharrell Williams, Mr Cool, the guiding lights. That said, if mere mortals can’t buy the clothing it’ll remain nothing more than a mere fashion mirage.

Acne Jeans – genuinely spotless denim by Acne!

Acne Jeans - genuinely spotless denim by Acne!Acne Jeans is a brand at the vanguard of the Viking fashion revolution. Acne Jeans has Pan-European respect for their uncompromising approach to innovation and individuality:

“Acne Jeans unites innovative jeans styles with a versatile wardrobe for men and women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts, to tailored jackets to luxurious accessories and shoes. While every collection forms a concept, each piece can be worn separately and effortlessly be mixed with other brands. By designing simple, functional clothes Acne Jeans aims to create a modern framework for individuality.

As a part of the creative collective ACNE, the label started in 1997 when the company designed 100 pairs of jeans distributed to friends, family and clients. Soon, several stores and boutiques wanted to carry the line, much to do with the characteristic bright-red stitching on raw denim. From these humble beginnings Acne Jeans has developed into a renowned jeans.

The first ‘real’ collection was launched in 1998. Since then Acne Jeans’ Creative Director Jonny Johansson has worked with a strong design team to create a strong identity for the brand.

In 2003 the company opened their first Acne Jeans shop in PK.huset in central Stockholm. A second store opened in central Copenhagen in December 2004. The label is also represented through more than 200 retailers in Scandinavia, Germany, the Benelux countries, Italy, UK, US, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. Among the well known stores that carry the collections are Colette in Paris, Harrods in London, Louis in Antwerp, Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, Jeffrey in New York, IT in Hong Kong and NK in Stockholm.”

Denimbirds Jeans + Denimbirds Style = Nudie for women?

Denimbirds Jeans + Denimbirds Style = Nudie for women?Denimbirds, the ladieswear brand from Sweden, is making the same Viking splash as their male counterpart, Nudie Jeans. The Denimbirds philosophy is to empower women with a sense of independence and self-love. A laudable philosophy for sure!

“The Denimbirds collection doesn’t follow any specific trends, nor has it anything to do with fashion or effects. Far from the half naked models in glossy magazines there is an ambition to create clothes for individuals rather than objects. Denimbirds is made for all females who like and accept their own bodies and prefer to dress like individuals, rather than following the skinny preference beauty.

For John Lennon, Yoko Ono was a real bird – independent, strong and with a free spirit. This was also the original meaning of the word when mentioned in the 60’s pop songs. It’s all about having a true bird’s attitude.

Clothes should be fun and creative, a way to feel free in body and soul. Denimbirds is made for all of us who love pure denim.”