Billionaire Boys Club Pharrel Williams & NigoBillionaire Boys Club, a collaboration between Pharrell Williams, the highly regarded internationally acclaimed producer/artist of Neptunes and N.E.R.D, and Hip Hop fashion designer Nigo of “A Bathing Ape” fame and fortune, finally started to crawl off the production line at the end of 2005.

Originally Reebok were to produce the Billionaire Boys Club range of garments and the complimentary Ice Cream Sneakers range too back in 2004. However, for one reason or another that failed to transpire and the Billionaire Boys Club label failed to materialise in the exclusive fashion stores as expected. Apparently Pharrel Williams is in the process of suing Reebok for $4 million for breach of contract – Ouch! Looks like being messy.

These were Reebok’s original sentiments: “The Billionaire Boys Club collection is a true reflection of Pharrell’s attitude, universal appeal and lifestyle,” said Todd Krinsky, vice president of Rbk. “Whatever the context, Pharrell touches today’s youth with authenticity and relevancy.” Where did it all go wrong?

So where is Billionaire Boys Club now. We’re told on the official site “Billionaire Boys Club is a true lifestyle brand that is very limited and exclusive while maintaining an aspirational appeal to the global market.” The Hoodies, Tees, Polos and Sweats all look quality and the Nigo connection is sure to generate a lot of interest. That said, you can’t help feeling all the bad publicity in relation to Reebok, the delays in production and the questionable name (and acronym) all conspire against the brand having a major impact on the fashion world.

Maybe Pharrel should go back to what he does best and Nigo should stop and think about the potential negative impact BBC could have on his Bape brand?